yPanel Paint Slots (#2) – Blender Addon

Welcome to the second part of yPanel addon video series. In this video I’ll explain about paint slots. What’s so special about paint slots is.. it can behave like a layer manager of 2D software like photoshop, but in 3d view. Here are the hotlinks to quickly jump to the part you want to watch. A paint slot in blender actually means an image texture with UV Map. So if your model doesn’t have UV Map yet, paint slots subpanel just shows a button to add simple UVs Just keep in mind, this is quick unwrap, so the result may not be perfect. Before continuing, make sure you use material shading to see how the paint slots works in the 3D view. You can create a blank paint slot using this button. Then, influence selection will appear. For now, let’s just choose diffuse color. After that, the image dialog box will show up. For the diffuse color influence, the default color is transparent, let’s just click OK. Newly created image will immediately show up.. ..on this list ..and the image editor. Now you can just go to texture paint mode, and start painting. You can also add paint slot from available image. For example, if you want to load this grid image, you can just click this button, type the image name, then click OK. If you want to delete a paint slot, you can just press this button. Next, you can also load from your harddrive. Just click this folder icon. Let’s add couple more paint slots and paint them.. Notice that lower paint slot overlaps upper paint slot. That’s because blender paint slots order is top to bottom, compared to the more common bottom to top order like on photoshop. To make paint slots more like a layer manager, I also added functionality like move up, move down, and merge up. You can access influence factor below the paint slots list. You can see, this paint slot only have one influence, which is diffuse color. You can add more influence to a paint slot by using this plus button. Let’s try the specular color. You may not notice the effect, but.. if I disable the diffuse color, now you can see the painted area has colored specular. Let’s enable the diffuse color again. Next, let’s try to add bump influence. You can see now the paint slot also produces bump effect. It looks weird because transparent paint slot messes up the bump effect, so let’s just remove the influence. To clearly see bump effect in action, just create a new bump paint slot, notice that the default color is solid black. Now you can just paint the bump map. You can add diffuse color influence.. and set the rgb to intensity.. to add color layer on top of the bump effect. Notice there’s a ball icon on the right of bump influence. Because Blender shares bump and normal parameter, it’s to toggle between bump and normal map. This paint slot is not a normal map, so the shading will looks all over the place. I’ll show you how to create a normal map in the bake tools video. Below influence is settings for blending, which similar to the layer blending for Photoshop or Gimp. Then it’s followed by uv map name. The default is empty, which means it uses whatever uvmap currently active. As usual, you can find more advance settings for blending and uvmap inside the gear buttons. Because of how blender behaves, you’ll lose your images if you don’t save them. Notice there’s star sign beside the paint slot name, it’s to indicate this paint slot hasn’t been saved yet. You can choose to save or save as. If you’re just like me, rather than saving every paint slots, I feel like it’s more practical to just pack the paint slots inside the blend file by using this button. Notice now there’s a pack icon beside paint slot name, it’s to indicate the paint slot is packed inside the blend file. Just don’t forget to pack the file again if you did some changes on the paint slot. If you want to quickly pack and save all the paint slots, you can just use ‘Save All’ button. Paint slots subpanel is built upon slots sidebar that can only be accessed on texture paint mode. With some hacks, I managed to get this subpanel works not only on texture paint mode. But the drawback is, sometimes there’s a need to refresh the paint slots. It will noticably happen often after doing undo. With yPanel paint slots I hope painting using Blender can be more convenient. On the next video I’ll explain about material override, which can be useful to test your paint slots influences, so be sure to check it out. If you like my works, please consider supporting me on Patreon. Thanks for watching, and see you on the next video.

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