Why Your Raw Superfood Green Smoothie Recipe May Be Making You Fat

This is John Kohler with okraw.com. I have
another exciting episode for you today and today’s episode we’re going to answer the
question, why is your superfood green smoothie making you fat? Whether you’re putting weight
on the buttocks or in other areas, if you know what I mean. So, in any case, you know,
this video’s made because I was actually watching another video that popped up on my screen
on YouTube today where there was a raw food chef actually making a superfood green smoothie
recipe, yo yo, wassup? And in this superfood green smoothie recipe ha has all these ingredients
and I’ll go over them actually really quick. He had almonds, chia seeds, sun warrior protein
powder, spinach, dates, pineapple, banana, water and a frozen blueberries. So, I saw
him make this and as he’s putting in this together, I’m like cringing. I’m like, ‘oh
my gosh, can’t believe he’s making that and showing this recipe to people.’ Now, while
this recipe is definitely healthier than eating out at McDonalds and eating out of, you know,
most any processed food at the grocery store, even at a whole foods, because it’s made out
of whole foods and real foods and blended up the blender to make a smoothie, you know,
it’s not exactly the recipe that I would want to share with you guys, you know. Just about
4 or 5 episode ago, I had a really good green smoothie episode and I shared with you my,
you know, easy simple to make, tasty, delicious green smoothie with 3 ingredients. I mean,
his has over a half-dozen ingredients. So, I also want to make this simple for you guys,
but the other thing that’s very important to me is that I want to give you guys the
shortcut, the fast track, you know. It’s like when you’re playing monopoly and you pick
up one of those cards, you know, you get to pass go, collect $200 and all this gibberish
stuff. I want you guys to be able to do the best stuff now and go through the big learning
curve that I had to go through. I’ve ben in raw foods now for 18 years, and I’ve had my
trials and tribulations, going into the high fat route, doing a lot of nuts and it not
working properly and guess what? If you wan tot follow the people out there, you’re going
to get the results that they get, and I want you guys to learn form my mistakes, and that’s
why I make these videos to share the best of my knowledge with you so that you guys
can be on the fast track to better health today, instead of tomorrow. So, what we’re
going to do first is actually really quick actually. I website that I recommend for you
guys is actually called fitday.com. On that website, you can actually out in all the different
foods you eat in a day or even in just one recipe and it’ll actually spit out the different
nutrients in there and also, you know, explain your calories, protein and fat, where your
calories are coming from. So, in general, many people may be on the 80-10-10 diet. What
does that mean? That means 80% of your calories are coming from carbohydrate, 10% from protein,
and 10% from fat. So, you know, I try not to do 80-10-10, but I try to keep it low fat
because I’ve learned that high fat raw foods diets don’t necessarily work, so keep my fat
below 25% all the time. In addition, I also try to, you know, eat the appropriate amount
of calories for me. I don’t know what the appropriate amount is for you, but I know
what mine is after living with myself for many, many, many, many years now, and I want
to encourage you guys to figure out what the caloric needs are for yourself as well. So,
in any case, in this smoothie, we’re going to go over it, in one smoothie, right? 2368
calories. So, if you just drank one smoothie, you’d have, in my opinion, well about my calories
for the day, and that’s a lot of calories in one smoothie, and, you know, that’s just
one meal, then you have, what? 2 more meals, you’re going to do another 2000 calories per
meal if you’re eating recipes such as this one? That’s like 6000 calories a day. Now,
if you’re a super athlete and running a lot, you may need that many calories, but for most
people that’s far too much calories, and you know what? What happens when you eat extra
calories? Guess here it goes? Adds to your waistline or other areas on your body. Oh,
and the other thing besides just the caloric density, which I know I don’t have a huge
problem if maybe you want to eat once a day. The other challenge I have with this recipe
is actually percentages of where the calories are coming from. So, the calories are coming
from 32% fat, 10% protein, which is good, and 58% carbs. So, in my opinion, 32% fat,
that’s just a bit too much. So, let’s compare this to a recipe that I did, you know, just
a few episodes ago. It’s actually me style green smoothie. For one carafe full was 850
calories, which was 2.7 times less, or lower in calories, and my breakdown was 5% fat,
8% protein and 87% carbs, but another thing I want to talk about is the recipe for green
smoothies, you know. Many green smoothies have a whole lot of ingredients, and in my
opinion, the main ingredient to a green smoothie should be, guess what? The greens, you know.
He actually has a lot more calories coming form almonds and other things than actually
the greens itself. I mean, it’s hard to get ta lot of calories in greens, but my green
smoothie that I posted just a few episodes ago has like 2.5 times more greens in it and
I want you guys to focus on the greens because they’re low-calorie foods but high nutrient
density foods. They’re some of the best foods on the planet, in my estimation and my goal
every day is to get 2 pounds a day into me of greens and one of the things I always like
to teach you guys is good, better, best. I always want you guys to do the best you can
and you may be on that learning curve, you know. So, obviously a smoothie like the smoothie
that he showed with those ingredients are better than like a McDonalds shake or something
like that, but I believe even better than that is maybe going with something like I
have. Another thing I like to think about is I am a smoothie purist. I’m just a food
purist, you know. I don’t want to adulterate my food, you know, or smoothies, with extra
junk I don’t need in there. So, he adds things like dates for extra sweetness, but you got
to do that when you add almonds in there, ’cause they’re not so sweet. Well, you know,
I just use bananas. If you got ripe pones, they should be fine enough and these are just
about ripe. They’re going to taste sweet on their own without having to add dates or other
things to make it taste good. Another thing about many recipes on lone and the recipe
that I was talking about is that it’s a, in my opinion, bad food combination. Now, my
recipes may not be the optimal food combination, but I can tell you one thing. Mixing pineapples
with bananas? Man, that just doesn’t sit well with me, and it may not for you, either. So,
you know, you’re in for a world of upset stomach and a lot of calories. Along those lines,
I always want you guys to improve what you’re doing and so now I even have a better, new
and improved version of my smoothie. Not to say that my old one was bad, because what
it was like 6 bananas, 12 ounces of greens and 1 coconut. What were going to do today
on this new version that I put in onto fitday, it’s actually 764 calories. So, this is 3
times less than his smoothie, also contains significantly more greens and, you know, I’m
using a few less bananas, but I’m also adding the blueberries. So, I want to encourage you
guys to make purple smoothies sometimes, but make smoothies of all different colors. Every
different color, every different fruit and vegetable has a whole plethora of different
nutrition. So, you know, what we’re going to do today is make a simple smoothie with
just these 4 ingredients. The first thing I’m going to do is open my young Thai coconut.
The other thing that I want to mention that he used water in his smoothie. I’m using coconut
water, ’cause coconut water is a real living water. It’s high in electrolytes and also
we’re going to get some of this baby jelly coconut meat that actually adds some small
amount of fat content but the small amounts of fat content may help you absorb more of
their nutrition actually in he greens because it slows down your digestion. Also, you’re
going to be more satisfied for a little bit longer than if we didn’t put the young coconut
meat in. Now, if you can’t get young coconuts, you know, I’d recommend maybe using a coconut
water, but I’m raw so I wouldn’t buy coconut water in a package. I always like to use fresh
coconuts, whether the young ones or the Mexican ones and I just pour the water and just dehydrate
the meats because that meat’s actually a lot thicker and a lot higher in fat. Opening the
coconut’s very easy. I’m just going to go ahead and do it really quick. I’m shaving
off all the coconut husk off the top of the coconut so that we can see the nut itself.
Alright, so once we go that shaved down, we’re going to go ahead and stick the tip into the
coconut like so and then we’re just going to tap it. The knife should stick in. We’re
going to lower the angle of the knife and just rock the knife and there you go, opens
the coconut like a pop-top on a soda can. Next, we’re going to go ahead and carefully
pour this coconut water in my blender carafe and finally we’re going to scoop out this
delicious young coconut meat. At one point in my raw foods journey, I did up to like
6 coconuts a day. That was my earlier years when I maybe needed more calories, but that
was actually insane. Nowadays, I maybe eat maybe one a day if that. Some days I don’t
have any young coconuts. Nowadays, I tend to actually go more for the Mexican coconuts
and just drink the water without any meat, actually. Now, we got all the coconut meat.
We’re just going to go ahead and drop that in the blender there and this gives us our
nice liquid base. What I want to do next is actually open up some of these greens but
we’re not going to shove all of these greens in there at once. We’re actually using 3 containers
of greens. Each one is 5 ounces. So, this is actually baby mixed kales, this is actually
power greens, and this includes baby kale, baby spinach and baby Swiss chard, and then
finally we’re using arugula. So, I want to encourage you guys to tactually always use
a variety of greens, whether it’s, you know, in one smoothie or whether you’re using ale
today and arugula tomorrow, we want to get all these different nutrients in all these
different foods because every different leafy green has a whole spectrum of different nutrition,
including vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants and those phytonutrients,
in my opinion, are one of the most important things that are lacking in people’s diets
of today. I mean, most people don’t even eat they’re greens and in this one smoothie I’m
getting nearly 1 pound of greens in me. So, if I eat this, one-pound of greens, maybe
for dinner I’ll have one pound of leaves for salads, and that’s my 2 pounds. Really simple,
real easy to do. Now, I’m going to rip these guys open and start adding it to our smoothie.
So, what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to add probably maybe like half of a container
first. We’re going to blend that up tot get it liquid and then we’re going to add the
rest a little bit later on once this gets totally blended. This is very important, especially
if you don’t have a high power blender. I’m using the VitaMix triple blend VS and that’s
the model I recommend if you’re serious about your health and serious about a plant-based
raw foods diet lifestyle. I do have to give a disclaimer that I do offer these machines
at discountjuicers.com and I want to encourage you guys, if you need a blender, you know,
go to my website, discountjuicers.com, and support me. That makes my videos that, you
know, I’m making for you guys possible. So, I appreciate everyone that’s supported me
in the past and for all you guys that may support me in the future. The VitaMix turbo
blend VS actually comes with a tamper that I’m not using today and also a nut milk bag
and also a nice DVD and actually a recipe book with recipes that can change your life
that are all plant-based, vegan, vegetarian, and raw. So, now that we got all that in there
we’re just going to go ahead and spin this blender up. The VitaMix easily blend all this
mixture up into liquid really fast and really quickly. Now, that’s one of the things I Like
about the VitaMix is that it’s literally one of the most powerful blenders on the planet
that’ll literally micronize and fractionize all the food that you’re putting into it so
that you’re going to get the best digestion. Many household blenders may leave nice large
chinks and there’s this hack. 5 ounces of greens already in my smoothie. Alright, there’s
a total of 5. Let’s go ahead and add the next 5. So, now we got the power greens mix. Now,
the reason why I’m using the baby greens instead of the large leaves of kale or even my tree
collards behind me is because when you get large leaves, you know, they taste a lot stronger.
The baby greens actually taste a lot more mild so you can stomach them better, they’re
going to taste better, and also these guys are very convenient because they’re already
prewashed and all that good stuff. So, all you got to do is literally open the package
and out them in. So, I want to make it convenient and easy for you guys to eat healthy and eat
as healthy as you can. For example, microgreens, which are the stages before this one that’re
like little baby sprouts have 4 times more nutrition than the big leaves. So, I’m sure
these smaller leaves have even more nutrition than the big leaves as well, plus it’s just
a lot more convenient. So, if you’re wondering where to get these guys, you know, I’d recommend
actually going you your local big box warehouse club store. So, like a Sam’s club or like
a Costco. They’ll oftentimes sell the spring mix or the organic spinach in one pound tubs
for about $4 or under $4 depending on where you live. We’re going to go ahead and blend
up half of these power greens. That was simple and easy. WE’RE going to go ahead and add
the other half now. Another thing I recommend that you guys do is you always want to eat
the freshest foods as possible. I mean, eating canned and bottled and processed foods, you
know, that can sit on the shelf forever, the complete opposite. I want you guys literally
to grow your own garden if you can and eat things out of your garden. That’s absolutely
the best. I mean, that is the fast track shortcut. You can feed your soil, grow the best produce
on earth, and then you’re going to be eating the best food in the world that literally
money can’t buy because even things organic in trade, they may not be adding the nutrition
to the soil that I would like. I mean, I know this for me is a compromise. I’d rather be
eating more of the stuff here, and I definitely will be for dinner. Alright, so now we got
10 ounces of greens blended in the blender, and I think for the last section we might
try to add all the arugula at once. Let’s see how that’s going to go. Arugula is definitely
a good green and a lot of you guys may get the larger arugula. Once again, the baby arugula
tastes really sweet and actually I like it a lot. I don’t like the larger arugula, especially
because the flavor gets a lot stronger. This tends to be a lot more tender and a lot more
sweet. Another thing is, if you’re getting your kids to eat this green lifestyle or even,
you know, your significant other, it’s defiantly important to get the food to taste as good
as you can. So, I mean, by using the baby greens, it’s just going to taste better so
that they’ll be more likely to drink it. I mean, large leaves, curly kale, you know,
to me it even tastes bad just at the store. So, these guys taste significantly better.
So, let’s see here. Let’s go ahead and blend this guy up now. Alright, so now that we got
all our greens blended up, we’re going to add the next component, and those are the
blueberries. I always recommend freshest is bestest and you always want to eat fresh blueberries
instead of frozen ones but right now they’re out of season, so I got some frozen ones,
you know. I rarely eat things that are frozen and I encourage you guys to rarely eat frozen
foods as well because, you know, things that are at a cold temperature when you eat them,
they could give you the brain freeze or they will also slow down your digestion. So, I’m
putting them in the smoothie for the nutrition, also to make this smoothie like a different
color than green, ’cause some people, you know, don’t like drinking green stuff, ’cause
it’s weird or something. I was actually on the bus to the airport, and, you know, drinking
a green juice that I had put in a glass bottle and, you know, the lady across the street
said to her husband, ‘he’s drinking something green,’ and I’m like, ‘what’re you thinking,
I’m like not hearing you?’ So funny. Anyways, let’s go ahead and blend this purple up in
this green smoothie. So, that’s all blended up. Now, we got a nice, I don’t know, almost
like dark green slash purplish color smoothie, and the last thing I’m going to add is actually
the bananas, and I always encourage you guys to actually blend your bananas last because
bananas tend to oxidize fast and, you know, if you over blend you bananas, the taste changes
significantly and it actually changes for the worse. So, what I’m going to do is actually
just peel these guys and actually put them in and actually do what’s called pulse blend
in the VitaMix. The other thing I want to talk about is consistency, you know. Some
people like that milkshake like consistency in their smoothies and if you’re using all
fresh ingredients, you’re not gig not get hat, and that’s where the frozen ingredients
come in. you know, that’s why I put the frozen blueberries in today to give it a nice different
color. Also, the nutrition and also a little bit different consistency to make it a little
bit thicker. On the same token you can also freeze one banana and use one frozen banana
and then also use 3 fresh bananas to temper out that frozen one so that you’re still getting
fresh foods. So, we’ve already got 3 bananas in there. Let’s go ahead and put in the last
one. So, I always encourage you guys to use spotted bananas and these could be more spotted
for me, but at least these are the ripest ones I had to make this video today that I
wanted tom make for you guys, ’cause they’re just going to be sweeter and it’s going to
make your smoothie taste better. I’m going to go ahead and rotate this guy around a little
bit and what we’re going to do now is we’re just going to put it on high and we’re just
going to pulse it, like on, off. You’re going to do this a bunch of times to get your bananas
blended up. If you don’t do it enough, you’ll leave chunks and if you do it too much, you’ll
be over blending. It’s probably better to err on the side of over blending a little
bit ’cause I don’t like chunks in my smoothie. Alright, I think that’s pretty much it for
my nice delicious afternoon meal. My purple-green smoothie, with no superfoods. Well, actually,
in my opinion, the term ‘superfoods’ is like a big misnomer, you know. We always want to
like label something, you know. What’s the best? What’s the super? What’s the best one?
And as Americans and consumers, we always want to get the best. Well, what if the best
superfoods are the ones that you can grow in your garden? If I had to say one food was
the superfood, I would say leafy green vegetables. So, you want to include more leafy greens
in your diet, like you can, literally one pound, in this green smoothie that I made
for you guys today. Got to taste it. Absolutely delicious. I taste the greenness. If I put
a few more bananas in there, probably, you know, wouldn’t taste the greens as much. The
bananas will actually sweeten it up, and I want to encourage you guys to always experiment
and don’t just blindly follow. ‘Oh, this is the recipe John made. I’m just going to make
it.’ Well, hey, if you’ve got a few extra ripe bananas maybe use those. Maybe use less
greens because this is too hardcore for you. One pound of greens in one smoothie, I might
recommend 10 ounces, or 2 packs, for most people that are just getting started with
this ’cause it’s defiantly pretty strong but I can totally handle it. I know it’s the best
thing on Earth for me, and I love eating this lifestyle and getting the results that I do
and I want you guys to get them as well. So, eat healthy, eat lower fat than some of the
other recipes would lead you to believe and eat more fruits and vegetables is the best
way to succeed on a raw foods lifestyle. Once again, my name is John Kohler with okraw.com.
We’ll see you next time and remember, keep eating your fresh fruits and vegetables. They’re
the best.

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  • John I agree with you. While rawadvantage is a bit over the top on his green smoothies he is still a good guy>

  • Hi, Thanks for this video. I have a question for you. I have been trying out green smoothies for a little while now (for about a year or so) but i feel full after a glass or two of it. So, 1 pound of greens seems unimaginable at my current state of health and very poor digestion. Does ones digestive capacity improve after a couple of years? Also Natural Hygienist and Nature Cure practitioners laugh at the calorie theory and say they have rectified the diets of hundreds of raw vegans eating too many pounds than what their bodies actually need. Since i still consider myself a newcomer, i am a little confused and wondering how to strike a balance cos Nature Cure philosophy resonates well with me and a raw vegan diet.

  • Maybe I am crazy but I like a slice of pineapple with my smoothie. I use 3 handfuls of spinach, slice of pineapple, 2 ripe bananas, coconut water and some flax seed. Yum!

  • I read you should blend the banana peels because they are super nutritious so i added the banana with end cut off to my smoothie and you cannot even tell the peels are in there! It tasted great!

  • No offense, but an 80% carbohydrate diet is way too much. Why do people find it necessary to go to extremes? Couldn't you at least eat some protein? If you don't approve of nuts, there are other choices. Otherwise, you could get a very severe protein deficiency disease called kwashiorkor. Even if you eat enough calories, you will still get it if you don't eat a minimum of protein.

  • John, I think you can tell from all my comments on your MANY channels that I luv u man. But… A few points here… First, and this is coming from someone who first started researching "nutrition" in 1980 – ONE Coconut has over 130 grams of fat. Most of which is SATURATED fat. I LIVE on nutritionfacts.org and other authoritative sites. NO WAY IN HELL am I ingesting that much sat. Fat in a meal or a WEEK for that matter! (Do a little research people. Coconut sat. Fat or PIG sat. Fat. Little difference!) number 2… DAMN that was an expensive smoothie. I stopped adding in my head around $20.00 or so!! Number 3… How the hell do you eat (drink) that much at ONE sitting?? I wouldn't eat till the next day if I slugged down that much food at ONE sitting! This is not "necessarily" a negative comment but the vid did seem a bit… "Unrealistic" for most of us. Believe me. I'll keep watching and learning from u & LOVE my Omega NC 800! BEST juicer ever!!!!

  • I need to gain weight so learning that my smoothie will give me this many Calories is great news! Thanks

  • Love your videos!! This 20 minutes went buy very fast!! 🙂 Thank you for the time and information you give!

  • Yes fatteing smoothies can make us gain weight. I know because I was making them with way too much fattening ingredients. I have changed my way now only making them with tons of greens and  some fruits with a teaspoon of flaxmeal. Thanks for the great video John.

  • Absolutely delicious???? Looking at your face, I do not think it was delicious. If this is something that you actually drink, why didn't you know that it needed more bananas before you drank it? I do not know anyone who is overweight because they drink too many smoothies that they made at home. The overweight people that I know eat lots of cookies, cakes, pies, chips, or burgers with bacon and cheese.

  • its funny because i follow the food combinining rules, but some of it makes my stomach upset even with probiotics. I can't mix any fruit besides avocado with greens, i can feel it upsetting my stomach. But mixing fruit with nut butters or fat doesn't upset my stomach . And ill do melons alone. Eating papaya without coocunt milk shoots up my blood sugar. So i guess those rules are just guidelines but you experiment with your digestion to see what works or doesn't work for you peronsally.

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