Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Omega 8006 Juicer Review

Alright this is John Kohler at DiscountJuicers.com,
today we have another exciting episode for you and this one is going to be a fun one
for me and hopefully an educational and inspiring one for you as well. So as you guys saw, the title of this video
is “Why you shouldn’t buy the Omega 8006 Juicer.” Now in this episode, what I’m going to show
you guys are my personal opinions about the 8006 juicer that actually gets very high reviews,
if you search the internet. One of the things that bothers me is that
many of the reviews that you may be reading are from people that don’t have experience
with different juicers. You know I have a collection of different
juicers, over 20 different juicers, and I have a specific juicer for a specific task. And the model over here, the NC800, is my
personal favorite for horizontal auger juicers; it is actually also made by Omega. Now why would I have such strong words about
the Omega 8006, that you shouldn’t actually buy it? Well, here’s the reason, I have many, and
I’ll try to sum it up, but the main one is that this machine was originally introduced
in 2008. 2008! That’s like probably almost ten years ago
now. That’s insane. Right? Think about back to 2008, right? You might have thought that you were really
cool when you got the original iPhone 3. “Man, I’m cool I have the iPhone 3.” But since then, they’re up to the iPhone
7 now, maybe the 8’s coming out really soon. And so it’s just outdated technology. Now, here’s the thing, juicers don’t get
outdated as quickly as iPhones, right? That’s a very important point. I mean, that being said, the 8006, is a good
solid performer, works great, but since then Omega has come out with newer machines such
as the Omega NC800 which raises the bar up to the next level. That’s just even better than the 8006. So to sum this up for those of you who don’t
want to watch this entire video, cause I know a lot of you guys don’t like my long videos
cause I get really in depth and in detail. ‘Cause I want you guys to know the whole
story. The first reason is, in general, I find that
the NC800 is more durable, it has less challenges with screen breakage than the original 8006. And likewise, the same goes with the 8004
model, 8003, and 8005, and for basically all that have the same screen, and as you’ll
see in a little bit, there’s an upgraded screen in the NC800 that makes it even stronger. Okay? Reason number 2, you should not buy the 8006,
but get an NC800, is because you’re going to get higher yields. So, unlike the 8006, it does not have an adjustable
endcap, whereas the NC800 does. This has five positions on it, so you can
keep maximum tension on the pulp before it comes out, so this is going to increase your
yields maybe 10, 15%, it depends specifically what you’re juicing. On some things, you may not actually get any
yield increase. Next reason why I like the NC800 over the
Omega 8006 is it has a larger feed shoot. This is huge! As you’ll find out a little bit later in
this video, where I do a juicing comparison, and time it, you’ll see that it’s going
to save me some significant time. The NC800 has more of a stadium style feed
shoot than just the standard round feed shoot. So if I just put these up to each other, I
mean it’s like 80% larger, 80% larger I believe. So that just makes using the juicer a lot
easier, and it goes a lot quicker. The next reason I like the NC800 over the
8006, is because the NC800 is BPA-free, according to Omega, whereas the 8006 is made with a
polycarbonate that does have BPA. Now I personally believe that this probably
not a huge, major concern, because the contact time with the plastic is so short, so things
are going to be leeching out in five seconds from the time you put something in and it
gets crushed and it comes out. But I know there’s those of you guys that
are concerned about the BPA, so for that reason, you want to go with the NC800. Now, I know what you guys are thinking: “John,
with all those cons, right, with the 8006, why would anybody not want to get the NC800?” Well, your guess is as good as mine. People read the reviews online, and they get
sucked into buying the 8006 and I still sell plenty of 8006s but I really want to encourage
you guys to actually get the NC800. You’re going to be happier overall cause
it pretty much works the same, it’s just a lot easier because of the wider feed shoot,
there’s more durability on…especially the screen part specifically and it gets a
higher yield, right? About the only negative with the NC800 is
that it’s about $30 more than the 8006, which I don’t think is a major…uh…you
know, deal. It’s not much more for, you know, time savings
and higher yields in the end. The next thing I’d like to say is that actually,
if you guys enjoy my videos, my format, my educational videos that I make for you guys
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discountjuicers.com. When you make your purchase at discountjuicers.com
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that. So I want to thank you guys in advance, for
those of you guys who have supported me in the past, you know thank you guys in advance
for those of you who will support me in the future. This is basically how I make my living, is
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selling it for, we will match the price, provided it’s an authorized retailer. You know, I do have a video on the reasons
you should purchase from Discount Juicers, but one of the main reasons is for warranty
support. If you do a search, or read the reviews on
mega-juicers, sometimes customers haven’t had the best experiences with the company
getting warranty support, right? That being said, all I can tell you guys is
that every single customer of Discount Juicers that have gone to Omega for customer support
and for warranty repair, whatever, have gotten support, and gotten things taken care of. Now sometimes it takes my intervention, you
know, if the customer is not having direct response and Omega isn’t helping out directly,
all you got to do, if you purchased your juicer at Discount Juicers, email me directly. I have special connections at all the different
major manufacturers that I represent and you know the manufacturers definitely want to
take care of my customers because they know I do a lot of educational videos online, and
I basically tell it like it is. I’m not pulling any stops. I’m telling you guys the truth about both
these machines so you guys can make an informed decision, you know. Many companies will not do this. And many companies want to just try to sell
you stuff without even telling you, you know, the pros and cons of each one. So that’s why I’m here, that’s why I’m
doing this, and hopefully you guys will support me. In any case, without further ado, let’s
go ahead and compare these juicers side by side, especially all the different juicing
parts, in what makes these machines actually similar and also a little bit different. Alright so starting off with the pusher, number
one the pusher on the 8006 is a lot longer and it sticks out. It doesn’t actually match the colors; it’s
white instead of black or chrome. And it’s actually chrome plated plastic,
to let you guys know. And this is actually black plastic, so I like
this a bit more, as you see, also the size is a little bit larger, uh 82% larger on the
NC800. Next, let’s go ahead and show you guys the
funnel piece. The funnel piece is actually removable on
the 8006, and that’s what it looks like. NC800 is not removable. So the funnel looks like this, it’s a lot
larger on the NC800 than it is on the 8006. Also the feed shoot size, that’s a critical
point, right? Why not have an 82% larger feed shoot that
makes feeding produce significantly easier and it’s going to save you guys a good percentage
of your time. Alright? So the next part is significantly different
on both these guys, are the drum caps. So this drum cap is basically non-adjustable. You basically just put it on and that’s
what you get, right? On this drum cap, we can go ahead and remove
this drum cap here, and if we remove that, it’s actually two pieces. So you have a drum cap, kind of like the one
on the 8006, but then you’ve also have this little adjusting knob, and it has numbers
from 0 to 5. And this goes on the end piece of this and
you guys can see the difference, this one actually has some threads on there. This guy actually goes on there and now you
could crank this to like 0 to put very little pressure on the back pulp coming out, so this
would be useful for say fruits, and if you’re juicing something like carrots or wheatgrass,
you’re going to want to crank it all the way up to 5 to put the most back pressure
before the pulp comes out. You know the 8006 just does not have this
feature. And this is one of the reasons why you get
maybe 10, maybe 15% higher yields on the NC800. Of course that depends on what specifically
you are juicing. So next, let’s take a look at the juicing
screen. Very important topic, very important point. This is the heart of the juicer. So on both these screens, you guys can see
they look pretty similar. Both of these screens have a stage one, so
as the produce goes in the machine, the auger is spinning, it does an initial crush, on
that initial crush juice comes out and it actually goes through stage number one screen
which is right here. The two stage number one screens look pretty
much similar, on both these units. And then if we go down the way then we see
the stage number 2 screen and that’s the stainless steel screen right here. And if we compare these parts, basically it
looks to me like the NC800 has more screen area. This means that there is more opportunity
for the juicy pulp, for the juice to get expelled from the pulp. So yeah that’s one of the reasons why you’re
going to get higher yields. Now it might take you a few extra, 30 seconds
to clean over the 8006 cause there’s less screen holes, and less screen holes means
less cleaning time. But you know I would gladly give up another
15, 30 seconds of cleaning the screen for a higher yield. Uh, the other thing I want you guys to know
of, is that if you look on the 8006 screen, it’s basically just kind of a conical shape,
right? And so it’s round, it’s really durable
but you know it has been known to break. And this is covered under the 15 year warranty
which actually comes standard on the 8006, as well as the NC800, this is the longest
warranty in the juicing industry. But if we take a look at the NC800 screen,
because this is the next generation after that one, it’s like Star Trek the Next Generation,
where they’re better than the original Star Trek; well people might argue with that one,
but anyways, on this unit, they have made it better. And how they’ve made it better is they put
this ring here, it’s basically a strengthening ring, all the way around, and that actually
makes the screen a little bit stronger. Also on the bottom here, they have these two
moulded in lines, which actually this unit simply does not have. And so that makes the screen a bit stronger. Also if we look at the ends here, it looks
like the thickness and the diameter thickness of the screen on the NC800 compared to the
8006 is just a little bit more fatter, so it’s going to put a little more strength
in there too. So yeah, other than that these screens are
pretty similar. Oh, I wanted to show you this too, also the
end cap here, basically they have a silicone flap. The silicone flap is the first part that keeps
some back pressure on the produce aside from the end cap and actually if you look at these
two flaps here, this flap here looks basically like a single flap, and this is kind of like
a double or improved style flap. So you know they have improved the flap so
it can also maybe get you more yield. Next let’s take a look at the augers, that’s
what drives these two machines here. And if we take a look at the augers, side
by side, I mean these augers look pretty identical to me, right? They look pretty identical. I don’t know if they’re exactly the same
or not but basically the augers are the same. Thought you know the machines are going to
work identical except for the juicing screen is a little bit different and the feed shoot
is a little bit more convenient on this guy. So let’s go ahead and take the drum, or
the body out and this is how they look. I mean basically these guys are pretty similar. We can compare them up, and they’re pretty
much the same there. If we compare these back to front, looks like
the NC800 one is a little bit longer. But yeah for all practical purposes, they’re
the same. Once again, the 8006 is polycarbonate and
does contain the BPA, and the NC800 is the BPA-free model. Last thing that I want to mention is that
the feed shoots are of course smaller and larger, also the funnel is larger on the NC800. Which is going to make feeding something like
cherry tomatoes a lot easier. Last thing that is different about these two
machines, is the motor…uh…base. So the motor base on both of these guys is
pretty heavy. I think they’re roughly the same wattage,
or same power, 150 watts. They have the same amount of torque. I think it’s about 2 horse power. Once they start juicing, due to gear reduction. So the motors are the same, the housing is
different. So if you need a more compact housing, the
8006 might be a better way to go, the NC800 is a bit larger. I kind of like the design of the NC800. It looks a bit more stylish than the classic
design of the 8006. That being said, if you do need a smaller
housing, instead of the 8006, you might want to go with the 8008 model. Which is actually the improved version of
the 8006, with compact housing and then if you need it even smaller, you might want to
go with the Omega C&C80 which is the compact version, which even smaller, then even make
the auger smaller. So yeah, be sure to check my other videos,
on those topics, as well, to see direct comparisons. So anyway, let’s go ahead and reassemble
these guys super simple, super easy. We’re going to put the body on. Slide this little latch there closed. Put the auger in. Put the screen in, first screen always goes
down. Put the drum cap on, and it’s locked into
place. And same thing with the Omega 8006: put that
on, put the auger in place, put the juicing screen on, and put the drum cap. Super simple, super easy. These machines are super simple to assemble. It might take you a little to get the hang
of it, but once you’ve got it, you got it, and the other thing I really like about both
these machines is that it takes me under two minutes to clean. These are absolutely the easiest juicers to
clean in the entire world that I’ve ever found, alright? So with that, you guys saw the differences,
let’s see the yield differences, so what we’re going to do is come back at you and
we’re going juice some leafy greens and some celery to make a nice green juice, which
these machines do the best. So now we’ve got the produce we’re going
to be juicing. We’ve got 2 stalks of celery, they’re
going to help push things in a little bit, and then we’ve got three heads of romaine
lettuce. Let’s go ahead and show you guys the weights
on the scales to make sure we got a fair fight. Alright, so there’s all the produce, so
let’s go ahead and check the weights on the scales. Looks like over on the 8006 side, we’ve
got 581g. Over on the NC800, once again 581g. Looks like it’s even Steven so we will have
an even fight. So now that we have a fair fight, let’s
get ready to juice. Alright, so we’re going to move these scales
out of the way. And get produce ready to go. And what I thought I’d do for you guys today
is actually get out a stop watch, cause I want to show you guys the time difference
it takes and this is primarily due to the feed shoot size. Significantly easier to juice on the NC800,
we’ll only know by seeing how long it actually takes and how much time I’ll actually be
saving with the larger feed shoot. To me, I think it’s fairly significant but
I don’t really know. So actually, let’s go ahead and we’re
going hit the start on this and we’re going to go ahead and just get juicing on the NC800. What I think I’m going to do for you guys
is just to play this is fast forward so as I’m juicing, you’re just seeing me going
through the motions and juicing and we’ll come back at you, at the end to show you actually
how long it took, to save you guys some time. Alright, ready, set, go! Alright, so I’m just about done juicing
in the NC800. It went fairly smoothly. I really like that there’s a larger feed
shoot. This is the only horizontal auger I really
like to use in this day and age. Let’s see, the last thing we’ve got going
in, is the celery, very important. You never want to stop on leafy greens, cause
you really need something hard and fibrous to kind of push through. Whether that’s something like celery or
whether that’s like carrots, or you know, beets, or radishes, you know, something hard,
always best to go through last. And even after you got that last piece of
produce item in, you want to let the juicer run for a little bit longer, to process out
totally. How you know it’s done, is that the pulp
stops flowing out of the front of the unit, which it actually has, and the juice stops
dripping off the bottom and you don’t have any grinding noises from within the juicer. Alright, let’s go ahead and turn this off. Looks like it took me a total of 3 minutes
and 45 seconds to juice in the NC800. Next let’s go ahead and it takes to juice
in the Omega 8006. Alright, now we’re ready to juice in the
8006, let’s go ahead and uh, hit the start right here, and let’s get juicing. Alright, so it looks like we’re just about
done juicing in the 8006. Got that last piece of celery. You know, this did work fairly easy. Basically because of how much smaller the
feed shoot is, I could only put like one, maybe two leaves at a time. It was a lot easier to feed it into the larger
feed shoot of the NC800. Though on the NC800 it looked like we had
a lot more stuff spinning around the top, whereas in the 8006, looks like it might have
went in a little bit better. Alright so I think that’s pretty much it,
the pulp stopped flowing out the front, let’s go ahead and turn off the 8006, and check
our time here. Looks like it took us a total of 4 minutes. So yeah, not much longer, but it did take
a little bit longer to juice in the 8006. Next, let’s go ahead and take a look at
the yields. But before we take a look at the yields, I
always like to tip the juicer upright, get the final drips out. You know, both up and back. Move that front and center for you guys. And once again, 8006. Tip it up. Tip it back and move this guy out front and
center. And let’s go ahead and compare the yields. Ok let’s go ahead and give you guys a close
up on the yields here. Over on the 8006 side, looks like we got basically
right, a little bit above 12oz of juice. And then panning over to the NC800 a little
bit more than 12 oz. of juice. So I mean this was a really good fight. Really close and the 8006 was admirable but
the NC800 made a little bit more. Maybe about 10 %.
So as you guys saw, the NC800 made around 10% more juice. It wasn’t an astronomical amounts, so if
you’re already have an 8006, hey, no reason to get an NC800. But if you don’t have one and are buying
one, why not get one with more yield. And why not save some time with a larger feed
shoot. Last thing I like to do is just take some
of this pulp and just take some of the pulp in my hand and squeeze it out. And I could squeeze a fair bit of juice out
of this. Now what I want you guys to know is that on
either of these two machines, after the pulp comes out the first time, you could just dunk
it back through the machine for a second time and it actually will press out more juice. Now the thing to remember is that if you juice
the pulp for the second time, it’s going to put more pulp in the juice, so be aware
of that. Let’s see, let’s go ahead and take the
8006 pulp. Once again…whoa! The 8006 pulp was a little wet; the juice
was spraying out of it. But nonetheless, putting it through a second
time would help it a lot. And also, when you put it back through the
second time, hey, juice it an alternate with feeding in some carrot or another root vegetable
or even some celery. That’ll help extract more yield than just
pressing out the pulp alone. So yeah, pretty much sums up this episode. You know, I would encourage you guys don’t
buy the Omega 8006. But get the Omega NC800 instead, it’s just
a little bit more money, offers, you know, time savings, more yield, and more importantly,
more durability for you guys. So you guys can be as successful at juicing
for the long run. Because juicing can and will change your life
provided you do it each and every day. You know what I recommend for you guys is
actually just stop eating breakfast right? Instead have as much fresh vegetable juice
as like and hey, add some fruits in there so it’s sweet enough for you guys to drink. And that alone, by doing that for 30 days
straight, you will start feeling different. You’ll start losing weight, you’ll start
having more clarity, you know in the morning, in the afternoon, you know, right before you
eat lunch, right? Juicing works and it’s not because the magic
of juicers, these machines aren’t magic or anything like that. But what they allow you to do is they allow
you to concentrate especially the vegetables and leafy greens, in your diet, the foods
that you’re probably not eating, right? And when we’re eating a proper diet, with
proper plant-based foods including fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, leafy greens and herbs,
which actually this is one of the best juicers for juicing any kind of herbs if you know
what I mean. You know, we’re going to be healthier because
of it. So I guess in the end, I would encourage you
guys to support me in my work, by making your purchase at discountjuicers.com. If you liked this video also be sure to click
that subscribe button right down below to be notified of my new and upcoming videos
I’ve got coming out every 5-7 days. Also be sure to check out my past episodes. My past episodes are a wealth of knowledge,
over 500 episodes on this YouTube channel dedicated to teaching you guys all about the
different juicers, comparing them side by side, so you guys can learn and be an empowered
consumer and find out the right juicer for you. Because you know, many people might like the
horizontal style augers, and actually I prefer the vertical style augers, the Omega VSJ843
is my favorite vertical auger juicer at this time. So, uh, also be sure to share this video with
somebody else that’s considering buying an Omega 8006, maybe they’ll think a little
bit differently. So, uh, with that, my name is John Kohler,
with discountjuicers.com. Be sure to visit discountjuicers.com/youtube
for special promotional offers for YouTube visitors.

26 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Omega 8006 Juicer Review

  • If you think people should not buy the 8006, why not stop stocking it, but keep the page for it up, redirecting the customer to the 800 and this video?

  • I have the 8004 and its ok but when I got mine there was no NC800. The only reason to get the 8004/6 is the price.

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  • Thanks John. I agree, the size of the feed shoot has really discouraged me. Is it possible to purchase the front assembly minus the auger from you as an upgrade?

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  • I have one and enjoy it. It's quiet and does a good job with juicing leafy greens. Also when extracting it doesn't produce foam like a lot of other machines. Only thing I could complain about is that the opening is kinda small for the fruit and veggies and need to be cut in smaller pieces.

  • I know you not try to deceive anyone because you show clearly how much juice each machine made. But the difference is nowhere NEAR 10%, it's more like 2%. Actually the difference is so small you really need to look closely to see any difference at all.

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  • Truth is, I did break a screen on my 8006. However, the excellent customer service resulted in them sending my (2) replacements when I notified them. Never broke another. Sold it on Ebay a few years back.

  • Omega makes things so crazy to buy a good juicer, why not just discontinue old models and keep selling parts??!! on amazon they say the 800 is 5th generation and 900 is 6th generation, and the only real difference is the cladding (plastic or shiny plastic).

    I just got the NC800HDc, love it! My only complaint is the carrot grinds are relatively big chunks compared to the greenstar elite. heavy grinds means more juice didn't get extracted. What I LOVE about the 800 is it is VERY EASY TO CLEAN compared to the greenstar, and doing a juice fast, firing this baby up 2x day, cleaning time makes a difference in my day. I also LOVE the clear feeding chute and auger, so fun to watch it gobble up chunks of fruit and veg and greens.

  • I have the 8006 since 201#
    After watching your review then I bought it
    If it brakes I'll buy the newer one
    Until then it works just fine.

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