Why this Orange Juice is so Delicious 🍊

In this video, I will show some pigmented citrus fruits and demonstrate how to blend their juices to make more delicious juice. The main factors that govern
the flavor of orange juice are the concentrations of
acid and sugar in the juice, giving it tartness and sweetness. Commercial orange juices
are typically blended to make a consistently flavored product. A gardener who grows citrus fruit at home can blend juices of
different varieties together to make better juice. The first fruit is a blood
orange called Sanguinelli. It was discovered in Spain in 1929. Its color comes from
pigments called anthocyanins, the same pigments present in blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Sanguinelli’s not my
favorite blood orange, but it has a beautiful color and I’m able to enjoy it late in the season because it holds well on the tree. It also makes delicious juice. This fruit is the Vaniglia Sanguino, or vanilla blood orange. It was discovered in Italy. Its color comes from a pigment called lycopene which is also found
in tomatoes and watermelons. This fruit lacks acid, giving it an unusual flavor for an orange. It tastes more like a tropical fruit. Its lack of acid makes it a
useful fruit for juice blending. The juice of acidless oranges is sometimes blended into freshly squeezed orange juice in Europe to
create a better product. This fruit is the variegated
Pink Eureka lemon. It’s a natural mutation
of a regular Eureka lemon and was discovered in
California in the 1930s. Its color also comes from lycopene. If you can find this fruit in the store, it is four times as
expensive as a regular lemon. This makes it a good
fruit to grow at home. This Sanguinelli juice
is delicious as it is, but I prefer it a little bit sweeter. By adding a bit of the
Vaniglia Sanguino juice, I am able to blend a
juice that I like better. I find Vaniglia Sanguino
juice to be bland on its own, but I’ve learned that I can make it into a juice that I like by adding juice of a sour fruit such as the Pink Eureka lemon. Citrus taste preferences vary and many people would enjoy the
Vaniglia juice by itself. For these fruits, my preferred ratio of Sanguinelli
juice to Vaniglia juice was three to one. My daughter preferred
a three to two ratio. I hope that you will enjoy
mixing your own citrus juices. If you have your own favorite blend, please share it in the comments below. I would also be interested to learn your favorite pigmented citrus fruit. If you enjoyed this video, please be sure to give it a thumbs up. Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Why this Orange Juice is so Delicious 🍊

  • I do several blends but my favorite is 1/4 grapefruit and 3/4 Valencia orange. They both ripen late and keep on the tree for several months. Many people pick and consume both too early in the season thus don't experience their fully ripe taste. It is May 1 and it looks like I'll be making that blend for another month. The grapefruit adds a bit of extra tartness to the sweetness of the Valencia.

  • hi Dan please do not publish such videos mainly in summer, you'll make my saliva secretion gland dry mmmmm so dlicious.for your information my town Annaba yields sanquine orange in grand quantity at winter .thanks Dan

  • What, in your opinion, would be a reasonable substitute for blood orange juice. In my neck of the woods (Wisconsin), blood oranges seem to be extremely rare no matter the season. I was thinking that I could mix freshly squeezed orange juice with lemon or lime juice to approximate the taste of blood orange juice. Is this a good idea? Thanks for any help.

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