Why People Are Freaking Out About This LIFETIME BAN, Jarvis, KSI, Logan Paul, Popeyes, & More

100 thoughts on “Why People Are Freaking Out About This LIFETIME BAN, Jarvis, KSI, Logan Paul, Popeyes, & More

  • Your dad's not coming back but healthy carbon levels can! Happy Tuesday! Here's your timecodes: Internety Quickies (00:08), TIA (4:26), Popeyes (6:11), Paris Climate Agreement (7:48)

  • Thanks for putting out that the US has been exceeding the goal set by the Paris agreement…


    Well, at least thanks for acknowledging that it is a problem of everyone else too.

  • FFS America do something about that Big Orange Cheeto Monster you have running your country. Because before long it won't be Global warming WE will have to worry about it Will be a Nuclear Winter.

  • Are these the same scientists led by AOC that said we won't make it to 2030, or the same scientists that said the world is doomed shortly after 1970? IMO climate change is way over-hyped and like a child crying wolf. It's the boogeyman that is too afraid to show itself.

  • it sucks that Jarvis cheated on a game that is multiplayer. It's Riot games' duty to keep the integrity of their game intact so that people keep wanting to play their game. If someone is cheating in a game, the people who arent cheating, even if youre on the cheaters team, it diminishes the fun of the game and it makes me want to turn off the game. I hope this teaches Jarvis a lesson about cheating of any form. i underatand using cheats on, say, skyrim, a singleplayer experience , but not fortnite

  • Awe poor muffin! That fortnite kid needs to move on! At any job if you break a company policy you get fired … that's what happened here! Take the lesson and learn from it

  • OK… I get it if you don't believe in human made climate change or even that our carbon emission is making things worse, and you want to think about money (I don't agree with it, but I get it), but you know that pollution is bad for human health. So think of how much it costs, not only for the people whose sickness is caused by pollution or worsen by it, but also their families who have to help them, the community which workforce and taxpayers lessen by it and probably the aid you have to pay and give out.
    I mean… COME ON!, everyone knows it’s good for the economy to have people healthy and active in the workforce.

    Sorry, I got on a roll and might have come off preachy. 😀

  • … I don’t want to live here anymore. (And I probably won’t get to with how much our current administration hates the climate.)

  • Unpopular options:Climate change? Hmm why was 2018 on of the coldest years on record? Also why do most of the studies supporting climate change use satellite temperature readings (which are easy to manipulate) instead of the thermometer readings which are much more accurate. Thank you for your time.

  • Girls education!??! How the fuck does girls education (when women are already the majority of university students) going to change climate change 😂😂 that just discredits everything they just said

  • We are making the planet uninhabitable by humans? just look at the bright side. when the next intelligent species evolve(or is created by some magical sky daddy) they can look at the ruins we leave behind and maybe learn how not to fuck up like us! ^_^

  • I hate all this exclusivity bullshit. Just make a good platform. That goes for Twitch as well! They have had exclusivity deals this whole time. If you're a partnered streamer you're not supposed to stream on other platforms. That's why nobody moved to things like Youtube gaming, because if they did, they'd have to risk/give up their Tiwtch partnership. Otherwise there would be no real reason for big streamers to not stream on both at the same time like channels such as LinusTechTips does with their weekly podcast now. Imo, Youtube is much better on the viewer's end. Not only can you leave comments on a finished video (because it just turns into a youtube video at when it's done), but also because you can rewind a stream while it is live. You don't have to go tab over and start watching the current stream's vod to rewind and switch back over to the livestream like you do on twitch.

  • At this point, when you report on something coming from the white house, I'm gonna need a quick fact-check from you…

  • Stabbed to death over a fucking chicken sandwich….. You people deserve trump. This country sucks absolute dog shit. This is what happens when you idolize celebrities, you end up with a country filled with logan pauls.

    Thanks for ruining my day again….

  • Scientists include assistant professor of mathematics, adjunct professor of gender studies…. lol. Al Gore and his scientist swore there would be cities underwater by now didn't they?

  • That ban was perfectly fair. If anyone else was using cheats they would be banned permanently. He shouldn’t get any special treatment.

  • I have to stop watching post apocalyptic movies. Believe me that willfully ignorant Man what do you live in those schools are supposed to come up. And I’m sure there’s already in the works of shield or a dome or something where the 1% get to live and will be down digging in the dirt keeping all the power going and thinking we’re saving the world when really we’re just saving them

  • I’m not inviting anyone who is not African American to bash us, but the African American community really disappoints me with the misdirected passion some time. It’s a damn sandwich. We got a few memes off that reminded us of our culture and now people who don’t know any damn better are acting entitled, disrespecting minimum wage workers, mobbing, murdering people, inciting riots, and ruining lives. And it’s all over some bread, mayo, pickles, and chicken.

    I love our passion and expressiveness but it hurts to see it be so misguided. Popeyes is gonna get their money and hype, but the people in these communities will be forced to pay the price for this. Smh

  • Speaking as someone who plays first person shooters there is nothing more toxic to a server than a random person using an aimbot.

  • Sure it's Jarvis's "Job" to play video games, BUT he used AIMBOT, HE downloaded it on his OWN and it was his decision to do it. No one likes aimboters, he should have known better. FaZe should have known, just because he's a public figure on social media he thinks the web revolves around him. Thousands of people play fortnight, Glad he got banned Like all CHEATERS. NO SPECIAL TREATMENT.

  • Greta is probably cursing us all in the United States as we speak, why don't she sail to China and India and yell "HOW DARE YOU!" and choke on some REAL smog while she's at it+ 😂😂😂😂

  • Epics zero tolerance policy is just that – zero tolerance. Aim botting is flat out cheating and he should have known better. No one should receive any sort of special treatment for using cheating software to play a game. I feel Epic should stand their ground and he should accept his punishment and learn from it. Time to move on.

  • I think Phil's beginning to feel like a rap god rap god..

    lol is it just me or is he taking really fast in this one?

  • "I want us to be wealthy!"
    Tell that to the people who will be effected by trillions of dollars in damages within the next 50 years. Flooding, mudslides, fires, the list goes on…

  • I know people are joking about the Popeye’s stabbing, and it is funny, but acknowledge what happened here. A man is dead is dead over something as trivial as a sandwich. DEAD. Whoever stabbed him deserves to rot in prison for life.

  • Trump saves the US from this scam climate tax scheme, wish other world leaders had even half the brain he has.
    also Philip blurts out more climate change propaganda, ok boomer

  • I'm feeling for these climate scientists. It much be so frustrating to observe the world and see where things are heading and then nobody listens. They write papers upon papers about how climate change mag negatively impact the world and all the politicians and companies just stomp on their research and averts their eyes. These are people that have dedicated their lives to this career. Every day it feels like the world is running headfirst into disaster with no thought nor precaution.

  • I never comment, but did you just say "William Dafoe"?? I know that's his actual name, but come on it's Willem Dafoe mane.

  • No excuses, cheaters never prosper. There are times where I have a good game either in fortnite, dead by daylight, or destiny 2. I am not good player but I love the grind and the original and interesting content the developers brought with their games. My personal experience , no one elses. I have gone up against players whose play styles seemed odd of differ from the games original mechanics and thus Lag switch- aim bot or hack in some manner. Causing frustrations in my mind set when trying to complete a goal, objective or quest step, the "players who hack" are not real gamers, just scum and have little excuses. Because of the cheating it hinders my progress in games in getting in game rewards or trophies. I don't feel nothing for Jarvis ban, he knew what he was doing and accepted the terms and conditions of epic games. He even admitted using aim bot. He knew it the back of his mind the content he created will go away. I say good job Epic games one less scum in the game. It is wasteful that hackers would hack a game(s), such software and technical talents should go forth in prevention of hackers that would do harm either for games(s) , secruity, professions that protect people's information. Hackers are the same as phone and internet scammers, trying to get your personal info to siphon your well earn dollars or accounts. Anyone who disagree is hacker, a scum, a troll. That's just putting it nicely. I have never typed so much on the youtube platform. I am glad @phildefranco for covering this story.

  • Concerning the Fortnite cheater, I really hope the ban sticks. I don't care if he's a "creator" he cheated in a multiplayer game which automatically makes him among the worst of scumbags. And remember, he's crying because he he has to live the the CONSEQUENCES of cheating, not because he cheated.

  • he makes more streaming then he does in competed play, he used a program that made him look better than he his and a
    better player will always bring in more people

  • Even if on smaller scales people start making green decisions en mass, if nothing is done by governments or major corporations, we are all fucked. It's way too late imo. They warned them 30 years ago and still basically nothing has changed. It doesn't truly matter to them because they're rich, I'm sure they'll be fine, and they'll be dead before it really affects younger generations. That's the mindset that got us here to begin with. It's sad. I truly think we've destroyed too much. But I'm sure that human beings will kill ourselves off en mass, and the planet itself will figure itself out and be fine in the end…so there's that

  • I guess it’s like everyone says, you never know when you're going to die. Sadly this poor bastard had to die because some sad loser was never taught that you shouldn't kill people over chicken. It's a
    sad yet beautiful world we live in.

  • Oh no, China and India have to make up for the US, not the two countries that produce more greenhouse gasses individually than most of the rest of the world combined…

  • fuck aimbotters, he knew the rules he broke the rules, no one is owed a career, you break industry standards you get fired, that's what this is.

  • I work at Popeyes and hearing other people talk about the sandwich makes me irritated because it really isn't that good. But we've been working around the clock because of it

  • So because he's a popular cheater he shouldn't be punished?! Fuck that! Ban the idiot. He'll learn a good life lesson.

  • I completely disagree with you on the Paris Climate Change Agreement topic. Even though China and India have not met their goals on CO2 emission, this does not give any excuse for the US to leave the accords. You should not even side with Donald Trump, who is a climate change denier. Yes, there is room for improvement; but nothing will ever happen if every country leaves the agreement like what the US does.

  • For me, this is the same as a bus driver losing their passenger licence due to getting caught drunk driving. To take a phrase from Phill, "Don't be stupid, stupid".

  • If someone you don't know is willing to offer X amount of dollars, imagine what you're really worth to them…..

    Don't undervalue yourself by selling yourself for less to someone who ONLY wants to make money off you.

  • keep Jarvis's lifetime ban, breaking their own rules to allow him to slide by would set the example its ok as long as u have followers. Ban the mf because there are millions of other streamers out there trying to make it and are not cheating.

  • Uhhh the message is don’t cut in line and try be tuff if you aren’t prepared to fight for your fucking life disrespecting someone like that

  • We are all responsible for the stupid we do. Being a successful doesn't stop the rules from applying, he knew he was risking getting a ban since it as against the rules so he should have to live with the consequences.

  • I hate Epic Games for the exclusivity. But… GREAT JOB EPIC! Dealing with aimbot and other cheats in Nuclear Winter in Fallout 76, I say fuck the cheaters. Either get good at the game, laugh and deal with the deaths or don't play at all. If you have to cheat at the game to win a competitive game, your already a loser. I hope they stick to their guns on him having a lifetime ban.

  • Lmfao he deserved to catch that ban. Shouldn’t have been cheating like that and showing it to all of this audience. Not to mention he even knew he ran the risk of being banned. Sucks to suck, like they said they have a zero tolerance policy, he’s not above that.

  • Ban him and keep him banned. He is supposed to be pro, he is "supposed" to be a respected member of the community. He knew what he was doing, and is only sorry and sobbing because he was caught.

  • I hate signing into Google and I just did this (2 days late–don't judge my PDS catchup spree) only to tell you that you're mis-pronouncing DAZN, Phill. It's not "dazz-in", it's actually "da zone." Not obvious from how they spell it but I promise you that's accurate.

  • I'm sorry but a grown man crying bc he did something he knew was wrong and knew the company had zero tolerance for is freaking hilarious
    dont be stupid, stupid!

  • Trumps withdrawal highlights the important of having congress vote on these treaties. It holds us to more account to these deals.

  • no reason they should un-ban him. everybody else gets banned for cheating and they'd never un-ban another player. no reason this guy should get special treatment for doing the exact same thing

  • Keep him banned. I'll use an extreme example but you'll get my point. People break the law they get thrown in jail, police officers break the same laws and get a slap on the wrist and a paid suspension. Oh but their livelihood and poor them right? God forbid a 17 year old should no longer be overpaid to play video games for knowingly breaking rules.

  • It's fascinating to see everyone talking about the gamer kid and no one focusing on the US pulling out. I guess even Phil knows that's not a big audience puller

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