Why Is Billie Eilish A HUGE Star? Music Streaming Is The New Normal, But Is That A Good Thing?!…

100 thoughts on “Why Is Billie Eilish A HUGE Star? Music Streaming Is The New Normal, But Is That A Good Thing?!…

  • Never heard of Olivera before this video. Her song Trust is fantastically executed! Love her voice, the arrangement, the balance, and the lyrics.

  • Thank you for this deep dive I have a new understanding of what's going on with streaming I was under the impression that artist don't bennifet at all

  • I see it as a good thing that most money are made from live performance, while streaming adds some income and can make you known to audiences, so you can start to make money from live performance. That sounds just about ideal.

  • The music industry needs to adapt like other industries need too. Music was super freaked out about recordings and thought that people would stop playing actual instruments. But the truth is more people started playing instruments. My point is we just don’t know what the next step is really going be good or bad.

  • I don't really have any profound thoughts on music streaming, but this video was hella cool and interesting

  • Spotify literally saved my ass by blowing up a beat of mine, from 200 monthly streams to 200K monthly streams in just one day! Its been a mad Ride but Spotify Streaming For me has been nothing but great 🙂

    Good luck To you all 🙂

  • The creation of the internet was the death of gatekeeping for all forms of art, not just music. “Making it” in whatever creative industry has taken on a new meaning.

  • NO NO NO PHIL. I'm getting off the rocket man. Don't play with me. I'm still a beautiful bastard who IS having a fantastic weekday. And i wanna jump into it With you. Don't fuck with me Phil.

  • I write songs and perform them in a band and I am very much in two minds about streaming services. On the one hand it is an excellent platform for anyone to share their music with the world. On the other hand there is so much of it that varies so widely in quality that it's hard to tell the good from the bad and so often people defer to the recommendations provided by the streaming service. These playlists and recommendations and the people that manage them, I feel will be the new "gatekeepers" of the music industry in the future and as with anything will be open to manipulation, making it harder for indy artists.

  • Nice video. Keep it up.
    Please do a deep dive on how streaming has affected independent filmmaking from the highest to the lowest levels.
    Thank you.

  • I love being able to stream music, no physical copies to keep track of and taking up space. Man the 90's where rough.

  • I started using Spotify a year ago. Bought premium fairly quickly. I absolutely love it. My music horizons exploded and I certainly feel that the subscription was worth the money. Furthermore, I have found so many small artists – people who I would never have otherwise come across, and I consider myself extremely active in trying to discover new music. I can't see the negative point of view with regard to streaming platforms, except maybe for the physical music record labels that sell CDs and Records, but they seem to be a dying species anyway. The big artists as far as I can see are benefitting tremendously as well from it, getting close to a billion streams on a single song in some cases so I doubt they are complaining about the effort-free revenue coming in. Also Rogue Rockets looking good so far!

  • I wish they where making more off each listen on platforms like Spotify. The ease of use makes it much easier to consume music then buying an album. I feel like a part of the problem because I basically haven't purchased any music for 7 years or more and just switched from iTunes to Spotify.

  • There are definite parallels between this deep dive story and the prancing story on the Phil DeFranco show… in both cases the public is getting used to simply not paying for stuff. The difference is that with music, people are okay with it. With licking ice-cream in the store… people are not. But the driver is coming from the same place; general disregard for the working effort of others.

  • I hope I'm wrong, I'll apologize if I am but this just feels like a John Oliver last week tonight without the comedy. I love the PDS. I just don't think I can get into this channel. Sorry Phil.

  • So I'm a classical musician, so i have a somewhat different views on this. Obviously, less people listen to classical music than a lot of othe types of music, so for a long time classical musicians have relied on performing as their main source of income. Essentially what streaming does, is force all musicians to do more performances, mega stars excluded, as well people who make music in their sparetime. It forces musicians to essentially do what classical musicians have been doing for years, which is doing more performances, because the revenue from listeners is no longer big enough. In my opinion this is a good thing. More live performances for fans, which will in many cases lead to more music, because people don't want to see the same show twice and also the music is available to more people thanks to streaming platforms and can reach more people.

  • Been a longtime paid Spotify listener. Didn't know I could get selected new music from the touch of the finger. Thank you Philly D and RR team

  • a German pop artist I listened to bragged about “hits auf (on) Spotify” so I guess this is why it’s sort of a big deal

  • Very interesting. Thank you.
    I was inevitable t streaming service was gonna stay and grow. But I'm gladly surprised that it can also be profitable and a springboard for independent artists.

  • the radio is literally impossible to listen to long term because they just play the same damn 5 songs over and over so Spotify is better

  • analytically the AGI and trends of the past or "market memory" of prior digital media services shows that they will start tailoring ads and other more monetizing factors that will start dictating what goes on what playlist due to advertiser categorization and follow the algorithmic suppression of smaller creators much like YouTube

  • Lighting is blowing PD's face out below 720. 1080 still looks harsh.
    Not a critique, just my eye, and my TV, and my res.
    I do juggle between standard and my user setting to sharpen MCU up. Cheers!

  • The mannerisms and vocal inflections of some people just aren't right for video narration; the person who did this story is one of them.

  • I love the concept of being able to build a career through your own labor and music. It’s a newer sense of freedom I’m really starting to appreciate. I only hope that it continues to provide that freedom down the line.

  • Id really like to see stats on bandcamp. Thats my choice of digital music distribution. Only 10% cut for bandcamp sounds pretty good.

  • i don't get it, why spotify? why stream music? you can buy a sd card with like 30 or 50gb, and just fill it with music, done! no need for internet or streaming anything, i don't know why people would choosing it.

  • It is great that all of these people get a chance, but despite the recommended, new music, or genre specific playlists, I still find it impossible to find new music I like through these means. This is why I personally don't like streaming music platforms. It is actually less time consuming and often times cheaper to go to a thrift store and buy CD's that people use once now or clear out old collections to find music. I digitally upload them and if I really like them I keep the hard copy too, if not I now own that music and can give someone else a chance to listen to it via re-donating the hard copy.

  • How do you have a 150.000 subscribers with only two weeks of making a few videos?

    who do you know?
    who are you?
    Who put you to this and add all these fake subscribers and comments?
    who is supporting you?
    Your videos are nothing special to draw hundreds of thousands of views within a few hours.

  • Well I can say for sure it's only a small number of starting musicians that get recognized by large playlists and such, I've been producing my own techno music for just under a year and getting any semblance of attention or feedback is just impossible, it's a game of chance

  • i like the topic, and what you are trying to do, but I don't like the narration style that much. just my opinion, feel like was slow and lost the line at some points do to the interviews

  • I love yo face Phil but I really hope you turn this channel over to the new team at some point. I think it would be really cool to see what direction they take it in.

  • I discover a lot of music I like off of channels and streaming platforms that put out newer artists regularly. Its actually really good to know I can find amazing, lesser known EDM music this way. Sometimes you don't want to listen to the same 10-20 songs over and over again. Its a great change of pace, and I'm glad Spotify offers this.

  • It would be nice when you brought up other artists who made similar amounts of streaming if the graphics department put up those numbers even if you don't specifically say them out loud in the script.

  • Mastadon! m/ It's different for metal artists. They make most of their money by selling merch & physical copies of their music (CD's & vinyl) while on tour.

  • Access, far better than ownership, since before you would have had to invest money to buy an album of an artist you have never heard of, or wait to hear them on the radio…but now we can listen to them without spending more than the monthly subscription fee. great vid RR!

  • Excellent story and well explained. NO ads though, which sucked, because you deserve that ad revenue! All the best!

  • Youtube needs to take notes from Spotify here! On Spotify I get recommended new music from artists i've never heard, however on youtube all the recommendations are either channels i'm subscribed to or huge channels that don't need the help of the recommended feed.

  • Had never heard of Billie Eilish till I saw her on Hot Ones. I looked her up and heard Bad Guy EDM remix. She is very talented.

  • I guess it shouldn't be surprising, but it seems Western news articles regarding music streaming never mention Kugou, Kuwo, or QQ Music. These services are only available to people in China, but each of them is bigger than Spotify or Apple Music. In fact, Kugou has 5 times as many subscribers as Spotify…and they are profitable.

  • I pay the $10 or $11 a month for Spotify. I have for years. I love Spotify, i have gotten so much new music of artists i would never have found myself. I think its great what indie artists get from it.

  • I love streaming. When I was a teen if I wanted to discover new music I often ended up illegally downloading it. Now I can turn on my Apple Music, ask it to recommend me something and then legally download any tracks I like.

  • I’m not really a fan of streaming. I’m old-school. Buy the CD, rip it to my computer then transfer it to my phone. Never have to worry about Internet connection or my subscription running out. I understand I’ll be missing out on the smaller artists who can’t get a CD out, that’s just how I roll

  • Great segment, sans billie elish.
    She is far from a struggling independent. If you look at her background and connections. Her family are heavy hitters in the entertainment industry.
    Not lending much credibility to this.

  • Laughing about how easy they make it look to earn a living off of spotify.

    My boyfriend's been working on his music for years, will release his 4th album soon, is featured on multiple playlists on spotify and is FAR FAR FAR AWAY from making a living off the money from spotify looool

    He's working 2 other jobs despite touring, selling records and merch n shit.

    Sorry for ranting, he is working so hard and is not getting enough recognition…makes me an angry girlfriend haha
    …it's Horsebeach btw for anyone that likes dreamy homemade indie pop.
    He just released his newest single.

    Would mean the world to me if you could check his work out.
    (sorry I posted this comment also on the 2 hour video on Philip's video)

  • Due to her parents grooming her to rise from a young age and handed it all to her thanks to connections….

    Any moron that thinks she became famous just by uploading a song well you are stupid

  • I see this as an absolute positive. That's… actually all I have to say on that. One of the more straight forward issues lol. Non-music maker here tho. So I could be missing something…

  • Why would I buy a singer's music on Itunes or whatever when I can literally just listen to the song on youtube? Why spend my money for something that's freely accessible?

  • As an independent artist this is huge for me lol even hitting 100$ would be nice for me🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • I think streaming music services are just the tip of the iceberg of how rapid and much the music industry has evolved in the last 10-15 years. I absolutely love that these services are offering artists both big and small a somewhat level playing field. It's now easier than ever to find new artists and helps them get discovered by people who may never had heard/would have the opportunity to seek them out.

    However, with this evolution in the industry it makes you wonder if the record industry are going to try to make it harder of independent musicians and favor label artists.

  • Billie Eilish was 14 when she uploaded her first song to Soundcloud in 2015. Aren't there child labor laws in this country? Have we gotten rid of those at some point and are just cool with capitalizing on children working? Let children be children, they make plenty of money when they're adults.

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