Why I Love Juicing-I Give You My Reasons Why I Juice-BENEFITS

hey guys back with another video and
today I’m doing an update why telling myself this I love juicing I noticed
that even when I take a few days off and I eat salads or sometime I treat myself
to seafood and maybe mashed potatoes homemade mashed potatoes or stuff like
that you know so that I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself of the foods that I
also like to eat beside just eating always healthy that my energy levels are
not as high as they are when I’m juicing juicing like I keep telling everyone
it’s just gonna be a part of my life for the long haul because I love the feeling
juicing gives me I love the natural energy that juicing gives me and I love
the fact that you’re drinking something that’s delicious
but it is a beast and what I mean by that is you’re
drinking something that tastes good but it’s also good for your body it cleanses
your body on a cellular level and it gets rid of disease you know and things
free radicals that are in the body that duck do not need to be there it helps as
an astringent juice strip all of those bad elements out of the system and get
us well again so juicing is definitely going to be a part of my everyday
regiment even when I take a break forward and have my little what I call a
cheat meal I always will go back to juice in juice in 16 and 32 ounces of a
juice because the fact of the matter is I’ve said this in many of my videos I am
on a healing and detox journey and I know that even though it’s close to a
year and I have been juicing majority of that
I’m still not healed and I’m still not detox and I have a long ways to go so
I’m not gonna fool myself and think just because I did almost a year reducing
that this is the end of the world this is actually the beginning of my journey
with juicing and exploring different fruits and vegetable blends that that
are gonna probably blow me out the water because the taste I’m gonna get from
these juices they’re gonna explode in my mouth because you will be surprised when
you blend fruits and vegetables that you can blend some things that taste better
than process sodas and juices that you get in your supermarket and they’re
healthy for you and they’re helping to detox and heal the body and they taste
delicious the reason why I made this video is because I noticed on my
birthday week that I was eating a lot of foods and I also noticed that my energy
levels there wasn’t an energy level they wasn’t like how they were when I was
juicing and I wanted that feeling to come back I’m currently not gonna lie
I’m still eating my salads I haven’t really been juicing much but I’m going
to get back in the swing of things and stop my juice and again I don’t like to
let it drag on too long to the bar to the point where my body has now built up
toxins that I have to at least get out the body that would maybe take me 30
days to get rid of because I waited too long to get back on the juice and I
don’t want that to happen I want to acknowledge when I’m eating and now it’s
time to go back on to the detoxification part of my journey for a few detox the
body some more and then do a refeed and when I do refeeds refeed be over it
and be back on the detoxification until I really feel at least 80 percent myself
on the healing aspect of this you know I’m not going to make a really big deal
about food I really want my digestive system to be clear of process or even
raw food from the system for as long as I can so that the body can focus on
other areas that it needs to heal and by my body by me not eating solid food in
choosing to do the liquids juice cleanse it’s gonna save my life and it’s gonna
make me have a better quality of life by making those choices I know they’re just
temporary but for now mom this is what I choose to do I choose to juice more than
a refeed and when I feel like I need to repeat I do so then I go back on to my
cleansing protocol that I’m currently doing so with all that being said please
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I’ll see you guys in the next video bye for now

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