Why I believe that Blender will be the future of 3D industry

Hello! It’s MrSorbias here with another random
video. I believe that there are people who are thinking
of switching to Blender from some other software and then we have people who are planning to
switch away from Blender to something else. I am kind of a Blender believer myself, so
this video is slightly biased. But anyways I collected for us some points: Why I believe that Blender is eventually going to
be the future of 3d industry. That is not going to happen very fast but
at this moment it seems that we are slowly going there and I will show you all the evidence
I’ve found so far. But let’s focus little bit to my own background
first. I started learning 3d with software called
3d Studio max. It was a time when there was a huge hype wave
around computer graphics on internet in the At the top of that huge wave there was one
alone surfer; autodesk with their highly popular professional 3d modeling softwares 3ds max
and Maya. No one was questioning their autocracy. Lightwave was already dying and procedural
modeling as we see in Houdini was still little bit too sci fi for most of the
3d users. I was just a kid when I borrowed from library
a book about Maya and there was an image of a fish swimming in the creek water. I was really really impressed of that image
I think that was one of my turning points when I started thinking that I really wanna
learn 3d modeling. After some research I however was able to
figure out that I never have enough money to buy maya and start learning it. There was a free version of 3ds max but it
was only for game designers and there was no render engine. And I really wanted to do rendering. Some people downloaded the illegal versions
of professional softwares and started using those but I wasn’t like them. I wanted to have the genuine copy of the software
I am using. So they were the generation who started with
max and maya, the pirated versions of those, but I had my own reasons to go to Blender,
cause I didn’t wanted to use illegal copies. even when everyone who knew anything about 3d-modeling were just laughing to Blender
and saying it to be very bad. Well, it wasn’t very good and there was
only few people who knew anything about it. It was a time when if you went to youtube
and searched with name “Blender 3d” you found only test renders with monkey head or
sometimes with cube. But I needed a cheap alternative and this
was it. I didn’t like Blender very much, but there
was no other programs so I started using it. Later I learned to love it and the community
around it. That was my background in nutshell why I use
Blender. Let’s go back to the topic. Google has some good tool that helps us to
check how popular things are on the internet searches made with google search engine. The tool I am using is called Google trends. It seems that 3ds max was at 2004 almost as
popular in google searches than Walt Disney himself. But max has been going down since 2004 meanwhile
walt disney has been staying popular. Now if we replace walt disney with Maya, we
will see that maya is doing the same as max going down. So why is this happening? Why are the market leaders going down. I think it’s because they are not anymore
the only option if you wanna do 3d-modeling. There is growing amount of other softwares
that are sharing the market with them. Now, let’s add Blender here also to see
how it’s going against the giants. It seems that 2015 blender become more popular
than 3d studio max or maya in world wide statistics. But if we look only united states statistics,
we can see that it happened there 5 years before and rest of the world were just following
them with this trend. When I was talking about the generation who
started with pirated versions of max and maya and who are now their professional users,
we can now see that at this moment we have a new generation of users who are starting
with Blender instead. It means that at future they will be the professional
users of Blender. There is in Netherland one man who is so stubborn
that he is not going to give up when he once started doing something. His name is Ton Roosendaal. He decided that he is going to do a good 3d-modeling
software and he is still doing it. It was slow start but because he didn’t
give up Blender was all the time getting better and better and more people started slowly
getting interested of it. It means not only more users, but also more
developers and and even movies studios who start using Blender in their projects. They also start funding Blender development,
because Blender is very agile and is listening their ideas. And that means even faster development. No commercial software house can follow this. It’s hard to see why would this trend suddenly
stop Instead I think Blender is here to stay and grow Just few years ago I was talking with my professional
friend. He was doing an Iron Sky mobile game and he
asked me to model and render a rotating comet 3d model for the game, so that the space ships
would try to avoid collisions with the comets..When he first heard that I was going to do that
with Blender, he was like But Imade it with Blender and it came out to look quite nice in my opinion But I did it with Blender and it came out to look quite nice in my opinion Let’s go back to the search engine statistics
for while. There of course is more 3d modeling softwares
than Blender and max and maya. Let’s look another one which is called Solidworks,
from company called Dassault systems and compare it with Blender. It seems that Blender is quite much as popular
as Solidworks today. But the thing is that Solidworks and Blender
are not exactly the same kind of softwares. They are both for 3d-modeling, yes, but Blender
is for artistic modeling and Solidworks is for product design and the approach of both
programs is completely different. Blender also is not currently a CAD software
even tho I know that Blender foundation has plans to start slowly implementing CAD kind
of features to blender. Blender is supposed to be later also more
non destructive as it is now. But those are things in the future. Why these statistics mean anything is because
most of the traffic is made by studends and people who are interested of 3d-modeling. They are the future professionals and if they
start with Blender, in the future they are also maybe going to stay with Blender. It’s not anymore that you have to select
some specific software to be able to do some tasks that only can be done with that software. There are so many alternatives to every 3d
related tasks and it’s up to you which one you select. Nowadays you take the software you like and
do the task with that. For many people it means Blender for many
tasks, because they don’t like complex terms of use agreements or very expensive licences
and they also don’t like subscription models. So those were my reasons why I believe that
Blender is slowly taking the market of 3d-modeling. It’s already taking over many of the artistic
modeling tasks, but then somewhere in future there might be a change that Blender will
also start eating the revenue from CAD software houses. I am not saying that Blender already can do
everything its competitors can do. There are many areas where you need other
softwares, especially when we talk about procedural modeling, but it seems that Blender is going
there also in near future. But that’s a completely different story. I hope you enjoyed this video and if you have
something to say, please add your comment below. It’s really interesting to see what people
think about this quite hot topic,

31 thoughts on “Why I believe that Blender will be the future of 3D industry

  • Unless the industry is willing to comply with the nature of Blender's license I doubt it will. That is actually a huge problem.
    Houdini is moving quick since Houdini 2015 with getting (regular) modeling and animation to at least Maya levels. They are not there yet but neither is Maya gone.
    The love for open source is there but our workflows, at least in the VFX industry, are simply not for the main pipeline tool.

    That said the entire industry from hobbiest to medium sized studios could be turning all Blender bit by bit. But I doubt the high end facility will change anytime soon.
    Hell, at ILM modelers are still allowed to use SoftImage (which has been completely killed of) and Lightwave which shows how slowly switching to a new standard actually is.

  • 3d max has only one advantage…Corona render. and almost all vacancies on 3ds max, I think this is due to the fact that people do not know the possibility Blender. after using Blender, using 3d max is simply impossible
    Blender one love

  • I think Blender does have a steep learning curve… but it is as good as any of the big hitters out there. Once you understand it, you'll be flying. The fact that it's FREE blows me away… Oh and I hate subscription models… hate them! Hate 🙂

  • Blender is the firefox of internet browsers when everyone was using Internet Explorer with ask jeeves toolbars…imo Blender is not only here to stay but future for sure….3ds Max is just bloated software that will crash on you over and over again. They just keep adding more buttons while the core software code is still from early 2000's.

  • I think the major hold back for blender has always been the ridiculous, obnoxious anti-ergonomic mouse controls, and I have been using Blender since 2003, but it looks like they have finally seen sense and are addressing this fault, (and without alienating all the hard core masochists) really hoping they dont mess it up because Blender deserves to be top of the pile, if only because of the unrestricted access they gave to us noobs.

  • Blender's strongest point is also its weakest one, I'm talking about the community.
    Most of what you can find about Blender is beginner, introduction, tests and this kind of stuff, there's only a bunch of really impressive works out there and they are buried below all these beginner tutorials.
    If you want Blender to become an industry standard, you have to sell it through the audience's eye, push Blender to the extreme and show the world what's capable of.

    Most of the community keeps asking why Blender is not an industry standard but they do nothing to change it somehow expecting it will happen magically just because time keeps moving but that's not how things work.

    Again, Blender users need to stop modeling chairs and donuts, start making impressive projects and ask the developers to implement all they need to keep pushing their work to the extreme instead of blaming Autodesk in each comment. Being free software is not enough. Good enough work is not enough, aim to excellence and aim higher when you reach it.

    Being a hobbyist is not an excuse, you don't need to get paid to make excellent work, you need to make excellent work to get paid.
    Stop blaming Autodesk, smash it with your artwork not with your mouth.

  • Whats this for a sexy accent? I think blender will be the future. With eevee they made a game changer. I have "worked“ with cinema 4d but eevee leet me change to blender. And i must say i love it. A few years ago blender was horrible because of this i dont used it. But now it is amazing!

  • All the big 3d companies out ther in the industrie have their own special pipeline. And all of this pipelines are created in a time, as 3ds max and maya was the big players. Time is money and you don´t change a running system, only because of a new software. A big company doesn´t matter about the subscription costs. The thing ist, with this subscriptions, they have support contracts to autodesk. Sure, more and more people start with Blender to learn 3d, but from all of this people, only a few goes really after school into 3d industry, and there they learn then the tool, wich is used in the company, they are working. Sure, some starups using Blender and when they become bigger, this companies are using Blender in future, but its a long hard stony way.
    A other point: Blender and the foundation has no cause to go aggressively ahead, because there are no shareholders in the back who wants a lot of dividends from their stocks. Blender isn´t oriented to profite maximum, so if the main 3d people using other aps, who cares. Autodesk have a exactly look to the market and when they see, that the maincore of their users go away from their products, they change the features in the aps very quickly. But as long the maincore using Maya and Max, there is no need to take a lot of money for developement.

    And as JC said. The main Blender users arent´t going over the state of beginners. Look at the learning and videoplattforms. Udemy for example. Nearly every day comes another Blender tutorial out. Blender for beginners. First steps in Blender and so on. Holy….. how many beginners tutorials should i look? But there are only really a very view tutorials out there, who teaching you a advanced or even a expert level. Because a lot of this teachers are self only maximal advanced. But how will your reach advanced levle in a big base, if nobody teach it? For Max and Maya are a lot of advanced/expert content out there. But i don´t need the 350th tutorial, how i move in Blenders viewport, or how i download and install Blender. I need tutorials how i Blender together with other Software like After Effects or Nuke or whatever. If there is more use of Blender with other tools, the companies behind there are creating also tools to integrate Blender in this apps. And fact is, that postwork is done in After Effects or Nuke, or SP or Mari or whatever. Sure, Blender has his own tools, but also i think, a special tool for special work.

    So it was a long text and my english is not the best, so MrSorbias; don´t worry about your english, my english is way worser 🙂

  • at this point blender has the capability, but i thought the industry adoption need support to make it work. like a helpdesk you can come in contact with to solve project problems.

  • Hi i have a request for ya could you make a circuit board with material ans everything so i can use it for my game i really want to learn that

  • I have used many modeling programs, with which I am fond most with blender, it is so easy to learn and create new things, the community is so immense and cooperative, it is very comfortable to work with, although I usually use several programs, I work scenarios in Terragen 4, I create certain characters with Make Human, I pass it to blender cycles, the clothes and certain objects I created them with the help of Blender and Zbrush, but all the animations I make in blender, I fell in love with blender cycles, if there was time I used 3DS max, once I started using Blender, I could not get used to how 3Ds Max worked

  • Mr. Sorbias, I love your accent. I enjoy your video very much. I learn a lot from your channel. Thank you very much. Sorry for my broken english.

  • I recently switched from Maya to Blender after using Maya for years. Actually, I use both now, but I use blender for 100 % hardsurface stuff as it's modeling tools are way ahead of Autodesk's solutions. Blender, in my opinion, currently has one of the most powerful modeling tools, although there is some stuff where it is still behind. For example, out of the box proper UDIM support and better UV editing tools – Maya is way ahead in that regard. It was actually surprising for me to see that Blender does not have proper UDIM support when almost every other 3d package in 2019 does. And having multiple UDIMS on a model is a must for high-budget film production. Second, Maya's rigging tools are way-way-way ahead of Blender's rigging tools. All Blender has is traditional join-based rigging and deformer-blendshapes. That is really old. Maya has inbuild muscle system, clusters, multiple solvers and ways of stacking different deformations on your model making your rig extremely flexible. UDIM support and better rigging system in Maya is currently the key aspect why Maya is one of the pillars of the pipeline in most of the animation studios. So I think Blender devs should focus their attention on UDIM support and rigging currently, I think they did a great job transforming Blender into an apex modeling tool, but there's still room to grow and competition won't wait too.

  • Hey bro…..why are you not posting videos from 1 month….I love your video content and believe that you are the best blender tutor on YouTube……Plz put more videos and don't quit YouTube if you are thinking to do so!

  • Ii ve never touched 3d programms before but mow at the age of 24 kinda inner voice pushed me to start learning- its pretty hard for me but there is something about blender- all of my mates laugh at me -sayin switch to cinema 4d but im gonna make it till the end

  • I have used many apps and I am trying now the 2.8 beta. The new interface was the game changer for me that made it easier to transition to. As I am in the beginning I am amazed for how many things you can do with a software that is free of charge. It seems easy to use even in comparison to C4D that is known for the intuitive UI. I do not know if blender can cover me as I have to try animation and all the other goodies. I want to believe that after a couple of months that I will have more experience I will have clearer thoughts. Another think that makes blender fantastic is that is super small in size and can run in Linux.

  • Once Blender gets something like tyflow it's really going to disrupt the market.
    It's already incredible powerful of course. I've made the switch from 3ds and not looking back.

  • When I initially discovered Blender it stumped me due to the right click default. I couldn't figure out how to control things like manipulating 3D objects etc… so I stopped trying to learn it. 5 years later I returned to give it another try. At that time I located some YouTube video tutorials that had helped me to get passed such a digital hurdle. This all occurred about 10 months ago. Today I am proud to say that I have fallen deeply in love with Blender. Its rendering powers are beyond! plus there's so much growth potential in using it, learning from the community and so I cannot get enough of it all.

    Oh and nice coverage on the topic, what is your take on the latest version of Blender?

    I personally think that Blender 2.8 is going to be a total show stopper. Could you believe that I'm steering closer and closer to creating my very own animated short films using Blender. I don't even have much animation skills or know-how either, but with YouTube I learning at alarming rates 🙂

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