Which Vitamix to Buy in 2018 (choosing made easy!)

Hey it’s Lenny Gale with Life is
NOYOKE. This is the which Vitamix to buy in 2018 video. We’re going to have picks for you, the best for new owners, the upgrade pick, the budget pick, and in the description you’ll find promo code-embedded links to all of our picks. So do use those links in the
description when you make your pick for the best Vitamix for you in 2018. OK? OK here we go. OK, so the best Vitamix for new
owners in 2018 is the Vitamix 2500. So that’s an Ascent Series which
means it comes with a 10-year warranty, the container’s dishwasher safe and has the Smart Self Detect Technology, and it is Bluetooth compatible for the Smart
Scale App and scale. You don’t have to use that, but it’s there if you want it. All Ascent machines.
The A2500, it has the switch for on / off, a switch for pulse. It has a 1 through 10
variable speed dial and three preset programs which is really nice to
give you that walk-away blending we think is
so important for that optimal Vitamix-owning experience. What’s important to know about the
A2500 is you can do everything in this
machine. It’s like all the Vitamix machines, you can do everything. You can make all the things that you
would want to make. Smoothies, juices, ice creams, nut butters, flours, hot soups, everything. All machines can do everything. This one is right in the middle. It’s doesn’t have the
most features. It’s not the most scaled-back. It has a lot of things and is a really good fit for most people, especially new owners. So like all Ascents it’s really aesthetically pleasing. It looks good from all sides. And so that’s our pick the best Vitamix
for most new owners in 2018. The Vitamix A2500. Aright, also great is the
Vitamix A3300. So it’s an Ascent so it has all the
features. It also has, just like the A2500, and it has the 1 through 10
variable speed dial. The difference is that it has a Touch on / off button and a Touch pulse button. Now the A3300, it doesn’t have the one-touch
programs that the A2500 has, but it does have a programmable timer so you can set a time and it will count down, kind of like how you set a
microwave. 30 seconds, start, walk away. So you get that same walk-away
blending effect. So that’s why we say that the A3300
is also great because it does all the things that the A2500 does. The big difference is the Touch on and off and the Touch pulse button, and a different, sort of, method of getting that walk-away blending effect. I mean, for a while we said that the
A3300 is really savvy pick. It really comes down to personal
preference if you like the feel of the switches on the A2500. If you like the look of the Touch on and off on the Touch pulse
on the A3300 and are comfortable being in a little more control of that the walkaway blending effect, than the 3300 is for you. Either way they’re both great, and they’re both equally good picks
for new Vitamix owners in 2018. Okay, our our upgrade pick if you
want to get the Vitamix with all the bells and whistles, the latest and greatest, go with the Vitamix A3500, the Ascent Series. It’s just like the A3300 except for it has five preset programs. Also, and this is really important, it comes with your option, your choice, of true metal finishes. And this is really nice if you care a lot about what your Vitamix looks like on your counter. We always tell people that your
Vitamix is the thing that is going to live
on your counter. It’s going to be that constant
reminder. If you have a new kitchen, if you want something that really
fits in the scheme the design of your
kitchen, you have a few really good options that are really sharp and really high-design in those true metal finishes. The second benefit to the true metal
finish is it provides more sound dampening than any other model. And so the Vitamix A3500 if you get one of the true metal
finishes it’s going to be by far the quietest Vitamix that you can get. Now none of them are
quiet. They are powerful machines, but they are, the A3500 is definitely the least loud Vitamix that you can buy. So the upgrade pick the Vitamix
A3500 that’s what we have a great pick if you want the latest greatest all the
bells and whistles. Okay, the budget pick. The best Vitamix for someone who’s
on a budget is the Explorian E310. This comes with a 1 through 10 variable speed dial, an on off switch, a pulse switch. The five-year warranty, narrow, 48 ounce container, and it’s brand new. And so this was a machine that
people were asking for. Sort of a no-frills Vitamix. We love it. It’s perfect for people that come to
us. Our peers, who are still living on a budget or raising families, it’s a great way to get into the
Vitamix family to get that first Vitamix and really step up to better blends and doing more in the kitchen with less. Now you’ll notice that we’ve
recommended assent for almost all of these
picks. Now there’s a chance that you don’t
have access to a scent if you’re watching this
video from the UK. So which Vitamix should you get if you cannot get an Ascent or Explorian. We recommend getting the Vitamix Pro
750. We absolutely adore the Pro 750. It’s the G-Series, on / off switch, the Pulse switch 1 through 10 variable speeds, five pre-programmed settings, comes with that brush stainless
finish, and it does all the things really well. Don’t wait for Ascent if it’s not in your neighborhood yet. Get the Pro 750. We love it. If this wasn’t our full time job, helping people figure out which
Vitamix to buy making, Vitamix recipes, we definitely would have kept our
Pro 750. We would not have gotten rid of it
to get an Ascent. And that’s why we say to people who
have a Pro 750 or even who have a 5200, you don’t need to worry about
upgrading. Don’t feel the need to upgrade, it’s not necessary. Yeah unless you have someone you
want to hand your machine down to to get something with a different look. They really all perform at the same high level. So why do we have an Ascent if
wouldn’t have given up our Pro 750. Well it’s the same reason that we
recommend the Ascent to new owners. They come with longer warranty and they do more. So control the machine with our phone, to create custom
programs. And this is a functionality that’s
coming really soon. And I know this is intimidating to
certain folks. I want to make really clear: it’s
not necessary to utilize these technologies if you have an Ascent. It’s a bonus. Ascent’s can still work manually with the dial or with the preset programs. You don’t need a wifi connection to operate an Ascent machine. With the bluetooth stuff, you won’t even know that the
capability is there unless you want to use it. Also great, all the Legacy models. So G-Series, C-series. If you can find a deal on one of these Legacy Vitamix machines, go for it. Again, all Vitamix machines can do all the things. So if you find a great price on a
legacy machine, absolutely go for it. Otherwise, get something in the
Ascent series. That’s where Vitamix headquarters is putting all of its efforts into creating accessories supporting. It’s the Ascent Series. This Ascent Series is the future, so in most cases that’s where you should go. OK I want to do two more things. One, I want to start superlatives. Two, answer from FAQ’s. And then we’ll close this thing out.
Okay? So why not the A2300? We figure if you’re going to go with a budget pick go with the Explorian E310. It’s more economical, and it’s going to give you the same
results. When you’re ready you’ll get an
Ascent with that walk-away blending whatever. Feature. You’ll get push-button or, like, the countdown timer like the
microwave. Why not S-Series? S30, S50, S55. The personal blending machines. These are great as a secondary
Vitamix, something that’s you’re going to
throw in your suitcase and carry with you if you travel a
lot, if you live on the road. But for the most part for the
dollars you’re going to get a lot more out
of having a full size machine. W.
Hat about the Venturist V1200? OK so you’re a Costco member and you saw this demonstrated, you want to know about this machine. First of all go for it if a demonstrator is selling it to you. Absolutely. Give them the business. Do it. It’s a lot of value. But you have to know it’s probably
not the best deal because it’s packaged in a package, and you can get a better
price on a machine to get a Vitamix. You also have to know that the
design of it is Frankenstein. So it’s a Ascent inside with the G-series outside. The design of it is not, sort of, coherent. And the third thing about the Venturist 1200: It’s very loud. They are louder than most Vitamix machines. So the main point is that if you’re
new to Vitamix you don’t need everything in that package. You’re better off getting just the one thing that you do need and using that really well. And then if there comes a time when
you want a secondary container go for it. There’s always deals through direct sales on those containers. Okay, superlatives. Which Vitamix should I get if I live
alone? It’s just me. We recommend the E310. It’s got that narrow, low-profile 48-oz container. It’s great for making smaller smoothies and juices, smaller batches of nut butters and ice cream. It’s best for someone who lives alone. Which Vitamix should I get if I am visually impaired? Really easy. This is the Vitamix A2300. So this is that Ascent Series, that entry-level Ascent Series without preprogramed settings. It’s got the on / off switch, the pulse switch, and the one through 10 variable
speed dial. It’s the best machine to feel like you’re in control. Okay, the best Vitamix for a young family. We recommend the A3300 or the A3500. So what do these machines have in
common? These are the Ascent Series with the Touch on / off and the Touch pause button. The touch on / off makes it more
difficult for toddler fingers to turn the machine on. And second if they do, since the one through 10 dial is electronic, so it resets every time the machine is turned
off, you don’t run the risk of them
turning it on and then having it explode on variable speed 10. That’s the same thing with grandma. Yeah, like, it may seem silly to get
grandma of the latest and greatest all the bells and whistles Vitamix, but if it outlives her then you. No. The best Vitamix is for those want
to ease into a whole foods, plant based diet? All of them. That’s a trick question. That’s what we do. We show people
how to use the Vitamix to adopt a more of a whole food, plant based diet. So if you found this video helpful
please do use our promo code-embedded referral links to Vitamix. It’ll get you the best possible deal and it will make sure that we get
credit. And so it’s free to you and every little bit helps. We so much appreciate it. Click on the links in the
description. There’s a link on our site, referral link to Vitamix. Do use that before you check out. And what else can we say? What else can we say? Those are our picks for which
Vitamix to buy in 2018. Let us know if you have any
questions in the comments. We have a website that’s loaded with resources for people like you
that are looking to take the plunge and for when you do get a Vitamix, recipes and resources, tips and tricks, a wonderful newsletter every
Saturday. Come hang out. Get a Vitamix and join our world. We’d love to have you. Click LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. And… We’ll see you in 2019. Thank you for watching. Oh, I have a Band-Aid on. That’s weird. Do I need to take my band it off so
people don’t see it? It’s just a Band-Aid. What happened to your finger? Were you picking your nose? Were you picking your butt? Did you shove your ring finger in the Vitamix?

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