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– Hey guys and welcome back. You’ve been requesting a
What I Eat In a Day video for about the last year, and you’re always requesting
more Vitamix videos as well. So today, I thought
we’d have a little fun, and I’d show you what I eat in a day, with a little help from my Vitamix. But before we dive into the food, I started my morning with
a hike along the coast. ♪ And all the while, I
was trying to pretend ♪ ♪ The promised land was there
beyond the great divide ♪ ♪ But I’ll be comin’, comin’ home soon ♪ ♪ Yeah I’ll be comin’, comin’ home soon ♪ ♪ So take me out to California ♪ ♪ Where the sun is always high ♪ ♪ Where the streets are paved with gold ♪ ♪ And no one ever gets old ♪ ♪ I’ll be longing for that day ♪ ♪ ‘Til you come and take me home ♪ ♪ California, California, here I come ♪ – [Lisa] Now it should go without saying that I don’t use my Vitamix
for every meal of the day, as I’m showing you today, even though it’s certainly possible. But I do use my Vitamix
at least once a day for some type of meal, which
is why I’m more than happy to partner with Vitamix on today’s video. So after a big hike or
workout like this morning, I’ll usually whip up my
post-workout green smoothie. It’s a really flexible smoothie that’s loaded with a variety
of greens and nutrients, and it’s perfect for
replenishing your muscles. I’ll start by adding a cup
or so of water to my Vitamix, and then assess what I have in my fridge. Today I’ve got baby spinach, so I’ll add two large handfuls
of that to my blender, along with half of a
frozen banana, which for me is two pieces, as I always
cut my bananas into quarters before placing in my
Stasher bag in the freezer. For healthy fat, and to make
the smoothie extra creamy, I’ll add a quarter of an avocado. And this was a stubborn
little avocado this morning as it was a bit under ripe, and I was overly anxious to use it. For a little extra sweetness, I’ll usually add an apple or a pear. And since I had a few
organic pears on hand, I’m adding one of those to the blender. Then I’ll add a tablespoon of chia seeds, which is great for bone health. And you know I love my collagen peptides, so I’ll add a scoop of those. But because collagen is
not a complete protein, I do add a scoop of whey protein powder to get all of the essential amino acids. But you could use a dairy free or vegan protein powder as well. (relaxing music) On mornings where I have this
post-workout green smoothie, I don’t typically have
anything else for breakfast, as I find that this fills me up just fine. For a mid-morning snack, after
I’ve gotten ready for the day and done a bit of work,
I’ll grab a hard-boiled egg. If you’ve watched my
hard-boiled egg video, you’ll probably notice that
this is about a nine-minute egg which is perfect for snacking on. And I just peel these over the sink if I haven’t already pre-peeled them, and sprinkle on a little sea salt. Now I should also mention that I have quite low blood pressure, so
my body is always craving salt, but you do what’s best for you. I try to get the bulk of my
work done in the morning, as I’m definitely a morning
person, and most focused then. And for those of you who watched my recent Instagram Stories, I’m absolutely loving
my new stand up desk. It’s been a game changer for me considering how much time
I spend on my computer, editing photos, and videos,
and just managing my website. I always strive to have greens form the bulk of two
of my meals every day. But since it’s summer and
we’ve been having this crazy heat wave, you’ll see that I’m pretty veggie heavy all day today. And that’s because I just
really don’t feel like cooking. So for lunch I’m gonna
whip up a simple salad with a spring lettuce mix, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and red onion. And because I had spinach for breakfast, I’ll always opt for a different
green at lunch or dinner. (relaxing music) In addition to the cucumber
and cherry tomatoes, I’ll also finely slice up some red onion, and add that to my salad,
along with a sprinkle of goat cheese, because I’m
definitely a goat cheese lover. I meal prepped some herbed
chicken a couple of days ago, so thankfully, I don’t
have to do any cooking. And I’ll add about a half of
a chicken breast to my salad. This is the same chicken
I show how to make in my meal prep number one
video if you’re interested. Now if you watch my Instagram Stories, you know that I just drizzle
olive oil and balsamic on my salads about 90% of the time. But today I’m gonna blitz
up a quick avocado dressing using these eight-ounce
containers for my Vitamix. So I’ll scoop out that extra-firm avocado, which wouldn’t have been the best to eat on top of my salad anyway,
and add it to the container, along with a quarter-cup of olive oil, a quarter-cup of water, and
the juice from one lime. Then I’ll toss in a garlic clove, and grab some fresh cilantro and parsley, from my brand new patio herb garden, which I am super excited about. I’ll add the herbs to the container along with a little salt and pepper, and screw on the top
which is actually the base with the blade that will
connect to our blender. And after 10 to 15 seconds,
I have a super easy and delicious avocado dressing. Now, today’s version is a bit thick, and more of a cross between
guacamole and avocado dressing. But all you have to do is thin it with a little bit more water
to make it more pourable. Then I’ll just put the
leftovers of this dressing in the fridge for salads all week long. All right, the final
finishing touch on my salad is a sprinkle of kale microgreens. And since it’s a gorgeous
90 degrees outside today in Southern California, I’m
gonna eat my salad on my patio, and enjoy the view and fresh air. (relaxing music) In the afternoon, I always need
a little snack to munch on, so today I’m whipping up a new
version of my hummus recipe. You guys have seen me make my regular hummus several times before, and this roasted red pepper
version couldn’t be any easier. In fact, the entire process
is virtually the exact same. So I’ll drain two cans
of chickpeas over a bowl, and then add those to my Vitamix. Then I’ll add about a
third-cup of aquafaba, which is the leftover chickpea liquid, to the container, and
half-a-cup of tahini, which is toasted and ground sesame seeds. To that, I’ll add a
quarter-cup of olive oil, and the juice of two
lemons, one clove of garlic, a teaspoon of cumin, and a
half-a-teaspoon of sea salt. But to make this a
roasted red pepper hummus, of course we need some
roasted red peppers. Now you can easily roast red peppers on your stove or grill,
but as I didn’t want to set off the smoke detector
in my apartment today, I’m opting for this
can of organic peppers. You can add as many bell
peppers as you’d like, and I’m adding about a cup’s
worth, as I really want that roasted red pepper
flavor to come through. Then I’ll add the tamper, turn it on, and in about 20 seconds, have
plenty of hummus to snack on. (relaxing music) I’m adding my hummus to a small bowl for snacking today and tomorrow, and then I’ll put the rest
in a storage container. Because left to my own
devices, I could definitely polish off more than a
few servings of this. And to scoop up the hummus, I’m just slicing up the
other half of my cucumber. If you wanna get fancy,
you could definitely sprinkle on some white
and black sesame seeds, and chop up some more
bell pepper for the top, as I show you how to do on my website. The rest of the hummus
will go in one of my Glasslock storage containers, and I’m using Vitamix’s
Under Blade Scraper, which is an absolute must-have item for scraping down the
insides of your container whenever you’re making
hummus or almond butter. It’s like a squeegee for the inside, and prevents you from wasting
any of your delicious food. And that is my very tasty afternoon snack, and snack for the rest of the week. (relaxing music) Towards the end of the day,
I usually have a calming, herbal tea, to help slow down my pace and relax my brain a
little from all of my work. Usually, it’s a plain chamomile, or a chamomile plus lavender blend, like the one I have today. I’ve been making more
of a concerted effort to get away from my
desk throughout the day, which can be tougher than you’d think when you work from home, but I find that even staring out my
window for 10 to 15 minutes, definitely helps to relax my mind. For the last week, as I’ve
been watching my herbs grow on my patio, I’ve been craving one of my favorite
zucchini noodle recipes, which is my zucchini noodle caprese. Unfortunately, my basil
isn’t quite big enough to harvest yet, so I
purchased some fresh basil at Whole Foods the other day, along with mini-balls of mozzarella, and I’ve still got some
leftover cherry tomatoes, which will be perfect for this recipe. Now if you’ve ever made pesto at home, odds are, you’ve used your food processor. But as you’ll see, it’s just
as easy in your Vitamix. So I’ll add two-thirds cup olive oil, along with two teaspoons of
lemon juice to my container. And I’ve also used up
all of my fresh lemons I had on hand, but I’ve always got jars of organic lemon juice and
lime juice in my fridge, because you never know
when you’ll need it. You can use a variety of
nuts when making pesto, but for my basil pesto,
I like a combination of pine nuts and cashews. And toasting them really
brings out their flavor. So I’ll add a quarter cup
of each to a small fry pan, and gently toast them
for a couple of minutes. I’ll add those to my Vitamix, along with two packed cups of basil. And I don’t know about
you, but there’s something about the smell of fresh basil that makes me think I should
just hop on a plane to Italy. Then I’ll add three cloves of
garlic, some salt and pepper, and a quarter-cup of fresh
Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. You could definitely make
this pesto dairy free by leaving off the cheese, and it’s still enormously flavorful. But given that I’ve got balls
of mozzarella in my dinner, I’m definitely not striving
for a dairy-free recipe today. So once everything is in my Vitamix, I’ll turn it on and blend
until it’s all chopped up, but still a little chunky. Now because I’m just one person,
I’ve always got leftovers, so I’ll pour my basil pesto
into one of my weck jars, so that I can continue enjoying
it throughout the week, and then just take out as
much as I need for tonight. All right, next I’m gonna
quickly make some zoodles. My spiralizer definitely gets used a ton from June through September,
when it’s hot outside, and I eat a lot of raw zucchini dishes. My big tip when it comes
to zucchini noodles, is to make sure that
you use kitchen scissors to shorten the strands. Zucchini noodles can be
several feet in length, and that’s quite a lot
to have to slurp up, so it’s best to shorten them a bit before mixing with your favorite
sauce and serving them up. In terms of serving sized,
I’ll usually spiralize one zucchini per person,
so one is definitely plenty for me tonight. And I’ll just add two to
three heaping spoonfuls of basil pesto, and then
use tongs to make sure that all of the zucchini
noodles are nice and coated. Now there are many things
that I love about this recipe, but for an easy summer dish,
it really can’t be beat. There’s no cooking involved. It’s light and vegetarian,
it’s super flavorful. And the only work I have left to do is slice a handful of cherry tomatoes and balls of mozzarella in half. Once everything is in the bowl, I’ll give it a good toss and serve it up. Before serving, you could
definitely add fresh basil for that little food styling flair. And while I didn’t have
enough basil in my herb garden to make that whole batch
of pesto, I definitely have enough for a few leaves
to garnish the top. And honestly, it makes me so happy to know that these little leaves came
from my brand new herb garden. (relaxing music) All right, now I wasn’t planning
on doing a dessert tonight. But given that it’s so absolutely gorgeous on my patio today, I thought I’d whip up some very quick and
easy mango frozen yogurt to enjoy as the sun sets. If you subscribe to my
blog, you saw me make a strawberry version of
this just a few weeks ago, but mangoes are one of my favorite fruits, and I just purchased
some frozen mango chunks, so I thought I might as
well put them to good use. And since I don’t have any jars of my homemade yogurt on hand, I’m using organic yogurt from the store. But you can easily make
this recipe dairy free with a cashew or almond
milk based yogurt as well. The proportions of this recipe
are really easy to remember. It’s just one cup of yogurt
to one pound of frozen fruit. Then if you’d like to
add a little sweetener like honey or maple syrup,
you can do that as well. Once everything is in my Vitamix, I’ll blend it for about
30 seconds for delicious, homemade and healthy, mango frozen yogurt. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, I’m not gonna eat this
whole batch tonight, so I’ll pour it into one
of my Glasslock containers, use a spoon to flatten it down, and then place it in the freezer. Now, you can freeze it for an hour or two if you like a firmer consistency, but I personally like it soft
straight out of the blender, so I’ll just take a few scoops for myself, and then head out to my patio for sunset. (relaxing music) I hope you guys enjoyed
seeing what I eat in a day, and if you’d like to see
more of these types of videos in the future, make sure
to give it a thumbs up, hit that subscribe button, and let me know in the comments below. Oh, but I do have one
last thing to show you. (relaxing music)

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