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  • I usually just have a fruit or two for breakfast because I’m always late for school 😂

    I mean, i end up waking up at 7 when I’m meant to at 6.

  • I can highly recommend doing the keto diet if you want to look and feel great! Of course it is just for a short time. I was not able to do it any longer than 6 weeks but I've read that there is more testosterone your body produces during ketosis. So you eat a lot of nuts, seeds, vegetables, berries and eggs. And you have so much more energy! In my opinion doing keto for a short time and low carb afterwards for a long time is perfectly working for me. And I'm doing marathon, ride the bike and go to the gym three times a week. Keto is maybe not that healthy but it teaches you one important thing. You love healthy food much more and fast food is no longer something usual to you. If you do have one cheat day and you want to enjoy you will realize that the amount of unhealthy and maybe delicious food does matter. Cause during ketosis you eat almost no sugar and after this you don't need any big amounts of it anymore. Just my opinion :).

    Btw, I love your channel Sadia🤗!

  • Hey, here is my question. What about the drinking water habits? Is it true that we shouldnt drink water shortly before or after our meals and with the meals as well? As well as i know, once your digestion system starts working, the water will just cut the fire of digestion and postpone your digestion. Not because it makes your digestion slower, it also gives you unhealthy stomach. I can be referred to putting water on your fire(stomach while digesting) Thank you so much

  • Sadia, I have followed your channel after it came into suggestions by YouTube. Truly, I find it worthy to listen to you and your knowledge. You're definitely a very good coach and nutrieniest.

    Just for fun, apart from your knowledge I noticed a very unique way of writing or I should say how you keep pen in between fingers while writing. Definitely it is unique.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this platform.

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  • Restricting calories (only to a healthy amount, not starving myself) and the main benefit wasn’t weight loss it was learning what was in the foods I used to eat, it trained me to eat more healthily and allowed me to understand macros. It formed good nutritional habits that I’ve maintained. I wouldn’t recommend it long term though, only as an educational experience.

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  • Hi, I have followed a Paleo lifestyle for 6 months and it is definitely NOT calorie restriction. It is eating healthy fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, eggs etc. and moderate amounts of meat for protein as well as eating good fats, which are higher calorie. A Paleo lifestyle is about listening to your body which tells you when you are full and nourished. Also, Ketosis does NOT leave you feeling depleted, you actually feel energised. By cutting out all grains/grasses which includes wheat and wheat products, as well as rice, oats, rye etc., which also includes sugar which is a grass, you are eliminating simple carbs from your diet. In doing so, blood sugar regulates, you no longer have sudden drops in blood sugar, and you know longer get that jittery, sick and hungry feeling. By the way, I am not an doctor, scientist or anyone trying to spruk the Paleo lifestyle, I am just an ordinary Mum who has tried it and can vouch for the results.

  • I've seen your other videos where you say that you had a cup of berries for lunch and it was too much so you used the leftover as afternoon snack so I'm sorry if I won't even watch this video on "weight loss"!!!

  • I really like your other videos and they're very professional but this one is just weird. You were talking about bad snacking habits and it shows you lurking around the fridge and … 2:40 eating an olive!!!!! I mean, c'mon! Is that your version of munchies? And then later as you're talking about "one bad eating habit" that someone is trying to get rid of 6:30, you're shown eating a banana! Is that bad? As a dietician, do your typical clients who are trying to lose weight relate to this? Not losing weight as a result of eating a banana?

  • Studies show that this hormonal transition slows down themetabolism, making it harder for you to lose weight. https://docdro.id/UGROaLI

  • Ive watched a couple of ur videos there amazing the lunch box ideas re incredible well done on this amazing content. Thankyou for these great ideas (especially on the lunch boxes)

  • for years I stuck to having a very wholesome breakfast because I knew of all these studies claiming that breakfast was good for you. But either I felt hungry just 1 or 2 hours after breakfast or I ate more but felt so sleepily and tired afterwards that I couldn't concentrate. Since I'm on intermittent fasting however (not super strictly), I don't snack mindlessly, I don't feel hangry and my relationship with food has become better. Before, I was thinking about what I could dig my teeth into next every two hours or so, becoming the snickers-deprived diva from the commercials until I could get hold of something to eat.
    Cutting breakfast has helped me to achieve what eating breakfast should've done for me. However, I am paying attention that I'm gettinng enough nutrients and that I don't actively cut calories. If I want another serving for dinner I don't go to bed hungry or anything.

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  • But the thing is, calorie restriction is the only thing that ever qorked for me and I've been doing it for a year now. And I mean, it's logical- you calculate your calorie need and just eat 200 calories less than you would need to maintain weight. This calorie deficit makes you lose weight. You just need to calculate the calories so they don't ignore your hight and weight. I started at 360lbs and am down to 320lbs, and I can still eat 2200 calories a day (also 6ft tall). You just shouldn't limit yourself to idk 2000 or 1500 calories without any reasoning

  • Sadia, you’re changing my life! I badly needed a perspective shift and you’ve helped me kick start the change in me! I’m binge-watching your videos the whole week and also bought your ebook. Keep inspiring millions ♥️ Eagerly awaiting more videos.

  • I used to be one of those “skipping breakfast” person. And NO IT DID NOT WORK FOR ME.
    Long time ago i barely eat any breakfast, then until the day i tried to have a better lifestyle + losing weight that i started to learn how to have breakfast everyday, and after 20 days im used to it.

    Few days ago, i became a little impatient with my result that caused me to experiment in a way of dieting that basically told you to skip breakfast in the morning, and for 2 days i tried it, BOY MY BODY DID NOT LIKE THAT.
    My stomach started hurting and i became so angry, felt like i can ear anything right now. I almost ruined my hardwork. The key is that you need to learn what works for your body, and I believe breakfast in the morning is just as important as your lunch and dinner.

  • I mean its kinda easy just build some muscle and BOOM metabolism goes up. I'm 5'3 and have around 2000 calories a day and I'm like in good shape it's not how much you eat its what you eat that matters. Also I've found that being vegan I can eat more calories than when I wasnt vegan

  • Thank you I found you. Eventhough it is not a week old since we met yet, I am so thankful youtube leads me to you. I opened my mind more and love myself truthfully.

    This means a lot to me. Thank you

  • I think you are amazing and these tips will certainly help people to live their life in a better way. I also feel we as individuals have a really hectic schedule and might not be able to catch up with every point mentioned but taking one step at a time is always a good start to something which is worth it.

  • I've learned over time how to be ok with my body to the point where when watching this video, I dont feel that I need to lose weight. It's ok to be your current self, even if it's not perfect

  • There is one thing about skipping breakfast. I skip breakfast because if I eat it I end up feeling nauseous all day and then eat more at night. I never at breakfast as a kid. So for me personally breakfast leads to binging at night and feeling lethargic and nauseous all day so I end up not being as active and being more stressed overall. Not saying that eating breakfast is a problem in general, but that for some people breakfast is whats killing their weightloss

  • Please make a video for People who have problem with fruit acid or gastritis. I stopped coffee. Eating only fruits is not good also. To mix them is but. Not only fuits in the fruits. Thank you

  • Keto is definitely NOT about caloric restriction, unless you’re talking about calories from sugar. Calories from fat are encouraged, and calorie restriction or counting is really not a part of a ketogenic way of life. In fact, calorie repatriation is often brought up and discouraged as being unhealthy and not sustainable.
    People eating a ketogenic plan consume as much as they want of a huge variety of leafy greens, low carb vegetables (above ground vegetables, not starches), animal proteins and fats, and healthy vegetable fats like olive oil. The one thing the ketogenic way of eating really restricts is sugar(s), not calories.
    You are also not correctly dealing with the whole concept of intermittent fasting. Skipping breakfast is not meant to be some special way to cut calories. It’s intended to lower insulin for a period of time, so that the body is able to rest, and become less insulin-resistant, or not become resistant. This is the foundation of avoiding many illnesses.
    If you are a professional, you should already know these things.

  • ok im really confused by what you mean about calorie restriction? how would it not be sustainable I feel like im doing for a bit so i can get used to knowing by looking at my food wether or not im over eating, before i started calorie counting i had no idea how many calories i was consuming and would be confused as to why i gained weight and it wasn't until i started counting calories that i because aware of how much i was truly over eating. since starting calorie counting i have continued to track my meals and have started to exercise and am finally starting to see a change. before every time i would try to lose weigh I would start exercising and think i was eating healthy but because i wasn't calories counting and tracking exactly how much i was eating i never saw any change in my body. i feel like this is truly a lesson i will keep my whole life. i wont always calorie count but after doing it for a bit you start to be able to judge how many calories are in your food( rough estimate) which i think helps tremendously. plus calorie counting has really helped me learned that the less processed the fewer calories and that when i do go back to eating out or treating myself to a bag of chips i really don't have to eat the whole bag and i have to pay close attention to the serving size ( at restaurants eating only a portion of the meal, i don't have to finish the whole thing)

  • How should Endomorphs eat at this point, cause I feel like there’s no diet or lifestyle that fits my body, I’ve been trying to lose weight since I was 10 years old and let me tell you the struggle is real. I feel helpless


  • "Calorie restriction slows down the metabolism" – how can you talk such nonsense and still be a "registered dietician"? Does the term mean nothing in America? Or did you maybe just tell a us a tiny little fib about your qualifications?

    Calorie restriction (according to your actual, physical calorie needs) is the ONLY way to lose or hold your weight. That's what all those diets and "lifestyles" are about: keeping your calorie intake low enough to match your calorie output. They just package it differently and put a ribbon on top, but it's always the same principle. Eat what you burn, and your weight stays the same.

    Your metabolism does not "slow down" or "speed up" significantly from changing your diet. If it did, you would become very ill or even die. There are too many BS fairytales about this online. You should be ashamed to contribute to them.

  • personally i don’t like diets. i prefer to eat healthily all the time (a healthy lifestyle). it’s not that i don’t enjoy some sweets once in a while, but i just eat more healthy foods rather than unhealthy food.

  • Yeeeees,this effect “yo-yo”.When you diet for a month and then get fatter in a couple of days😭.I recommended Piperinox.Super food supplementary.Instagram:http://instagram.com/piperinox.off .Try it, it helped me personally)

  • Shame on you for making half assed assumptions and generalizations about Keto. Also – do some real research on the people who have been staying with keto for years – they haven't gone back. It's not about calorie restriction (not on purpose). It's about getting the body to burn the best fuel possible (which is fat, not carbs and sugar). If you go off keto – odds are you'll gain it back, sure. Of course this is also 3 yrs old when people weren't seeing these long terms people on Keto. It IS a great choice for many of us. If you are full from the healthy fats, you will naturally not eat more, it's not about artificial restriction. I bet you'll say IF is bad too :/

  • This is very useful but at the same time confusing.
    Most overweight/obese person will need to count calories in order to take control on the size portions, I’m not taking about carbs/protein/fat I’m talking about not knowing how many calories you ingest in a day.
    Most fat people have no idea at all!! I know this because I’ve been in groups of people for years, I know people overweight that at the end just want to do bariatric.
    I had no idea at all of calories before (and by the way I do not eat a big amount of food, not at all).

    My example: I’m lactose intolerant and wheat allergic, so I have to eat gluten free, plus I suffer from microscopic colitis and gastritis.
    So I can’t eat almost all vegetables and my diet is very strict, not because I want to but because I have no choice.
    One pack of gf crackes (4 crackers) have 200kcal. I had no idea, four freaking crackers.
    Bread instead, so you know, 60kcal.
    I followed a normal Mediterranean diet prescribed by a specialist and didn’t loose weight until I figure out why, not my first diet, because I was starving myself with “4 crackers with marmalade”+ 80 gr of pasta” etc. No fruit. No oil. No this and that.

    I’m not saying you are not right but in some cases counting calories in necessary and essential, specially in obese people or bulimic or anorexic that are already fixated on food without knowing how to manage it. I know just a few obese people that ended up losing weight without gaining it again and yes, they all count calories or macros.
    I honestly feel better with calories, I can eat without excluding things and I can know understand which food is okay for me and which is not. I can control how much I eat because as an obese person I do not have that type of control by default, and there is no shame about it.

    I’m not saying “eat 900 calories” nope, but just don’t paint counting calories like a bad thing for all because is not. With exercise and common sense it can be a lifesaver for people that do not know how to eat healthy with healthy portions

  • Great video! Love the way you shoot your videos. You mention the word “skinny” at the beginning at your video – I just caution using that word. Not so HAES friendly for me. Anyhow, the info was excellent 🙂

  • Top 7 mistakes that can make you fatter without you even knowing!

    1. When you mistakenly assume that something ‘healthy’ can be eaten with abandon regularly. This is something I am weakened by. Take nuts for instance. They are a powerhouse of nutrition, yet when eaten in excess, can and does cause weight gain, as well as digestive issues. What about fruits and certain smoothies? These contain natural sugars yes, but when eaten in excessive amounts can cause negative responses in some people. Same with protein bars and powders. Use the nutritional guidelines on the labels, read them carefully, and consume the serving suggestion. Better yet, less is more . If you feel hungry a short time after you consume this food, just eat again.

    2. Impatience kills any results. When you start dieting, things don’t automatically happen for you, or for anyone. Calorie deficit is something that has an accumulative effect over time. Sure, you can take fat burners.. if you don’t mind burning your liver as well! Stay consistent, driven and keenly passionate towards achieving the results you want. We are all feeling your pain!

    3. Not drinking enough water. I know of many people who live on 500ml of water. This is what I guzzle down in 5 seconds, not a whole 24 hours! People are extremely dehydrated, and often mistaking it for hunger! Big mistake. Aim for 3 litre of water a day. Buy a large bottle that you can carry around, or sits on your desk at work. That will remind you how much water you have to drink, and encourage you to keep drinking. Start now, and work your way up to the 1–2 litre mark, then 3.

    4. Refusing to consume food groups because of the flavour, texture etc. Now, I’m going to test most people here, as I know a lot of you probably don’t favour vegetables, and are likely to eat slabs of meat alone (probably with carbs too). All you need to do is give veggies a try, and allow your taste buds to become accustomed to the flavours. They are powerhouses of nutritional goodness, and can do wonders for your health, body composition and longevity! Slabs of meat with carbs just wont cut it long term. Protein only diets are not idea at all. Add 1/2 a plate of veggies with your protein!

    5. Ignoring food allergies, gut sensitivities and eating the culprit foods anyway. This is a huge no no. Please, do not do this to your immune and nervous system. I did this for years, and feel that my gut is giving me some payback from all the torment I put it through. Living your life sick, lethargic and depressed is a waste of your time on this wonderful planet. If it makes you feel awful, just don’t eat it. The recovery time and damage afterwards is not worth it.

    6. Constantly restricting calorie intake with less food, even though this does not work. The trick weight loss is calorie deficit, not lack of food. This is on the border of starvation which freaks your body out, and it stops letting go of your fat reserves, saving them up for future starvation periods. If eating less works better for you, try intermittent fasting. If you want to lead a more normal life, restrict calories by consuming foods with a low caloric rating. Things like seafood, chicken breast, eggs, broccoli, green veggies and lettuce. This is how you feed your body well, train hard ad loose body fat, while keeping it off long term.

    7. Believing that there is a magic bullet for success. No matter how much you and I want this, there is no one pill, one formula, one method or one guru that can make this all happen instantly. Give yourself plenty of time to lose weight properly, and don’t be so hard on yourself when it takes time. All of this is part of the normal process with weight loss.

    Email me to maspardinasgor @ gmail . com if you wanna know the secret how i get out from weight rollercoaster. Have a blessed day, Xoxo

  • I love your channel! I tried many different diets and can tell that Keto diet was the most amazing one. I loved that I could actually eat delicious food without having to starve. I found a free ebook with recipes that and downloaded it, it was a godsent. I can share it with you, I think people will love it as much as I do 🥰 https://apyagay.gr8.com/

  • I really need weight gaining advice. I was a dancer for 26 years and now have an unhealthy relationship with food. I'm a 38 yr mother with a 21 month old son and I'm smaller than I was at 25. I dont k ow how to exercise in a healthy way, either.

  • if i eat breakfast i’m hungry again an hour and a half later so i just don’t eat breakfast because i can’t eat whenever at school

  • How do I know I’m not overeating on the journey of a healthy lifestyle? I want to lose weight, should I count the calories of healthy whole foods or is there another way?

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  • Those are some very good tips. But because you mentioned smoothies I just want to say that having smoothies (from fruits) too often is not good for weight loss as fruit sugars, although way better for you than refine sugars, still cause your insulin levels to increase. Plus you probably can't eat on one go the amount of fruits that go into a smoothie but you can easily drink it so way more sugars and calories in your body.

  • An amazing video! You very well summarized the things I had to learn the hard way.. I wish someone made this video a few years ago, now thanks to you I think a lot of people, including me, gain a new motivation and get into a healthy and happy lifestyle. 🙂

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  • Is it not ok to stay 200-400 cal below your body's recommended intake daily on top of working out? or does it still hurt the metabolism to restrict even a little bit. Are you talking about extremely restrictive diets for caloric intake, or just restricting calories in general?

  • @pickuplimes wondering what your take on intermittent fasting is. You mentioned the keto diet which also focuses on ketosis .

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