Week 4 of #GiveUpBinningFood: Liberty London Girl talks food portions

hello and welcome to our fourth video in our series about how to give up being food instead of giving up chocolate alcohol and all the other things the Flint so this week I’ve got three ideas on how to look at portion control with a different point of view first up is rice I don’t know about you but I’ve always been a big proponent of a solution all in the saucepan school it’s actually not very practical you do end up with an awful lot of rice kicking about so with rice it really is important to cook the right amount we suggest a small yogurt pot size like this it’s actually quite a generous portion certainly no more than this to give you an idea in a bowl it looks like this and that’s for one person so try not to cook more than this per head the second thing I’m looking at in terms of portion control is pasta and specifically my friend spaghetti again something that we’re all tempted just to kind of go clunk but really you should measure it out so you have the right portion and the penne here is your friend doesn’t really buy you very much these days sadly but what it does do it’s very handily tell you how much pasta you want to basically have that is enough pasta generously for one person so you don’t really want to do any more than that I love serving food in what they call family is style for guests and they come round for dinner or I’m cooking for my family because you don’t really know how hungry people are much better I pile everything up in platters we have my carbs vegetables and my proteins and people can just serve themselves as much or as little as they want which brings me to my next point what I actually often do when guests come round I give them some good leftovers to take home so they can have lunch or supper the next day and it stops food waste so those are my three great ideas for portion control for this week I do hope you’ve enjoyed our series of videos we’ve loved hearing all your ideas and comments please feel free to let us know what you think either over on my blog Liberty London girl comm across my social media or in the comments underneath my Facebook page and of course don’t forget you too can go over to Love Food Hate Waste Calm forward slash Lent for 40 great tips on what to do to help save food waste during Lent thank you for watching

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