We Blended up Glow Sticks

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Glow sticks have
two chemicals in them, and when you combine them, they start putting
off some good light. Today, we’re going to see
if we can activate that in a slightly
different way. [Music] In the past, we’ve done a few pretty
fun experiments with glow sticks, and we’re back at it today, and we also have what you may recognize as a very strong,
industrial strength blender. We’re going to see what happens if we take few different types
of glow sticks, and throw them
into this blender. I’m just curious to see
how well it activates, how well it chews
through the plastic, and what this glowing liquid
looks like as it’s a swirling around. We’re going to get
some slow-mo footage, and it’s just
gonna be lot of fun. Here’s what we’re going to try. We’re going to put
some glow sticks in the blender. We’re going to try heating up
the glow sticks in a microwave, and putting them in a blender, and then we’re going
to add a little bit of our secret ingredient to see if we can get
some extra brilliance. Let’s start off with just
a single glow stick, and see how this works. Just going to set
that in there, make sure my lid is nice
and well attached, and I think the soup button
looks like the one to go for. Let’s try that. Okay, here it goes. 3, 2, 1. [Music] Man, that is hitting the side
of the jar with a lot of force. [Music] It’s just like flinging. I’m just watching the slow mo, and it’s just like spraying and
flinging the glowing fluid out. Where it is now, most of the glow stick is still intact. Just got hit and like did
a triple pirouette in the air, and I’m sure there’s
a skating move name for that. But it’s just fun to watch
how exactly it gets beat up. At normal speed, you can’t tell. It’s just lots
of vibrating, shaking, and then there’s green
on the walls, but it’s cool. So after cleaning
out our blender, the first blend, our blender has now
like been stained green, and I’m pretty sure it’s actually even
glowing a little bit. So it glows a little bit, and then if I hit it
with a black light, this thing is just imbued with
glow stick fluid at this point. It’s actually even brighter
and greener in real life, than it is on camera, and it looks pretty
bright on camera. We have tried several different
things to clean this off. We tried alcohol,
we tried soap, we’ve tried cleaning oils, and so far, nothing
has done anything to it. Okay, one worked pretty good. I want to try taking that up to like three
or four at once, and see how that goes. [Music] I get a kick out of that. That’s a great avatar
looking blue right there. [Music] Okay, we’ve got some
of these glow bracelets, and I’m going to try throwing
them in the microwave before I toss them
into the blender. See if we can get a little bit
of extra brightness out of them. [Music] So accidentally bent this one, and it did break a little bit,
but it hasn’t spread everywhere. So I think we’re
still good, to try this out. [Music] Nice. [Music] It’s cool, and it get activated them all
while they’re still like stick shaped, and then after it
activated them, it just started
tearing them apart. I think the only solution
now is to just keep doing this, and see what kind of colors
we can get out of it. [Music] Once you can’t see
anything inside, it’s probably
a good time to stop. Oh man. [Music] All that is… Right. There’s like vapor coming out. I don’t wanna breath it. It might just be atomized
glow stick or something. New thing I’m going to try now, as I’ve been washing out
the blender with hot water. I’ve noticed that sometimes the hot water is making it glow
a little bit more intensely. So now, we’ve filled the blender with a little bit
of that hot water. We’re going to try putting
a glow sticks in that, and then just see what happens. [Music] One more thing
we’re going to try, I’m going to see what happens if we just drain all
of the liquid out, and so we just have the liquid
and the glass vials in the blender, rather
than the whole glow stick, including the plastic. It will definitely
break more easily, but I don’t know
if it will look cooler. [Music] Well… [Music] I think… I think that was it. I think it’s shattered all
of them, instantly. It should look good…
good in slow mo though. [Music] Holy moly. We’ve got a little bit
more time right now. We’re going to do some more Q and A. You have ask some questions. We’re going to try
and answer some of them for you. We have a question from
Josh Bailey, @Cornish_boi, saying, “Would you ever do
a tour of your shop and video editing area?” Yeah, and doing a tour of our shop would actually
take very very little time. We’ve got the main
workbench area, and then we’ve got
the kitchen area, and those two areas are about 8, maybe 10 feet apart
from each other. So it’s more of just
a swiveling the camera. [Music] The editing is not done
at the same place. The editing,
we’ve got several editors. Our cameraman, Mark, he does the first edits
of most things. He takes all of the many
hours of footage that will send him
to get through video. He will condense that down into
just like a half hour version, taking out all of the times where I messed up
what I was trying to say, or I cut myself off camera
and didn’t want to show that and stuff like that. So he’ll cut that down
so you can follow the storyline, and then he’ll
take that version, and he’ll send it off
to one of our other editors, and we have like a team
of other editors. We’ve got editors in multiple
parts of the United States, and we also have some editors
in the Philippines, and so there are several
different editing stations and workstations. But yeah, tour of the studio, pretty, pretty quick
to show you all that. Doesn’t take too long. One room than the other. All right, we’ve got
another question here, and I’m very sorry, I’m probably going
to pronounce your name wrong, Gabriel Fanshteyn,
@GabeFansh, he asks, “How likely would you
guys make a second channel of like bloopers
during the project, because in your videos, you do small versions
of bloopers at the end, but why not make
a channel full of them?” So like a behind the scenes
or blooper Channel. I don’t think that’s anything
we’ve considered doing in the past, but it’s not a bad idea. There are often things that get cut out
of the final videos, because we feel
like it would disrupt the flow, it doesn’t really match
the tone that we’re going for, or it’s just not helpful
to the end of the project. And I don’t think
we’ve really looked into building a second channel. One of the main problems is that although we
have several editors, they’re pretty busy as it is. We put out five videos a week, and so, putting together enough
videos to fill a second channel on top of that would… We’d probably have to hire
new editors just for that, and so, it would be tricky. So while I’m not going
to say no for sure, it’s not on the top
of our to-do list. Guys, that’s it for today, but there’s always more
for you to see. That box at the top will take
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