Watermelon Yogurt Smoothie – Healthy Watermelon Smoothie Without Seeds – Watermelon Cutting Hacks

We’re always, always looking for something refreshing, something new. A smoothie, a very different smoothie. Watermelon and Strawberry. So smoothie is nothing, but a lassi in a different form. Well it has got yogurt in it, but it needs some kind of flavouring. So today this smoothie is going to be flavoured with watermelon which is going to be the major ingredient and we’re also going to use some strawberry crush. Well you can use fresh strawberries with it, if you have it in season If not then use frozen or strawberry crush whatever you like. I’m just gonna peel the watermelon very quickly, so that we’re ready for using it in the smoothie Obviously, I do not want the seeds. So I’m going to show you how to do a seed less watermelon. So what we gonna do is just use the sides first So that we get absolutely almost seed less watermelon and then we’re gonna go for the heart of watermelon Just look for the cleanest watermelon sides, without any seeds and then the heart of the watermelon, which has got no seeds at all is also gonna be pureed for the smoothie Okay so the watermelon is ready and this goes directly into my mixy jar and what we gonna do is? We’re gonna blist this first. Watermelon juice, puree, whatever you wanna call it is ready. Now we’ll add strawberry to it. Now strawberry could be used in any form, strawberry compote which I’m adding. Now we’ll add sugar Obviously, sweeten as much as you want. some ice cubes and a whole lot of beautiful fresh curd and now your smoothie will be ready in 30 seconds. Straight into a glass. Look at this beautiful pink colour. Wow! It looks refreshing. Let me tell you how it is? This is brilliant.

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