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Today we are here to test the difference between
the Vitamix Professional Series 750, one that we’ve tested before, with a new Breville Machine;
the Breville Boss. So to test these, we’re both going to grind or pulse the exact same
size carrot in each machine. Just a couple features about each one, the Breville has
a six prong blade on it, all spiking upwards. The Vitamix has a 4 prong blade, two prongs
upwards and two flat. They both have preset functions on them, so we’ll see which one
does a better job. Judging by the consistency, the VItamix did make more of a paste, as opposed
to the Breville Boss which kind just chopped them up really finely. Ok, next we are going
to cut this squash in half, put it in each one, and blend it for about 20 seconds each,
and see what we get. So these are the results. That’s what remained in the Vitamix blender.
This is what was wedged in the Breville Blender. So in this one we have lots of whole seeds
left that weren’t pulsed, and chunks of the rind. This one we just have a couple whole
seeds but we still have a pureed base in it. So one thing we’ve noticed is that the Breville
tamper is a lot heavier than the Vitamix tamper. Breville tends to be a solid plastic material
as opposed to the Vitamix, which is a hollowed out one. So we’ll see if it makes a difference
with the nut butters. So for each nut butter I have 300 grams of unsalted peanuts, and
300 grams of salted peanuts. There is a particular way to make nut butters for each machine,
so I’ll go through a process. You put it on high speed, and then bring it down to a medium
speed. So we’ll see what happens. This one tended to get caught under the blade and make
a puree a little faster, this one feels a little thicker but I’ll have to check. Alrighty,
so here are our results of the two peanut butters. I’ll get a little sample of each
one just so you can see. There they both are. They both kind of have the same consistency,
we just found the Vitamix one was a little bit smoother than the Breville. The blending
process went a little bit smoother as well, but they both came out as really good nut
butters. Now for these two machines… I mean for Breville’s first superblender it’s definitely
a really great machine. Comparing the construction of the two machines, this one is really sturdy.
You can hear the sturdiness on it. How heavy duty the tamper is, is really nice. Vitamix
also really sturdy. We wanted to test these blenders with an everyday task such as a smoothie.
So here we have equal parts almond milk and some frozen fruit. So here we go. Neither
blenders were able to handle the amount of liquid to frozen fruit ratio without a tamper
so we’re going to add more almond milk to each blender. Here are the results. So taking
a closer look you can see some full seeds in the smoothie from the Breville blender.
In the Vitamix one it seems to be fairly consistent, with no big seeds. For our second everyday
task we’re going to make some soup! We’ll take the temperature of each soup. It seems to read
50.8 degrees celsius. And next the Breville. And so for the Breville we have 42.9 celsius,
so not as hot. So you can see here that the Vitamix is a lot more bubblier. We have heard
if you run the Vitamix on a low speed for a little while it would get rid of the bubbles.
So here we go. So Lets take a look. You can notice a decrease in the bubbles. So this
is after we’ve run it on a low speed for a few seconds. Looks a lot better. So to follow
up on the soup, we did think that both of them performed very well if not almost the
same. The cycles were the same amount of time. The only thing we did prefer the Vitamix over
was the temperature, it was basically ready to eat right after. With the Breville you’d
definitely have to heat it up after to really enjoy the soup.

47 thoughts on “Vitamix vs The New Breville Boss | Cucina Moderna

  • I don't think this is a fair test. I have tried the Breville and did not get the same results.
    When you made the Nut butter, you let the Vitamix run longer. Also remember the Vitamix has wider jug.

    All the test I have done with the Boss resulted in smooth blends.

  • Another thought to make this a fair test, is to put the 64 oz 2 l container which is similar to the Breville 68 oz container. Then do the same test since they have similar surface areas.

  • Ok someone needs to do a proper test ,starting both machines at the same time and stopping them at the same time.if I was Beeville I would do one, because this makes people think vitamin is so much better and I think it is not.

  • ok So, I think its good to do comparison but I hate when People do unfair comparissons, its like comparing a Ferrari to BMW.
    The Vitamix you have there is a Professional series 750 with a 2.2 HP motor and cost $769 Cabadian dollars. The Boss is 2HP motor and cost $599 Canadian.
    Why don't you do a fair comparison with The Vitamix C-series which has a same 2HP motor as the Breville and almost around the same price?

    That would be a fair comparison.

  • I bought both machines to see which one works best and I can assure anyone here that the Vitamix outperforms the Breville Boss hands down!! It took the Boss longer to make nut butter. With 4 cups of peanuts I was able to make peanut butter in 40 seconds on the Vitamix. It took 1.5 minutes to get the same consistency on the Breville Boss. 
    Also I hate how the Breville Boss's smoothie presets don't start out on slow and gradually increase speed as they should. Plus they over-blend the drinks with all the starting and stopping constantly. The Vitamix makes true commercial-quality smoothies. Also the Breville does not make frozen desserts well. It can't seem to suck down the ingredients to create frozen dessert. I had no problem on the Vitamix making ice cream and sorbets. Worked perfectly every time. Seems like there are some butthurt Breville Boss fans here that couldn't stand to see the Vitamix win. I guess the truth hurts.

  • This test was 100% fair. Not surprising since Vitamix is used at virtually every commercial establish and upscale restaurants. 

  • I saw the Breville Boss in Bed Bath and Beyond
    The Breville Boss blender was really built.
    The blades on the Breville boss did look impressive.

  • Is this a joke? This is the worst test I've ever seen. What a waste of time. I think it takes somebody with a knowledge on how to operate both machines and some general common sense to do a good test/comparison, none of the conditions were met.

  • Both are good. Breville blades saves you extra jar that you need for vitamix. Breville is lot cheaper too. Breville does take more time for same consistency as vitamix. 25-50% more time for 60 second work is not a big deal. Go with breville, it's cheap, sturdy, looks good and does the function of two jars.

    One should buy blender with preset time settings. Otherwise you are taking more time then job requires.

    Breville is made in China whereas Vitamix is US made.

  • So, from reading the comments, the Breville is far superior because it can grind corn into cornmeal, and if you disagree, you're either childish, a liar, or being paid by Vitamix.

  • The boss works great if you want to see an unbyist test with a guy who dosent even endorse it and still claimed it was a top notch blender watch blending with Henry he really does the test right I've watched them and the boss mad the nut butter creamy and smooth and the soup smooth creamy and it was steaming hot. I've saw both in action I personally think the boss is superior. Also it has a self cleaning mode which is important. Both are great products but I could see straight off this test wasn't preformed right it was unfair becuase i've personally saw the boss do a better job so that alone raises suspicion or she just don't know how to use it properly.

  • Vitamix is best. Always has been. For decades. They invented blending technology as we know it, and have done nothing but improve it decade after decade.

    Why even bother with anything else? Seriously.

  • You don't go from high to medium for peanut butter. That's stupid. you start at a low setting and go up and stay there until the peanut butter is done. Read the manual

  • but the black specks issue tho… getting a vitamix at the moment is a waste of time. The new replacement model with black specks issue addressed is going to come out by the end of this year. If you could wait until then, go for vitamix, if not, get the best of the best alternative– Blendtec Designer series/ Breville Boss.

  • W/BREILLE…. you wont have to concern yourselves with the gasket inside the jar, shredding into your food.. I bought and returned 3 different brands.

  • Every time same old shit.

    Vitamix beat the Breville. Breville fan boys bitch and moan false testing.
    Blendtec beat the Vitamix. Vitamix fan boys bitch and moan false testing. 
    Waring beat the Blendtec. Blendtec fan boys bitch and moan false testing.
    Nutribullet beat the Waring. Waring fan boys bitch and moan false testing.
    Vitamix beat the Blendtec. Blendtiec fan boys bitch and moan false testing.
    Breville beat the Ninja. Ninja fanboys bitch and moan false testing.
    Waring beat the Nutribullet. Nutribullet fan boys bitch and moan false testing.
    NInja beat the Blendtec. Blendtec fan boys bitch and moan false testing.
    Nutribullet beat the Breville. Breville fan boys bitch and moan false testing.
    Blendtec beat the Waring. Waring fan boys bitch and moan false testing.
    Ninja beat the Vitamix. Vitamix ban boys bitch and moan false testing.
    Waring beat the Vitamix. Vitamix fan boys bitch and moan false testing.
    Nutribullet beat the Blendtec. Blendtec fan boys bitch and moan false testing.
    Vitamix beat the Ninja. Ninja fan boys bitch and moan false testing.
    Vitamix beat the Waring. Waring fanboys bitch and moan false testing.
    Nutribullet beat the Vitamix. Vitamix fan boys bitch and moan false testing.
    and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on…….(yawn)

    Look people! Commercial businesses like Starbucks, Smoothie King and Jamba Juice prefer both Vitamix and Blendtec. This clearly shows they are the best for those type of blends. Vitamix actually having the higher usage count here. NO Breville, sorry Breville fan boys the truth hurts.

    And professional high quality Chefs prefer the Waring and Vitamix for complicated personalized custom blends with very different texture consistency for certain mixtures. Vitamix how ever is the preferred choice over Waring for its unmatched precision knob and tamper for controlling mixtures under low speeds for better mixture consistency. NO Blendtec, sorry Blendtec fan boys the truth hurts….same goes for Breville.

    I myself work in a commercial expensive kitchen and we've use every blender on the market and so far our 7500 Vitamix has been showing the best results with the least issues. The rest we've burned out, destroyed gaskets, over heated motors, broken buttons and knobs, torn washers, broken handles, melted rubber parts, cracked plastic jars etc…

    Sorry everyone the Vitamix is the pound for pound #1. I hate how expensive it is, and its stupid S30 useless model, and their dumb plastic jars instead of metal or glass. But for now they're the best money can get. Good thing for cheap low quality blenders is that the normal casual consumer greatly outnumbers the professional users. Hence the Ninja, Blendtec, Breville and Nubtribullet will sell like hot cakes, but that still doesn't mean they're better in performance than Vitamix. 

    "Hey a $18K Toyota Corolla out sells the $250K Ferrari by a mile but that doesn't mean the Corolla will outperform Ferrari"

  • Novice here, but have been blending for a bit now. Currently using a run-of-the-mill blender. What are the benefits of purchasing an expensive blender? I understand it'll be smoother, but the consistency which my smoothies come out doesn't seem to bother me. I guess what I'm asking is for fruit smoothies is an expensive blender necessary?

  • I decided to buy the Breville Boss for three specific reasons. First I own several other Breville products and they all work extremely well, secondly their customer service is fantastic. I had a toaster that failed about 6 months out of warranty and they replaced it and they paid for shipping both ways. And lastly With the weeks of reading I have done, I have seen hundred of complaints about the Vitamix and Blendtec Containers blowing the bottom gaskets and if you are in warranty, they usually get replaced for free. But the fact of the matter is that the average time a Vitamix or Blendtec Canister will last before leaking is anywhere from out of the box to 18 months.

  • overall breville is great for all Indian cooking, particularly south Indian dhosa to west Indian dhokla. it takes little more time then vitamix for smoothes and soup for same result. one need another jar for dhosa and dhokla if vitamix is choosen. vitamix is made in USA vs made in china breville. get programmed one in either case.

  • The Boss is just as good as the Vitamix, but slightly different. Because the blades and container on the boss does both grinding hard seeds and also smoothies, there is a trade off. And that is time. If it takes a Vitamix 1 minute to make a green smoothie, it takes the Boss about 1 minute 20 seconds or so. Same result, just wait an extra 20 seconds. The Boss gives you same times as a Vitamix to do the work in their directions I think, and that just isn't right. Take about 30% longer with the Boss. Also use a bit of ice or very water in your recipes. Or a little frozen fruit. I mostly have frozen banana pieces handy. The extra 20 or 30 seconds can slightly warm up a smoothie, so that's why.

  • Why should I be fussed about the soup being 42 Celsius (50 degree will scotch my tongue) and the smoothie not being extremely smooth? No difference to me, except the prices.

  • Why are you comparing blenders by how well they perform at food processing tasks? Who shreds carrots or makes peanut butter in a blender? The Breville Sous Chef, food processor, would blow the (improperly used) Vitamix out of the water. Now to find a video comparing actual blending capabilities…

  • Very poor review of both blenders. No $50 blender stands a chance against either of these. Breville Boss gets my vote!

  • This was soooo helpful, thank you very much! I'm about to purchase a food processor and haven't been able to make up my mind!

  • Okay BOTH did poorly. You cant use a 64 ounce container for a single serve anything especially if it’s frozen; that’s just common sense. Second, this video is completely terrible and poorly made. The test of flawed from the beginning. You guys need to make a more realistic test especially with the carrots, if you’re going to chop or mince in any blender it needs to be a wet chop. Add water.

  • Vitamix is ugly and primitive and overpriced! My granma would like it! LOL But for me Boss is the Boss of all blenders! Test was bias from the beginning., she even adjusted the speed on Boss while making a peanut butter to make it look worst. I wish the Consumer report magazine run the test.

  • I hate how people do review these days like: this superior expensive chef thing is better over some good sturdy thing. Wtf? Not all people need chef machine in their kitchen, not everyone can afford most expensive things, not everyone complains if they have few big seeds in their juices. I know KitchenAid, Vitamix, n certain brands are the best, what about making review for stuffs that good enough for everyday use, reasonable prices but good quality n durability, n practicality (easy to clean up, no need for big space, light weight, easy to understand for new users…etc) you all act like everyone wants a Martha Stewart kitchen in their homes

  • It's incredible that we cook food in 58C temperature, yet there are people in other countries that are actually forced to live in that kind of hell

  • l had a Bosch MMBH6P6BGB VitaBoost High-Performance Blender for 8 months, for first 5 months it was great. The metal base directly below the jug and underneath the blades gets very dirty from all the blending, the blend will seep under there no matter how tight the blade. The problem is we can't get access to it, no screws or twisting, only special company tools can give you access. The dirt builds up until it goes from a bright silver to a darkish shade. Worse thing is this seeps into your blend, making it toxic, as l am sure some of it is the lubricant used for the bearings for the rotating blades. Yes I use baking soda and water on the cleaning mode, even blend lemon pieces, but that does not get rid of the filthy base, only elbow grease, but we can't access. is there a blender which has an easy to clean metal base? btw the metal rotating nut at bottom of jug is also leaking profusely on the 8th month. usage is totally 'normal' ~ once a day for 15mins?

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