Vitamix vs Blendtec (Part 2 of 2) Which Blender is Best? – An in Depth Comparison

Alright! this is John Kohler with This is 2P course power and it’s a lot easier
to use if you don’t like computers and gadgets this one’s much easier. There’s basically
a high and a low an on and an off. So there’s basically two speeds on this. This also has
a rubber insulating pad which does help keep down the noise a little bit. The other thing,
for people that are concerned with noise you know I would definitely say that the Vitamix
is a little bit more quiet due to the this rubber pad here and the craft. The craft overall
is a thicker plastic and now these as I said are both BPA free. They’re using the eastman
tritan copolymer. So as you could see this is the older Vitamix craft and this is a BPA
craft so the polycarbonate if you tap it you could kind of hear how that sounds, kind of
like more tinny high pitched. If you tap this one, it’s a lot lower like a lot deeper
so it’s a lot more dense material so that’s gonna dampen sound a lot more. So with the
Vitamix the other thing is that the they changed the container as well so this container basically
how I would snap on is that there’s basically these two clips underneath here and here’s
one clip right here. You can see the craft uh top fit underneath the lip. This for a
lot of people would be a challenge to get off cause what you would have to do literally
is you’d have to take your hand and pinch where that little thing is and pull up. So
that was a kind of pain. They’ve redone that now and they have this new lid that actually
have these flaps that go down and you just lift up the lid so it’s easier. The other
thing that was improved is that now this top plunger plug actually comes in and comes out
easier so it doesn’t it’s not loose whereas on the old style you know this is the plug
and in many cases in prior years too you know it just kind would fall out and that was kind
of always a pain and I didn’t really like that. So the craft is a lot more dense and
if you already own a Vitamix you could upgrade to this craft without the blade assembly.
So it’s really inexpensive to upgrade to the new BPA free craft with the new lid. So
I did a video on how to change out your blade and
bearing assembly all on the Vitamix so check out youtube for that. Now RPMs, so the RPMs on the turbo blend is
37,000 RPMs, so that’s how fast it’s spinning around and on the Blendtec 28,000. The wattage
on the motor which I think you know some people like to compare wattage because you know people
think it’s a more wattage equals better but that’s not always the case because you
know it comes down to like what’s more efficient. You could pull a lot of watts but the motor
could be inefficient and not work well so I’m a real world test person, so let’s
get into this real world testing. We’re gonna go ahead, we have a basically one cup
of purified water and one apple that’s been cut up, one delicious apple. We’re gonna
go ahead and blend this up in the Vitamix turbo blend. We’re gonna start on low and
crank it up to high. So let’s get a close up shot on the blending of these apples. So
it’s on high now put it on, crank it up to high. And that’s all we needed to you
know blend those apples with the water up into a liquid so easily if you’re doing
a green smoothie you could add some greens you know it would blend all nice and easy.
Let’s move over here to the Blendtec. Now we’re using the 96 ounce craft in the Blendtec
and I do like the 96 ounce craft. You know if you’re making large serving sizes for
the standard person even for me, I couldn’t drink full craft full of this. I’d be over
full but I like the 64 ounce craft but for some people this is nice. It has a large volume
as it’s been said before it’s probably gonna take less time to blend the same amount
of ingredients. So on the Blendtec we’re gonna put it on pulse first and then we’re
gonna ramp it up. So we’ll hit pulse for a little bit and we’re gonna hold down the
speed button. Cranking up to speed 10, it’s already done and we’ll turn it off and you
know that’s how easy it was in the Blendtec. So I mean both they’re both quick, they
both blended up well. I mean you know which one should you buy well it depends. I don’t
know. One of the other things I like to do is to blend up flaxseeds and blend that up
into powder. So well go ahead and do that in both blenders. Another thing I wanna talk
about that’s very important in selecting any blender and any appliance actually is
getting a blender with a longer warranty. So the next thing well talk about is warranty
and on the Blendtec your hp3a has a 3 year warranty with a lifetime warranty on the the
cupling and the blade. Now let me tell you that a lifetime warranty may sound really
gimmicky and it is because that’s the thing that’s really least likely to go out and
you know let’s talk about what’s gonna most likely go out in one second. But, so
in this unit it’s a 5 year warranty on the whole unit and this has a 3 year warranty
so definitely two more years on the Vitamix. The other thing is the durability factor and
I’ve been selling blenders since 1997 and I’ve seen many durability issues with both
machines not just one but both machines. So first start off with this old champ craft
here. I have a fun story, with this old craft here this is your standard craft with the
arches here on the bottom and this craft was known for the bearing assembly not the blade
assembly but the bearing assembly to go out. And for me as somebody who eats a lot of you
know raw foods I would blow out about one craft a year. Basically the bearing assembly
would go out and what would happen is this would either get tied up or you know this
would just stop turning or it would get really loose. The one time I was blending up a smoothie
that I wanted it to happen right was fresh durian which costs $5 a pound in young coconuts
and I was blending it up and it was blending fine then all of a sudden I look in and there’s
all these black flecks in my smoothie and that was actually the time that my blender
craft decided to go out. So I had to go and throw out that smoothie and I was really pissed.
Even to that day I have a thing against the Blendtec and they did come out and improve
it with a new J2 jar so that’s a new BPA free jar with a new bearing assembly and they
say that’s 20% better. So for me if I used it about every year and it would blow out
maybe it would last you know a year and a couple months now under heavy use but I have
actually seen that it’s gone a lot longer than that depending on your use. So one of
the things that I recommend is that everybody buy a second craft so that all your usage
is not going on one craft but now for breakfast use this one for dinner use the one and guess
what both your crafts are gonna last twice as long and if one does happen to go out you’re
still gonna have that back up craft to use. I could definitely say on the Vitamix though
that the craft is much and the bearing assembly is much more durable. So um, there goes the
top, so the it’s much more durable so it’s gonna last a lot longer at least twice as
long if not more than the Blendtec craft so I do like that it’s a lot more heavier duty.
The thing with that is that you know this craft is actually much less expensive to and
this blade and bearing assembly is not removable so once this goes bad then you need to really
chuck the whole craft, and with this uh craft you could literally just take out the part
that goes bad and replace it. So you could replace the bearing assembly only and keep
the upper blade or buy the blade and bearing and just put that in but that being said the
blade and bearing assembly is about as much as the whole craft on this guy so you know
which way do you wanna go. So I mean, not that I sell for people out of the country
but if you’re worried and about you know maintenance issues, I would definitely go
with the Vitamix cause you’re gonna have a lot less problems also this is a motor with
an on and off switch so that’s barely gonna fail. And I have had a few issues with the
computer controls in the Blendtec going out. I actually had two units myself go out on
me so but most much like you know a flat screen TV once it’s working it’s always gonna
work but there may be more issues cause there are more things to fail than with the Vitamix.
So let’s go ahead and blend up these flaxseeds next. See how easy that does so what I’m
gonna do on that is literally just crank up the blender to high. It’s on high well crank
it up, it just makes the flaxseeds float on top. They’re so, it’s going so fast it
just makes the flaxseeds, alright. Basically it spins the blades are spinning so fast it
basically makes the flaxseeds sit on top of the blades and the turbo blend just makes
them into a nice powder. And so let’s go ahead and do the same thing with the Blendtec.
We’re gonna crank that up to a high speed here. Alright so they both we’re easily
able to turn flaxseeds into powder in just another good test. So you know you saw some
of the differences between the craft weights the sizes the power I mean, they’re both
very similar you couldn’t go wrong with either one. So depending if you want a longer
warranty this has a two year longer warranty the shorter craft you know easier to scoop
out many different things that you think about when buying a blender but you know what you
can’t go wrong with either one. I kind of personally like you know in some cases I like
this unit because it is computer controlled. You hit a button you know it blends for 50
seconds you walk out of the room and then you come back and it turns itself on so it’s
actually a smart blender and I do like that feature and I do like the feature that you
could scoop things out of here with a spoon or spatula and get all your macadamia nut
cream sauce out fairly easily. And why I like the Vitamix is because you know it’s a lot
easier to use there’s an on and off switch. Actually I like the craft a little bit more
because of the blade. The blade’s actually really sharp on this and actually I find that
if you want a really smoother texture or without any kind of pieces in there I find the Vitamix
works a lot better than the Blendtec for me personally. So lately I’ve been using more
of the Vitamix craft but so you know either one has it’s plus or minuses and only you’ll
know which blender is right for you. Hopefully you’ve learned more about the different
blenders today and this is John Kohler with Be sure to visit
for special promotional offers for our youtube visitors.

53 thoughts on “Vitamix vs Blendtec (Part 2 of 2) Which Blender is Best? – An in Depth Comparison

  • very interesting,
    thanks 4 sharing.
    since i saw matt from therawfoodworld testing the vitamix vs blendtec i always thought the blendtec was far superior, but now you showed us that the vitamix actually has several great benefits aswell.

  • Great review, John. Most sellers show their obvious bias based on which ONE they sell! They do not have objective reviews. Your review is objective. Great job, again. 🙂

  • So I see theres a 5200 out now, but this video is new, so you prefer the model you mention here over the newer one? do you know what the differences are?

    thanks for the video btw.

  • The 5200 model has been out. vitamix sells that model direct. It is the same as the model Im showing in this video except it has a variable speed control knob. They are both good machines.

  • Fortunately, when it came time to for me to invest in a high performance blender, I was not influenced by those just in vegan circles. For numerous years, VM was king, but that is no longer the case. Anyone that does enough research on the pros and cons of these two machines, should easily see that there is no reason to get a VM when you can get a Blendtec. Blendtec is clearly superior in every way. Essentially, it's pointless to compare the two. Blendtec is ridiculously better.

  • got a vitamix 5200 and its a bad machine.dont know how smooth(fine) the blendtec blends,but the vitamix make things into creme if ya want..

  • @JosieBlueBonnie, I have never heard of a Blendtec bearings ever going bad. If the VitaMix bearings go bad, are they covered by the warranty? Currently, both the Vitamix 5200 and the Blendtec Total Blender offer the same warranty for the base and for the jar, except Blendtec has LIFETIME warranty on the blade/coupling. VitaMix does not offer a lifetime warranty on anything.

  • Huh, did you say you had to hold down a button on the Blendtec for high speed? That would be very inconvenient. I do a two minute blend vegetable shake (50 ounces) every day and I want a blender that can operate without me having to “hold down a button”. Also I have seen videos of both blenders and it seems that the Blendtec needs to be physically held while blending or it will shake so much it would tip over, is that true?

  • Excellent comparison, thanks. I'll be going for the Vitamix (but the model with the additional variable speed control), mainly because as an engineer I like the simplicity of the controls – less to go wrong, easier to fix myself if it goes faulty outside of the warranty period. Shame about the pot being difficult to scrape nut butters out of.

  • Yes, it can make "ice cream" just as the vitamix would. That being said, its more of a "smoothie" vs a real "ice cream". If you want real ice cream, get an ice cream maker.

  • I think a good way to show the consistency of each is to pour the liquids through a fine mesh sieve. I want to get a good blender, but am torn between these two brands. Consistency is a big gray area when it comes to reviews, the sieve method lets the viewer see for themselves. Heck you could even weigh the remaining pulp after sieving it.

  • i was back and forth between these two. after watching this i made my decisionand bought the Vitamix.. i just got it today 😀 its awesomeness scares me

  • i own the vita-mix. i put dead mice with hemp milk and make smoothies (just joking) i have to say that this was an awsome video because it was a fair comparison, but i am very happy with vitamix

  • Thanks for the in-depth review! I was leaning towards getting a Blendtec…but after seeing your review, I'm gonna go with the Vitamix! Looks like the Vitamix is a lot more durable, and I'm a little leary about all the parts that Blendtec uses on there blenders. Especially the computer chip and led screen.

  • Can you grind grains (to make flour for bread) in the vitamix without buying the 'dry caraf' that they offer? I'ld prefer not to buy the 'dry caraf' if its not necessary (more items to store in the kitchen!)? Thanks!

  • This is the absolute Best comparison of the two brands in all of the internet. He was comprehensive and addressed insightful aspects of durability that can only be had with experience.

  • Thanks for the comparison! Great video. I had a blendtec and returned it because my apple slices kept getting stuck under the blades. I would end up with smoothies that had chunks of apple slices in them. I figured for $350 that it should completely emulsify my fruits and veggies. I would like to know from Vitamix uses if you can make green smoothies with wheat grass? I have been trying to decide if I should get a juicer so I can make wheat grass shots or if I should get a blender.

  • All blenders may not work properly and leave chunks if the mixture is not liquid enough. See
    for further information.
    In general, I do not recommend blending wheatgrass, as it will get stuck around blender blades. It is better juiced in my opinion.

  • Both Blendtec and Vitamix have been used in commercial juice bars for many years. At this point in time, I believe Vitamix dominates most of the market.

  • I did not have that model at this time. The variable speed control vitamix has the SAME power as the model shown in this video, but its adjustable. We offer the Vitamix Turboblend VS, which is the model I recommend.

  • At the time I made this video, the warranty was what was stated in the video. Since that time, Blendtec increased their warranty length.

  • Yes,the wet blade in the vitamix will grind dry grain. Will it do it as well as the dry blade? I do not know. I have not tested it.

  • It's hard to see for sure, but the powder seems coarser on the Blendtec, is that true? I'm wondering if you can substitute a high-power blender for a juicer, or do you need just a juicer or both?

  • Do I have to listen to the whole thing? The Blendtech guy at Costco made me believe his is better. Why don't they come in glass — would much prefer that. Today they're selling Krups machine on HSN for $79. ($100 off), are these two worth so much more? I am concerned about ice chopping, don't know how good Krups is with that. Glad to see that he's not putting a damn phone in the thing to show what they do – that's so gross.

  • How have you liked your vitamix so far? I am now in the same boat you were 10 months ago trying to decide which one to buy..

  • My first high powered blender was a Vitamix, but after a few years it finally died. I went online to replace it and I saw a number of sites comparing it with the Blendtec. I liked the shorter height for under the counter storage, and the largeler 96 oz Wild Side jar. I decided to resolve the issue by getting the one that save me the most money. I found a Blendtec with a Wild Side Jar for more than $100 less than the best priced Vitamix I could find. That was over six years ago. I've used every single day at least once since then and not a single breakdown of any kind. I also never had a need for a tamper. When and if it ever dies, I won't hesitate to get another unless I can find a Vitamix for a much better price.

  • well I've joined the blendtec family I order a hp3a Monday and got Wednesday, I juiced me a health drink and made some soup,wow was I happy, I don't like wasting my money,I'm glad I did it, I'm learning how to do everything.

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