Vitamix vs Blendtec (Part 1 of 2) Which Blender is Best? – An in Depth Comparison

Alright! This is John Kohler with
Today I have a very special treat for you. I’ve had a lot of customers ask for this
and I’m finally able to do it and I’m gonna show you the differences between the
champ HP3A Blendtec and the Vitamin Turbo blend 4500. Both models
we sell here at discountjuicers and uh you know there are some variations. One of the
big questions I get “What’s better the Vitamix or the Blendtec or the Ktec?” whatever
you wanna call it. Let me straighten that out first. So Blendtec is a company name and
then they have a Ktec division. The Ktec division is for the home division. So basically it’s
the same exact machine whether it’s Blendtec Ktec it’s all the same. It was also called
champ hp3 then they came out with a total blender now the champ or the hp3a is the current
model that you wanna buy. Make sure that you get the hp3a, that’s the best model that
you wanna buy. So uh let’s see. We’ll first start off with the size how about the
size so the size. So as you could see the this model is much uh shorter. We’ve got
a tape measure here we’re gonna basically tape measure it up. And uh it’s basically
about uh I don’t know roughly 15 and a quarter tall and if we go over to the uh Vitamix Turbo
blend here wow that tops out at about like 20 and a half inches tall. So this may be
a concern for some because in a standard kitchen your cabinet height is about 16 to 17 inches
tall. So this one’s gonna easily fit underneath the cabinets and this one is not so you know
there’s many different factors when selecting a blender. And let me tell you first off either
way you go if you go with the Blendtec or if you go with the Vitamix I need to tell
you that you’re gonna have one of the most powerful blenders for home use on the planet
in your kitchen and they’re gonna both do a very very very similar job. So if you already
have the Blendtec you know and you’re thinking about going with a Vitamix or you already
have the Vitamix and you’re thinking about going with the Blendtec, you know what I’d
say? I’d say save your money. If you have one and you’re overall mostly happy with
it then just stick with it but if you’re new and you’re looking into it definitely
weigh all the factors that I’m gonna talk about here in just a few minutes. So you’re
gonna learn more about them. So the next question is you know i had a lady who has arthritis
or who can’t lift heavy things and she said “Well hey John, how much do the crafts weigh?”.
And that’s a good question because the standard Blendtec craft is a 64 ounce craft and when
it’s empty it weighs about 1 pound 1 ounce. So that’s a little over a pound so you know
she could handle that you know a little bit over a pound but then you go with the standard
Vitamix craft, that ways about 1 pound you know 14 13 ounces. And so you know that’s
almost 2 pounds. So we have a 1 pound craft versus a 2 pound craft. So you know maybe
one’s heavier duty cause it weighs more, maybe one’s more lighter duty but you know
that’s the difference in the weight if that is a factor to you. I personally you know
don’t mind either craft and while we’re talking about crafts let’s talk about another
thing, about the size of the craft. So you saw that this one was a lot you know shorter
and so but they’re both 64 ounces. So what that means is this is kind of short and fat
and uh you know this is square so I like to get a spatula in here and easily scoop things
out. It also has a basically a wing tip blade. So it’s basically a two prong blade much
like the old fashioned propellers on an airplane, that’s what it sort of reminds me of. So
things could actually drop down between the blade and then get hit with the blade, whereas
on the Vitamix this craft is more long tall and narrow. And it also has these flutes on
here so that makes getting out things out of this blender even more even with the spatula
much more difficult. So especially when I’m blending up 11 dollar a pound macadamia nuts
with some orange juice you know 11 dollar a pound macadamia nut cream sauce in the bottom
and you’re leaving a whole bunch and you’re just gonna wash that down the sink when you’re
cleaning that’s not fun to waste any extra things. So in that situation I do like the
Blendtec craft more. One of the reasons why the Vitamix craft weighs so much is it has
this big heavy metal nut on the bottom and that adds to the weight that adds to make
it more solid and more stable. And as you could see here this uh the Vitamix craft has
a 4 prong blade. So this, things can tend to float up on the top and spin around a lot
and actually not get blended so that’s why Vitamix also includes with their blender a
tamper. And so this tamper can be used when the Vitamix is on provided you have the top
securely in place. This tamper will only go down so far so you can’t hit the blades
although I have had many friends you know get to try to be smart and use it without
the top and don’t do that cause you know you’re gonna get this plastic parts in your
smoothie. You need to always have the top in place and use the tamper as such. Now the
Blendtec on the other hand doesn’t have a tamper and in most cases things will get sucked
down into the Blendtec when you’re blending. So the two things we’re gonna blend up today
are actually flaxseeds. I really like to blend up flaxseeds. It’s a really great demonstration
when testing a blender so if you take your standard household blender it just literally
does not have enough power to take the flaxseeds and grind them up literally into a flax powder.
Now if we’re eating flaxseeds we definitely need to grind them up into a powder to get
the best digestion because most times the flaxseeds are really hard and even if you
chew them really well you’re gonna see them come out whole. And the flaxseeds are very
high in Omega 3 fatty acids and everybody needs to get more Omega 3 fatty acids in their
diet. So we have some brown flaxseeds today, I also like to use the golden flaxseeds they
taste a little bit better for me, the golden ones, but we have the brown ones today. So
we’re gonna blend those up in just a second show you how easily these two blenders will
grind whole flaxseeds into flax powder. Now once you grind the flaxseeds into the powder,
you’re gonna wanna use that immediately. So only use as much as you will use in that
day. So you know don’t grind up you know pounds of flaxseeds and have powder and save
it no, because once you grind open those flaxseeds it’s gonna start the oxidation process and
we wanna eat the freshest quality fruit. And remember fresh is as bestest. So we’re gonna
do that in just one second. But first I wanted to go over some of the other differences with
the blenders. So the first thing is that the crafts on both blenders now come in a BPA
free. So let’s see we have some of the older crafts here so this is a older Blendtec craft.
So you have the old style Blendtec or champ craft with these arches on the bottom it’s
probably not the BPA free. In addition, in the olden days the champ blender had a different
top so this top it just kind of seats on one side and if you have one of these or know
about these, whenever you used to blend with these you’d always have to put your hand
on top because what would happen is this top would blow off because there’s no place
for the air to escape. And I’ve had many a smoothies the top blow off on this this
style top and you know it would get all over and thats no fun. So then they came out with
the gripper lid. And the gripper lid not only grips on the inside but then it has a flap
on the outside that grips it and they also have a little hold spout to let all the extra
air out so that was a great improvement. But now all the blenders tops are coming with
this new gripper lid with this vent hole and this basically just comes out so now you could
actually add things in while you’re making a smoothie. I don’t like this top as much
because things end up splashing up in here and it gets a bit messy. Actually I prefer
this lid but unfortunately all the Blendtecs now come with this lid here. The other main
difference is that on the Blendtec here you can now get the 96 ounce craft and this is
the standard 64 ounce craft on the Blendtec. And the Vitamix only has the two size crafts
actually they have a 64 ounce, so that would be comparable, and they also have a brand
new 32 ounce craft which is kind of nicer. I’d like that because it’s a lot shorter
and not as tall and it’s a little bit easier to get your macadamia nut orange cream sauce
that I make out of that because it is smaller so I actually tend to use that one a lot more
at home but that is a lot smaller. So if you’re making big sizes the 96 ounce craft is nice.
This other difference is that the 64 ounce craft has a 3 inch wing span blade and the
96 ounce now has the 4 inch wing span blade. And there has been some other people saying
that you know this new craft oxides your food less. Now you know I don’t know if that’s
exactly the case but here’s the thing the thing is that definitely the 96 ounce craft
if you need to blend less, or a shorter duration of time because basically everything’s getting
pulled into the blender more effectively, then your food is oxidizing less because you’re
actually running it less. I don’t that the 96 ounce craft in itself oxidizes your food
less and I would not tend to believe that at all. So let’s go into some of the other
differences. Basically the Blendtec, this craft or the uh motor base is a lot lighter
than the Vitamix motor base and this is actually a 3 piece core power. Also you may notice
that it has a little LED display right over here and a whole number of buttons so this
is a smart blender. It’s actually computer controlled. There’s a chip in there and you
know it tells you how many cycles how much you’ve used the blender. It also has 10
speeds, the Vitamix over here basically has two speeds. This will basically turn on, turn
itself on and turn itself off in uh the standard cycle is 50 seconds. So if you only ever run
it one cycle you know you will never heat up anything blending in the Blendtec blender.
The other thing is that it has these nice preset buttons and there’s 4 preset buttons.
You could program to you know do different speeds so for example if you hit button 1
it could run on that speed for 10 seconds and ramp up to high speed for another you
know 20 seconds and the slow back down to the low speed. So you could cater it like
okay number 1 a green smoothie everyday, number 2 is when I make my macadamia nut cream sauce
at night and number 3 is maybe for when I make my coconut cream pudding and you know
what have you. So it’s nice in that respect. It also has a pulse button which will momentarily
pulse it but the buttons I use the most actually are the speed buttons which are here, higher
and lower. I usually just hold down the speed button and to make it go as fast as possible
speed number 10 and if I blend things on speed number 10 for about 30 40 50 seconds at the
most it’s quite done. Let’s go ahead and move over to the Vitamix here. Take a look.
This Vitamix motor base it’s actually heavier it’s weighted so it has a lot more you know
heft to it. On a sheer motor strength power the Blendtec’s more powerful. If you do
look at the website we have a pictures of actually the motor windings
so actually the gear heads and the guys into that kind of stuff so it gets into the gear
windings and there’s a lot more copper and there’s a lot more stout of you know the
actual motor inside. This is John Kohler with Be sure to visit
for special promotional offers for our youtube visitors.

41 thoughts on “Vitamix vs Blendtec (Part 1 of 2) Which Blender is Best? – An in Depth Comparison

  • This video was so much more helpful that the others that I watched comparing the two blenders. Thank you very much for taking the time and being so thorough as to even measure the height.

  • John you are a fantastic example of someone who knows their products! This was exactly the information I needed today and you delivered. You deserve great success. Thank you!!

  • Im not a fan of the kitchenaid. It is not as powerful. That being said, it depends on the tasks you want to do in certain tests, certain blenders may do better than others.

  • John, you should check this out the Blendtec 96oz carafe will only hold 76 fluid oz not 96 fluid oz. It will not hold 3 quarts of fluid. Peace

  • haha ur a whacko, i like it… ur funny…Good video..still cant decide..never heard of blendtec til today! Was about to order a VM…now i have to think..this helped though

  • your in depth comparison is really mostly about blendtek-so far your comparison left out really vital information-horsepower etc.

  • No, A Blender is not a food processor. The do different functions. If I needed to choose one, that would work "like a food processor" it would be the blendtec, but that being said, it is NOT the same thing. For nut flour, I prefer to use a single auger or twin gear juicer.

  • @Rachna888 Yeah your u are crazy as Quick2000 said…..kitchenaid can't even make a can opener right…Over price junk

  • @tonyarae52
    Once I was at Costco and saw a demo of Vitamix. Vitamix has two kinds of blades wet and dry. With dry blade you can all kind of flour you want.

  • I would recommend saving your money. In blenders.. You generally get what you pay for. At minimum, I would recommend a lequip RPM blender which is better than most.. but save for the vitamix or blendtec if your serious.

  • Vitamix makes three different blade designs:
    Wet Blade – Included with the Vitamix Turboblend 2 speed and VS models we offer.
    Dry Blade- Optimized to grind grain into flour and knead bread
    Ice Blade – Optimzed to blend ice and other beverages.

    I personally find the wet blade will "do it all" and other blades may not be needed. For example, you can grind dry grains with the WET blade, and it does work. Does it get it to the same consistency as the dry? I dunno. but looks good to me..

  • @rawfoods True true true! I've burned up a couple of Hamilton Beaches, a couple of Osters, etc., and realized that in that time frame, I coulda had ONE Vitamix and never given it a second thought. I finally got one (before I realized that you sold them!) and there's no comparison in the quality of the smoothies. And it's made in the USA!

  • The Vita is UGLY!! I am getting my Blendtec this week!! It will fit under my counter, is prettier, and you don't need a TAMPER ( stonger)..

  • Hey there – I purchased my VitaMix based off your video – I just wanted to say I sort of mentioned you in part of the video. Thanks so much!!!

  • Vitamix has variable speed so has more speeds than the low andhigh. If doing fuit smoothies can get regular blender and much cheaper. These will liquify the food and don't need a juicer (juicer leaves pulp and Vitamix liquifies the entire vegetable). He took more time initially to speak of the Blendtec so I thought he was pushing it more. Vitamix is not computer so less breakdown I would think. It makes soups and they are heated and makes icecream that is cold.

  • In this video, I show the Vitamix 4500, that has two speeds. Since I made they video, they came out with the Vitamix Turboblend VS, which is the Variable Speed model. This is the model I recommend at this point. The variable speed is much more useful than the 2 speed model, but the two speed model is less expensive, and may be good for people on a budget. I would say save and get the Vitamix Turboblend VS model.

  • Both Blendtec and Vitamix are now making their carafes out of Eastman-Tritan Material, a BPA-FREE plastic that is as durable as polycarbonate.

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