Vitamix Explorian E310 vs Pro 750 (Let’s discuss!)

Hey, Lenny Gale, Life is NOYOKE. I want to answer the question, “What’s the difference between the
new Explorian E310 and the old Vitamix Pro 750?” But before we walk through the
differences between the Explorerian E310 and the Vitamix Pro 750, I want to make one note: The blending quality, the results that you’re going to get
from both of these machines is equal. So we could do a blend-off. I could show you two green smoothies next to each other, but they’re
going to look exactly the same. So we’ll save the time and get right into the facts and the details. So first of all the body. The body
is similar. They look similar. I think the Explorian E310 is sort of a combo between the old C-Series 5200 if you remember those and these G-Series. From the sides, you can see a difference. There’s no on / off switch on the Explorian. So if you like the safety, the added safety feature of having the on / off switch that is not on the Explorian. To clarify here the on / off button
on the side that is featured on the Pro 750 is sort of an extra. It’s a secondary on / off switch. So it’s that added level of safety if you have little kids running
around the house, rambunctious pets. The backs are a little different, too. The back of the Pro 750 is more, sort of, streamlined better for that open-kitchen
concept. If you look at the back of the
Explorian, this is for something that’s going
to sit up against a wall there’s a big label with the serial number and the specs on the back. If we go to the front, you can see the fronts are similar
on the Explorian E310. This model does not have
preprogrammed settings that you will see on the Pro 750. But the switches are similar. They feel almost identical. Do I look like I know things with this new beard. The lids are similar. They’re both made of, sort of, that old-school rubber. The difference is on the Pro 750 is
much wider because the container on the Explorian is a 48 ounce
container that comes with it. And then a 64 ounce, or two liter, 1.4 liter, respectively. I used to wear glasses to make me
look smarter. Also you can see the handle on the Explorian does not have that
rubber ergonomic handle where as the Pro 750 does. Another difference you see, if you saw our unboxing video the
Explorian E310 comes with a little getting
started book. The difference here is the one that comes with the Pro 750. It’s a little more robust. It’s hardcover. It’s bigger. It’s thicker. It’s a little…there’s a little
more to it. I need a glass of water. What you can’t see is under the hood
the motors are a little different. The motor on the Explorian E310 is that 2.0 motor similar to what was in those old C-Series, those 5200 motors that are made to power the narrow, three, narrow containers with a three inch
blade. The Pro 750 has a little more robust motor made to power the squat 64 ounce container with the four inch blade. Now is it more powerful? Yes, technically. But you’re not going to feel the
difference. The output the the quality of your blends does not make a
difference. If you like to know. It’s OK that you moved the cameras. It’s okay.
If you like to know, if you like the idea of having a
more powerful motor you’ll go with the Pro 750, but really you’re not going to be able to feel the
difference between the two. Both. Both. Both the Explorian E310 and the Pro 750 are compatible with all the Legacy containers. So 32 ounce wet, 32 ounce dry. Also the Personal Cup Adapter which is over here I can
reach it. So the Personal Cup Adapter is compatible with both Explorian and the Pro 750, meaning you can put a 20 ounce cup full of smoothie ingredients, blend, take it off, and go with both of these machines. So I want to make it really clear
where we’re comparing apples to oranges here. The Explorian E310 has fewer features than the Pro 750 for sure. But that’s why the price points are what they are. And so if you’re looking to get into the Vitamix family, if you’re looking for better blends, if you’re looking to change your
lifestyle, and do it most affordably the easiest way the Explorian E310 is a great option. We are very excited about this
model. People have been asking for the
low-profile, asking for the, for the narrow body, 48-ounce, 1.4 liter container. This is a no-frills, no-extra-features, no-extra-bells-and-whistles Vitamix for people looking to get, get one, and get one most affordably. We’re really excited about this
model, and I want to reiterate these two
make the exact same things. Both machines can make smoothies, hot soups with out any heating device by just using friction, ice cream, nut butters, dips and spreads, hummus, our famous queso. They both can make everything. The difference, and this is actually
an advantage of the E310 is the minimum batch size. For the Explorian here, it’s smaller. You don’t have to make as much
because of the narrow-bodied 48-ounce, 1.4 liter container. Which is why people have been asking
for it. People want to make more reasonable sized ice creams and nut butters in a machine like this. Especially if you live alone. So when we would hear we hear from a lot of elderly folks, and thats great. I guess our sense of humor rings true with senior citizens. What machine should I get or what machine should I get my mom or for my dad. And we had to get an S-Series
because those are the ones that have the
smaller minimum batches that came with that really
small container. This is now going to be our answer. Get the Explorerian E310. It’s priced very affordably. It’s so reasonably priced especially if you use those
easy payment plans ends up being like 20 bucks a
month. You can make small smoothies, small soups, and small batches of ice cream easily in E310. So if grandma, grandpa, someone going off to college. What’s that Shalvie?
A bachelor. A bachelor! If you’ve had another blender in the
past and have always wanted a Vitamix, and and oh, another thing is, this is new. And so a lot of the comparable Vitamix machines at a price point like this were those Certified Reconditioned.
And those are great. We love those. We recommend those to all of our friends and family. But this is at a similar price point but it’s brand spanking new. What else can we say? I think we just talked to you
through the whole thing. We’re excited about this thing. We really are. We love the Pro 750, and we love the Ascent that we’re
going to talk about in a video in a second here. But this is the purest, most classic Vitamix that we’ve seen in a long time. We’re excited about it. We’ll be recommending it strongly. And thank you for watching. Hey if you appreciate this video, videos like this, like and subscribe. Go head on over to our website. Life is NOYOKE. You can find all sorts of resources and we would love to help you find the right Vitamix that’s right for
you and help you use it. We are supported when when people like you use our link to Vitamix to make a purchase. So if you’re ready to do that. Use our link to Vitamix. We so much appreciate it. You’ll get free shipping. You’ll get any discounts that are
need to be activated, and you’ll also get a starter kit from us, all sorts of things. A recipe book, and ebook. That’s redundant. You’ll get all sorts of things from
us worth a ton of thousands of dollars worth of time and energy. You’ll get my phone number to call
me if you need anything Vitamix-related. That’s the starter kit. So do use our link just before you check out a We so much appreciate it. And, I need a glass of water. You need a Vitamix. Thank you for watching. So this is the E310 compared to the Vitamix Pro 750. There’s a lot of feature differences but the quality and the output are going to be
identical. Which is why we’re not doing the
blind-off. Because it would be fruitless. Pouring the same
smoothie into two separate glasses. Yeah. We’ve already had green juice
this morning. We can’t drink more.

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  • Hey guys. There's going to be some overlap with the other video we just published. More than me wearing the same goofy beard. 🙂 But hopefully these are helpful if you have questions about how the Vitamix Explorian E310 compares to the Pro 750. Thanks for watching. And let us know: What do you think about the E310? What are your unanswered questions?

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  • The difference is basically nothing. Vitamix has gotten out of hand with trying to compete with other manufacturers in making their blenders look more modern, adding presets, etc. And at the end of the day, you're paying hundreds more for superficial changes that don't at all affect the blend quality.
    Vitamix also has an annoying habit of calling another machine a "different model" for extremely superficial reasons which makes it really confusing to buyers. And they're getting out of hand with all these models with different jars that aren't interchangeable. 
    If there is one thing Blendtec has right, it's that all of their jars are compatible with any Blendtec motor base. Wish Vitamix would have done the same.

  • I was at Costco yesterday and they Explorian in stock, but it came with the two-litre low blender jug (the same one that comes with the Pro 750).

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  • Thinking about the pro 750 or the total nutrition centre. Can’t decide HELP! Currently the things I make are soup smoothie nut butter almond milk.

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  • My new e310 failed on the first use .  I made a thin smoothie then tried washing and it overheated in 25 seconds on water and 2 drops of soap.  The Vitamix rep. I called sounded concerned that it was manufactured in Aug of 2018 (when they had just been introduced).    I'm concerned about Amazon replacing it with  another defective one from an old run so I'm trying to decide whether to get a replacement from Amazon or to get a new (and new manufacturer's run) E310 directly from Vitamix which will take longer since they won't cross-ship the replacement while Amazon will.  Do you know if there was a problem with the first run of this new model?

  • @Life is NOYOKE
    im about to buy my first vitamix….i want it to be able to crush everything…will a e310 make it or should i buy another one? thanks for a great video!

  • I am very interested in purchasing the E310 Vitamix Blender. Would you know when there will be a good sale on them also with FREE shipping to Canada? The best price I have seen is $399.95… Is there ever a better deal on this mini Vitamix? I saw it in a local store, but it looked like a toy so tiny it is and cheaply made, but had not seen it in action. If the price can go a bit lower I would get it as my kitchenaid blender will not last too long anymore. Please let me know.

  • I'm deciding between getting an E310 or a 5200. Does the pulse function of the E310 ever come in handy? And does the 5200 have a similar function? Also, since the 5200 has the narrow 64oz jar, is it also ideal for making small batches or is the E310 still better? I've also been reading review about the E310 being wobbly at high speeds, have you ever had that experience? If you could share differences in noise levels, that'd be awesome. I know I've asked a few questions here but your input would be greatly appreciated. Great videos on Vitamix, btw!

  • I bought a refurbished 750 about 5 years ago. I felt the buyers pain (price) but the Vitamix is light years ahead of my old blenders, I have only one regret, not buying one sooner.

  • This videos FINALLY helped me decide which Vitamix blender to buy! Clear, concise, and a little funny… you highlighted the key points I was looking for between C series and G series motors and containers. It’s overwhelming figuring out which Vitamix to buy, but your videos help solve the problem. Thanks a bundle! -Charlene

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