Vitamix Explorian E310 Review! Vitamix 101 how to make Peanut Butter

welcome to blending with henry featuring expression blending express your inner being personality and style through the food that you blend another new Vitamix just hit the streets this week you guys in this called the eggs loriann 8310 the Explorium III ten is designed to be the affordable option itself for z4349.95 USD and comes with a five-year warranty other vitaminx machines generally come with a seven or a ten year warranty while this model Vitamix is the latest to hit the streets it very much resembles a blast from the past the legacy Vitamix 7500 in fact they are so similar I had to take a second look upon taking out-of-the-box you guys I honestly thought it was just a repackaged 7500 the Explorian E310 shares some of the benefits of the legacy Vitamix machines and it comes with a legacy 48 ounce container now if you’re an existing vitamix owner of the classic series and are looking to upgrade your existing 64 ounce tall container it’s fully compatible now the newly released optional personal cup adapter fits right on the Explorian series if you need drinks to take on the go so what’s missing one or the cut cost the master kill power switch is absent on the Explorer Ian III 10 now take a look on the left the vitamix ascent series has a dedicated master kill power switch now the E310 start/stop switch on the right side doubles as the power switch and while this isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker you guys having a dedicated power switching an LED power confirmation light would be handy now the E310 does not offer this now just like every Vitamix machine you guys the Explorian series comes complete with a blending container a tamper and the recipe book is filled with lots of recipes and great food prep ideas it’s important to keep in mind that the included for the announced container is the same one used by the legacy machines it is not the same as the new 48 ounce container with the clear lid and wireless technologies that is designed for the newest Ascent series blenders so I guess you guys noticed I had some peanuts inside that container yep you guessed it we’re making peanut butter there’s nothing like having some fresh creamy warm peanut butter now we’re making in the new Explorian E310 now this ain’t Skippy or jiffy now let’s take a look at the recipe roasted peanuts yep that’s it no extra oil no extra anything so let’s get started now to make the peanut butter we’re going to use three cups of organic Valencia peanuts they are naturally sweeter now because this is a smaller container it’s important to use no more than three cups for optimum blending okay I’m going to snap my lid in place here and I’m going to remove the lid plug for use of the tamper now the tamper is designed to help process the ingredients now you’re going to perform a motion of pressing the peanuts constantly into the blades to create the butter okay I’m going to press the start button and I’m going to quickly ramp it up to the highest speed [Music] [Music] now as the peanuts are processing you guys they’ll magically turn into a butter in about one to two minutes now look how creamy and smooth that turned out that looks amazing silky creamy warm rich decadent smooth that’s what you get when you make peanut butter in a Vitamix doesn’t that look good you guys know it looks like something from the Food Network right okay now you can make this at home just get yourself a Vitamix this is too easy then get yourself some crusty earthy bread to make some good PB and J’s nothing can be better mess so what are my thoughts on the new vitamix Explorian E310 well for $349.95 USD with a five-year warranty it’s a very good value now the things that lacks is so minimal because it makes up for them whether it’s legendary Vitamix blender quality now is it the only Vitamix you should consider no just keep the information in this video in mind while you’re making your purchasing decision now remember you guys you can order the new vitamix Explorian E310 through blending with Henry just use the direct links above the comments in this video or on my website and you get fast free shipping and you’re also supporting Blending with Henry for future video content and more recipes all right you guys thank you so much for hanging out with me and I hope you enjoyed learning about the new vitamix Explorian E310 and my Vitamix 101 how to make peanut butter just remember you guys please visit me at blending with Mary com I’m also on Instagram Twitter Facebook and Pinterest and I’ll see you all next time

27 thoughts on “Vitamix Explorian E310 Review! Vitamix 101 how to make Peanut Butter

  • It would be just right for someone who only needs the basics, and is looking for a Vitamix on a thrifty budget. Will it make soup like the higher-end models?

  • The new Explorian is gorgeous … I love the look … more like the Legacy Series blenders … I like the rugged, industrial look.

  • I don't like the center knob, too retro looking for me, reminds me of the 60's (before my time). It should have a round center knob, not for looks, but for easier turning.

  • Did it really how took 2 minutes to turn the peanuts into that butter?
    And that “make soup” feature, I never really understood it until last night, so the blades really heat up the mix ? How many minutes for that and how hot will it get

  • The bottom of the container doesn’t fit tight on the base of the motor base right ? Cuz mine doesn’t. I Just want to make sure that’s normal. It kinda moves a little loose side to side when I put the jar and base together.

  • Best purchase I ever made for my health. I tried cheaper competitors and there is no comparison. Not even close. LOVE IT!

  • If someone is too stupid to operate any blender without two power switches, then they need to leave blending up to the adults.

  • I'm a minimalist. Even my truck has roll up windows and I split wood by hand. Less to malfunction = more reliability/longevity. I don't need a little LED and master switch for $200. What I do need, is Vitamix performance and $200 towards my plane ticket to Hawaii. This is the model I chose and I got both.

  • Hi Henry. Do you have a comparison of e 310 vs 320? If so I want to see it. I want to purchase soon. Single user but I want to see if its worth to pay more for the e 320 since the accessories will cost so much to buy a larger container later which I would use for occasional to rare party meal preps. Also I want to use to make my personal care products which can be in a smaller container. Also if I get a e310/5 yr warranty its 2 go vs the 2.2 of e320/7yr warranty which "work better" for the large container. I appreciate your advice. Is the extra $120 for the e 320 worth it?

  • I am very interested in purchasing the E310 Vitamix Blender. Would you know when there will be a good sale on them also with FREE shipping to Canada? The best price I have seen is $399.95… Is there ever a better deal on this mini Vitamix? I saw it in a local store, but it looked like a toy so tiny it is and cheaply made, but had not seen it in action. If the price can go a bit lower I would get it as my kitchenaid blender will not last too long anymore. Please let me know.

  • Hey, Henry! I finally ordered my S50 personal blender thanks to videos and recepies! I'm always on the go to work so it's perfect for all my fruit & veg drinks! This blender sounds like a great value and I like that it's compatible with the 20oz to-go cups! Thanks again, Henry! I'm one of your fans!

  • They said that every Vitamix will make exactly the same recipes. The only real difference is the controls and the cosmetics. So you might as well buy the cheapest one available. The presets on some of the other models are not really necessary.

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