Vidia Personal Blender Review

Hey it’s Dan from, coming to
you as always from the heart of Europe, and in this video I’m going to present to you
something we just got in. This is the new Vidia personal blender. Now, we focus at eujuicers mainly on juicers,
but we have some blenders and we take a look really closely when we bring something in. When we decide to offer it. This little personal blender had some features
that we thought were pretty cool and we decided to offer it in our eshop. So let me tell you about it real quick. You know, personal blending, the whole idea
is you’re not replacing a countertop blender like a Vitamix or a Blendtec. This is something that is low-cost, value-priced,
and to go. You want to make a smoothie really fast in
the morning, you’ve got a couple of minutes. These are designed to do that quickly, easily,
minimal cleanup and even the cups here are integrated so you just pop this thing off,
put a lid on, and you head off in your car. So some of the features on this guy – why
did we decide to offer this? First of all is the motor. This thing has 1000 watts. A lot of personal blenders out there are anywhere
from 300 to 600 watts, there are some higher-end ones around 900. The fact that this came in at 1000 was impressive. And a lot of times watts – that’s just marketing
speak in some products but in a blender it really does matter because in something like
this you’re making a smoothie and the more power lets you cut through thicker ingredients. Things like leafy greens or some seeds, nuts,
dates. If you’re using dates to sweeten. Ice – crushing ice. Something like this – I view this mainly as
a smoothie machine. Now I saw a video with this same blender just
about an hour ago making cake batter with oil and eggs and flour and all sorts of things
and it looked like it did pretty well. You could also do things like maybe grind
coffee. But for something like making soup or, I don’t
know, nut butters or things like that, leave that to the countertops. This is designed to just be fast and to be
on the go with your smoothie in a couple of minutes. Some of the other features I like about this. A lot of these personal blenders require you
to hold down on these cups, or hold and twist. And when you do that, that blends it. It’s a cost-saving measure so there doesn’t
have to be a control panel. This one actually has a control panel. It’s a 3-button control panel. There’s a start/stop, there’s a pulse button,
and there’s an auto blend which I’ll try today in just a second here. Auto blend is nice, it does an automatic cycle
with a series of pulses and then varying speeds to make -=supposedly – a great smoothie in
about 60 seconds. We’ll see in a second. And besides that, it does come with three
cups. There’s a 700 milliliter, there’s a 500 milliliter,
and a 350 milliliter to-go cup with a handle here. Also three lids. It has a storage lid if you’re going to store
your smoothie. We normally don’t recommend storing smoothies
very long – depends on the ingredients in there – because of the oxidation. If you have a vacuum smoothie like the big
brother to this, the Vidia Vacuum Blender, yeah you can store smoothies up to 24 hours. But these are designed – you make it and you
drink it and go. But you could keep it in the fridge for an
hour or two maybe. It also has these two to-go lids, which just
have a little flip-top so if you’re in the gym, you got it at work, if you’re in your
car even, you want to drink your smoothie in the car, you’re not going to spill it with
that. And besides that, that’s about it. It’s got a nice stainless steel body, simple
unit here. it has some suction grip cups so it stays
pretty solidly, we’ll see when I blend. And what am I blending today, what smoothie? I’m making a basic recipe. You want to do about half greens is what we
recommend so I’ve got some spinach here, I’ll fill it up about half with that. A couple of fruits to sweeten things up, some
fresh strawberries and bananas. Frozen also works well. And then added some protein and some fats. I’ve got flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and
also some cashew milk. I’ll also put in some ice just to give it
a little more texture and see how this guy does with ice. So let me get to it there and I’ll start filling
this guy up. So to take this apart, it’s super simple. All these caps fit on each jar, they each
use the same threading system. And I’m going to shove some spinach in here. Like I said about half greens, depends how
much greens you want in there. That should be fine. There’s a line in here that says MAX so I
don’t want to go beyond that. Start out with maybe half a banana. Yeah a whole banana will be fine. Couple of strawberries. Maybe a spoonful of each of these. Again, maybe a couple of spoonfuls. Since I have cashew milk it’s already going
to have some nut fat and protein in there. Often times I would just make a smoothie with
water. And then flax seed just for some nutritional
benefits. Those healthy oils in there. Now what I want to do, I’ve got some ice. I really want to see how this guy will do. I’ve crushed frozen berries in it. It did fine so it should do fine on ice. And then you just want to fill up, generally
a smoothie should be about half liquid. Up to about the max line. Yeah that looks pretty good. Maybe a bit more. Just screw this thing on, pop it in, and I’m
going to use the auto blend. We’ll see how it goes. So what it did, it ran about seven cycles
if I counted right. Seven or eight. Where it would blend from slow to high like
pulses almost for like five seconds and then it would stop for a few seconds. I did notice one little piece of spinach leaf
was stuck on the top, so it just meant I probably could have filled it more, but that was all. You can see the consistency here. It’s pretty smooth. I see some tiny bits of green which is little
bits of spinach leaf, maybe a few bits of flax seed. But otherwise it looks pretty good there. I’m just going to try it and see. yeah, it’s fine. It’s smooth. It has a nutty taste. I think it’s the combination of the sunflower
seeds and the almond milk. But otherwise it’s pretty good. Sometimes I’ll put dates in too. If you want things real sweet, or if you want
your kids to get into smoothies but with a banana and strawberries it’s fine. And the beauty of this is the whole cleanup. This is all you’ve got to clean is just this
piece. Just rinse it right when you’re done with
your smoothie. Ten seconds, you’re done. And this is your to-go glass. So you’ll just put this in your car. And then when you’re done with your smoothie,
just pop this in the dishwasher. It’s made of Tritan plastic, it’s BPA-free. So it’s dishwasher-safe and that’s it. So in about a minute you’ve got a smoothie. And that’s it. That’s our first look at the Vidia Personal
Blender. For the price, I think it’s a really good
value. And it does the job well. It’s a good value, it’s fast, it’s simple,
easy to clean. So it’s definitely worth taking a look. If you want more information, you can come
to our website. That’s Thanks for watching. I’m Dan. I’ll see you next time.

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