Video card annoying rattle noise – Cheap Solution [vibration/rattling/grinding graphics card fix]

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  • I had the same rattling sound at my Sapphire 280x. I recorded the sound and RMA'd it. But the new card has the same noise >.< Than I figured out when I lay the case horizontaly the sound disappears. When the case stands vertically the sound arise again. So I think the problem is caused due to sagging of the card against gravity. Your way is another solution to avoid sagging. Now I am sure it is because of that. The AMD engineers should solve this for coming cards in future.

  • Last time I buy a Sapphire, I can tell you that much. If I'm not getting rattling sounds, I'm getting vibrations. Damn thing never shuts up except in idle.

  • Thanks for this! My month old Sapphire HD 7850 is doing this. I can tell it's not causing any damage or anything, but it's certainly a bit annoying.

  • Same problem I have also when I lay the case and the gpu it's horizontal the noise dissapears it's more like vibration rather than noise.I have an sapphire 270 dual x and I see many ppl havin this problem but there's nothin u can do 😛

  • I had a rattling noise with my brand new 7850. I pressed on the center of the fan  while it was on (being CAREFUL not to touch the fan blades!).  Managed to realign the ball/sleeve bearings.  It seemed to work for me so far!

    I also suggest lubricating on the inside of the fan bearings for those who haven't had any luck.

  • How do i control my fan speed? I don't find anything to control my fan speed, what should i search? Please answer!

  • I just used some tyraps, through the holes on the end of the card, and hung it to some of the drivebays higher up. Seems to work so far.

  • Ok I fixed my rattling and vibration completely. First of all, the plastic shroud is vibrating because it's hitting the back io metal pieces – I added a small piece of foam, SMALL, between the shroud and io to absorb any vibration. I then pushed down the fan that is closest to the io just to make sure it was properly attached. I also tightened the fan screws. Then when I mounted the card again, I pushed it up as far as it could go and carefully screwed in the screws, making sure the card was not forced downward as I tightened them. Now it's completely silent and about friggin time as well.

  • My 7950 also does this, but I have a full sized window on my case so I can't do that. Any other way i can fix the problem?

    Also, can I use the 6 pin cables to support the gpu, routing it from the top to lift it straight?

  • I have annoying  sounds going out of me pc and  when I laucnh games and with headphones annoying sounds and speakers in game  from back panel when I launch speakers or headphones annoying sound quieter but when I launch  headphones from front panel annoying sounds are 
     loud …..  i have pc 2 years no problem but one day out of nowhere annoying sounds help someone or any tips ……

  • i got identical rattle with 7970 Dual-X
    and found putting pressure on that same point stop it.
    as demonstrated in my cid.
    Sapphire HD 7970 OC Dual-X Rattling Fan Noise

  • Sapphire sucks big time,nvr again,my 280x have the same problem,send it back,still have warnty,after 5 weeks,i got it back with the same problem still.

  • I got a HIS 6850 after a year or two it started buzzing, I use MSI Afterburner to OC it, and use the fan speed override in the program and set it to 100% speed, which will likely wear out the card's fan quicker but for now it stops the vibration, so i can hold off on an aftermarket cooler/replacement fan for when i upgrade, so try out different speeds and you'll probably find that sweet spot

  • nice simple vibration dampener.

    they're going to have to start building GPU slots with some kind of mandatory dampening function.

  • Nice idea. My case now has a big piece of wood in it with a cut-out to keep the card braced. Sapphire 7870 is quiet again! Dual-X fans are garbage, I'm going MSI or Gigabyte next time.

  • WARNING TO THOSE WANTING TO LOWER THEIR FAN SPEED: Whatever you do, do not lower your graphics card's fan speed, unless you know what you are doing and have a moderate knowledge of the risks of doing this. The lower your fan speed on virtually any piece of hardware into your computer, the higher the risk it will overheat and possibly completely stop working altogether. Its actually highly recommended that you higher your fan speed, rather than lower it. That is why a lot of people buy external fans for their computers to help cool it down.

  • is it just a annoying sound or is it a actual harmful problem to the computer??? i have this sound, please reply!

  • I did something similar with a pencil. I really wish manufacturers would put more time and money into testing and correcting such problems instead of expecting the consumer to fend for themselves.

  • Been having the same issue with my 7950. The cards are clearly too heavy niw to only be locked down on 2 sides. I temporarily fixed it by hooking a string on the free edge and tieing it up to the top of my case (it has a hole pattern so was easily done) however it stopped working so might give this a go if I can find the proper items.

  • Sagging is one of the reasons I hated vertical tower cases, I used to always use horizontal cases but the need of more 5.25 drive bays forced me to use the usual vertical tower….

  • For anyone else that may stumble across this video as I just did:

    Opening a GPU too much (be it for cleaning or changing thermal paste/compound) can make this happen (experience).
    The rattle is actually the outer case twisting, which then changes the shape of the fan motor mount. This obviously makes the motor twist slightly, and so the bearing and shaft basically screw up. Even with this Prop fix, it may come back-due to the fact that you have just changed the shape yet again. Just thought I would throw this in here because I've been running tests on (gigabyte radeon hd 5850 OC, radeon 290x, radeon 390x fury-x, 980ti).

    In a nutshell: The fan shaft and bearing are rubbing inside the motor (and therefore spinning off-center). This loosens the hole, can gouge it, and gets looser and looser. (oh and this can also happen with case fans, if the frame is twisted in any way).

  • I had a sound like that on one of my two gtx 960s, I removed the heatsink and noticed that some of the fins of the heatsink were a bit loose. From there I bent the areas in which they link each of the fins together down with a Tiny screw driver. Now it stopped completely

  • I just discovered a slight solution for the Sapphire Dual-X R9 280x.

    I had a lot of rattling which sounded at first sounded like a dying HDD. It gradually has gotten worse over the last 2 months. Today I finally discovered what was causing the rattling/clicking – it was the fan making contact with the heatsink below.

    To solve this:
    -In MSI Afterburner set the fan speed to the minimum (20%).
    -With the side panel on the PC open, I stopped the left fan (closest to the HDMI port) on the GPU from spinning gently with my finger for 1 second.
    -After determining this fan was the cause, I removed the card and on closer inspection the problem fan was slightly tilted off balance compared to the right fan.
    -I fixed this by removing the 3 small screws behind the problem fan and cutting two 1cm x 1cm squares from a Christmas card.
    -I then pierced a hole through the centre of both pieces of cardboard just big enough for the screw to go through.
    -I then placed these pieces of cardboard on the plastic that the fan mounts to on the side where the fan was tilting slightly downward.

    This should level out the fan and hopefully prevent some of the rattling noise. Let me know if it works for you.

  • Same thing with my r9 270x toxic I put a little hard paper stick to hold it up and walla it works like its dank XD

  • i have that problem with new PC & new GTX 750 .. thats because of vibration,when you lay the case horizontaly, sound disappears… so this is one solution, hmm.. i think this is nothing dangerous but sound is fucking annoying, so i have to do something about it .. fuck! 😀

  • My 660ti's fan rubs against the dvi cover. The whole thing twists I think when in my PC… it's annoying! I had to strap the pcie power cables above to pull the card up so it doesn't sag and makes the fan rub!

  • I'm not sure about my issue it's the other way around. I have the gtx 1060 zotac amp edition and when running fan speeds less then 15% it starts to make that rattling noise but anything higher just works fine. It's not coil whining since when I tested it out by stopping the fans it was the fan making this noise at low speeds. Unfortunately trying out your method didn't really work out for me. Anyone have any other issues or solutions? Thanks
    P.s I have the normal size zotac amp edition card with two fans and bought it a few days ago

  • i have the same problem with my msi gtx 970. It sometimes stops but it is constantly making noise and drives me crazy im scared to touch it but i will kick it soon. Usually when i play in 4k bf4 it stops making noise this is strange.

  • My 390 was making that noise between 35-45% fan speed, Solution: make a fan curve that skips that interval. Lazy and effective.

  • the real problem with mine is the fan is actually lose, if i push the middle of the fan up it stops making nose.
    I will get new fans to see if it helps ,if not it is also the card sagging isue

  • Lol this just happened to me, and i just rotated it a bit and fiddled with it, and it's quieted down. Surprising flaw.. maybe a bit of dust rattling in a tiny bearing fo ra while?

  • Great solution ! I have made one similar to yours, but I've used a carrot. Yes, I've cut it to the right length and put it between the bottom of the case and the video card (because I've got only a carrot at that time at the reach of my hands). That's worked perfectly (unfortunately for some time only…) !

  • this is even happening to people today… happening to my 4 month old 1080 😐 when i tilt the pc is stops or lay it on it's side…

  • Had the same problem. First I held the case while on, no sound. Then put it down, extreme grinding sound. So I figured it was to do with vibration.(maybe need some rubber feet in the case?) Anyway, I just used some cardboard to wedge the case against the desk wall. Sound gone. OP's method is also good.

  • If someone has this problem cuz have it with Gainward GTX 1070 Ti and i put a peace of wood to keep the card stable under her

  • A cool, cheap fix! You can buy brackets that fix into the slots at the rear of the computer that hold up heavier gfx cards and dampen any vibration.

  • ehm, this only works with medium/small cases, does not work with full tower….
    for full tower you can go aftermarket cooler or even liquid cooling, if it simply cant take the noise

  • for me its not the body of the video card but its the fan that is loose
    enyone have a fix for a lose fan?
    the fan it's self is very secured to the body
    it's the fan its self that seem to be falling away from the motor

  • This worked. In 2019 this fucking worked! As I was watching this I was like "This is kind of ghetto, but I get the idea of it.". So even though I had an SD card case, I didn't really want to use that. So I looked around my house for something that would work better. Eventually I found some double sided adhesive tape which is the same thickness as an SD card case and works better because it keeps the stand object in place. Then I just happened to be able to find a piece similar to the bold and screw. Apparent an old camera apparatus that was just small enough to fit in place for this. (I got very lucky). I put the aheadsive tape on the top and bottom which filled in the gap to the graphic card as well as helped keep the stand apparatus in place and tried this method out. Sure enough my fan blew like it was new. I want to thank you, because I was scared I'd have to pay some money for a new graphics that I simply don't have at the moment. This saved me a lot!

  • I have the same problem and it is driving me mad, it only happens when the GPU is at full load. Thanks for the video, it actually works.

  • And people call this an annoying problem… Learn how to use your fucking bios you fucking weebawoos… And stop using afterburner just to tune your fucking fan speed… Most mothrrboards made upwards of 15 years ago include a setting that controls your fan speed depending on your cpu and gpu temps… Amd calls it Cool&Quiet idfk what intel calls their variation of cool&quiet because i don't use intel parts but im pretty sure if amd has it on ddr2 motherboards intel has it too… Wanna know what a real problem is.. looking for a solution or information on a problem but everything that comes up when i search my problem is a buch of fucking morons suggesting lower fan speeds with afterburner…

  • 3:45 Sounds like a Dyson Handdryer. Great idea with the brace bolt mate! I kind of don't mind a bit of vibration, like and engine on idle.

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