Verge3D for Blender Basics – Part 1 – Creating New Project

hello welcome to this first 3d tutorial and which will be creating an interactive web application with the possibility to change materials on it and play in some animation applications of such kind can be used to present some products on websites to power online stores to create a learning materials and various interactive applications for actually for any kind of human activity so we’ll be using blender blender 2.18 beta but you can also use the older version or blender version 2.79 as well and we start by running the app manager the app manager can be run by clicking the corresponding button which is located on the top but actually it can be located on the bottom as well yeah we were run the app manager by clicking it and what we can see here is the list of all applications which are present in our verse 3d Applications folder verse 3d applications with each line here corresponding to some folder containing files for this application so let’s create a new application you’ll be create creating a new application using this dialog and let’s name it night stand we’ll leave the other settings by default create go to the main screen back and here we’ll see our application added to the list with the folder created in we’re through the Applications folder so let’s see what’s inside here we get a blend file which we can run from here we got some other files which are necessary to run this application and let’s run it we run it by clicking on the blue icon here run and it will just display a default cube still it is interactive it is good-looking with full screen button so let’s start with our application verse for the application workflow looks as follows so we usually work in one or most of time so we can open our newly created nice and blend file in blender check that we get a default cube for example we can change the shading so yes actually cycles so we can change it to easy and it will work much faster so what we want is we want with file to modify this file so that it contains the model of our nightstand with all the options with materials with textures with lighting with environment and after we create all this scene here in blender we just exported to view in the browser so we do it by using the expert option expert versus religion here after that our change will be our changes will be available here and we can run them here so this is the basic workflow so we could begin from modeling our nightstand model but we don’t want really this is not a modeling tutorial which is a very digitorum so I suggest we start from some pre-made files so by the link below this video you will be able to download the starter kit which contains single and file and free textures for good options and this black and white image for masking which we’ll be using in our the process of creating this web application so if we open we start a file just to check it so I got this starter file here open it and we’ll see that we got nice and already modeled consisting of several parts drover legs body in here we got big model for the floor and the environment this one is big model so we’ll be using with these models to start creating our verse for the application how do we do it let’s reset and we do it by copying all these starter files to the folder which we just created using the app manager nightstand folder here so let’s copy so okay copy and here paste right and we got here our textures our new blend file and the problem is that the application still believes that this nice tenth a blend file with the default cube is the main blend file for this application so the application we will be working with this plan file instead of our new blend file so we want to replace the default cook with our starter file how do we do it we can just delete the nightstand blend file and rename our new file just nightstand so let’s do it deleting and renaming night damn alternately we could just open our default cube in blender and append our model from the starter file but we prefer to just to overwrite all the right so instead of default cube our nightstand blend file will this will contain our models I’ll start on models here and that is our or dimension we need to perform the export operation go to file export and select verge to digital TF then click export that’s it now let’s check if our application updated run it by using the blue icon here and here we see our updated application which we will prove in the next part thank you for watching

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  • Hey Dear when I trying to overwrite the default project also I have paste the .blender file with textures to the application directory then I tried to open the application from verge 3d app manager but unfortunately the app is not opening its loading 30% but not opening. Please help me how I can fix it. thank you

  • Very good presentation. The presenter explains at a pace that makes it easy to understand and learn. The content of these videos was well planned. Very good pronunciation that makes non-English speakers easy to understand.

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