Vegetable Potage Soup Recipe (Vegan!)

– Hey guys, I’m Nicki
Sizemore, welcome to my kitchen and welcome back to my channel. Today’s recipe is perfect
for this time of year. I’m going to show you how to make
my French Potage Soup Recipe. So what is a potage? All right, potage is
just a thick pureed soup. So I studied abroad in the
South of France in college and it’s really where
I discovered my passion for food, like so many other people. And of all of the incredible
things I ate there, I ate so many incredible things. One of my strongest taste memories was this potage soup that my
French mere, my French Mom Michelle, would serve
every night before dinner. She would serve me this
steaming mug of soup. It was sweet with root
vegetable, with aromas of garlic and herbs, and it
was pure comfort in a bowl. I can’t wait to share
this soup recipe with you, it brings me right back to southern France every time I make it so
let’s head to the kitchen. First let’s talk about the
vegetables in this soup. We need a large sweet potato, an onion, carrots, celery and garlic. I’m going to chop
everything up but remember, the soup gets pureed so none
of it has to look perfect. Once the vegetables are chopped, heat a quart cup of extra
virgin olive oil in a large pot and then add those onions,
carrots and celery. We want to give these a head start because they take longer to
cook than sweet potatoes. Season them well with salt and pepper and we’re going to let these
cook until they’re tender. It’ll take about eight to 10 minutes. Now we’re going to add that chopped garlic along with some other aromatics. I add two bay leaves and
four sprags of fresh thyme. Scrape in those chopped sweet potatoes, season with some more salt and pepper. Then cook this for a minute or two. At this point you’re
kitchen’s going to start to smell really good. Now pour in five cups of water. I prefer to use water in the soup because you get a clean, pure flavor that let’s those vegetables shine. But you could use stock instead. The soup needs to simmer
for 10 to 15 minutes and in the meantime I’m going to show you how to make my cheesy baguettes. Rub a cut baguette with olive oil, season with salt and pepper, then bake in a 450-degree oven until lightly crisp. Pile on the shredded cheese of your choice and then bake again until
the cheese is melted. These are totally optional but they are the perfect accompaniment to the soup. Speaking of which, once all
of the vegetables are tender, remove the pot from the
heat and then discard those bay leaves and thyme sprags. Now we’re going to puree the soup. And you can use a blender like I’m using or you can use a hand
blender or a stick blender. Blend on high until the
soup is smooth and creamy. Here is a little secret. We are going to finish
this soup with a few drops of fresh lemon juice. A little bit of acid is going to wake up all of those flavors and
really round out the soup. Season with more salt and pepper
and now it’s time to serve. You can serve the soup directly or you can refrigerate it for up to a week or freeze it for several months. Now I like to top it with
some finely chopped nuts. I’m using pistachios
today but you could go for pecans or walnuts. This vibrant, nourishing soup or a healthy French potage soup, it’s
one of my favorite meals, especially in the cold winter months. I hope that you guys will
love it as much as I do. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. I’ve included a link below to
the full Potage Soup Recipe. I’ve also included a link to my website where you can find a ton
of other soup recipes that’ll keep you warm all winter. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. Thank you so much for watching
and I’ll see you next time. (light music)

3 thoughts on “Vegetable Potage Soup Recipe (Vegan!)

  • I loved this video! 😍🙌 This veggie potage soup you made looked sooooo good and was so healthy!! Yuuuum!! I hadn't heard of page before now, and I can't wait to try it out! 😋🤩😍 It's great to get new ideas for recipes to make! 😋😍 I especially loved how you kept the recipe so simple and easy to follow! 😍🙌🤩 On a side note, if you're interested, I have a Channel myself, and I make recipes too which I share on there if you'd like to see them 😘❤ Otherwise, your video was absolutely fantastic! I loved it! Thank you so much for sharing this awesome recipe idea with us all xx

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