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I don’t even know how this works I just got it the other day hahah Okay exploding salad spinner Hi-yah hi-yah. It’s lauren from hot for food. And today we’re making latkes Oh, yes now Hanukkah is coming up next week I’m not gonna front like I know anything about it cuz I don’t and I’m not Jewish, but if you are amazing and If you’re looking for a vegan friendly latke recipe with a yummy lemon dill sour cream. Well, then you’re on the right channel My memory of latkes was way back in grade two. I used to have this best friend and She was Jewish and we ate latkes for A number of years as we were friends for a number of years and then we weren’t friends and then I never had latkes again And that was a sad state of affairs The not having of the latkes not not being her friend. Okay anyway I’m gonna do a little bit of a twist cuz that’s what we do here. I’m gonna put sauerkraut in the mix Give it a little tang And we’re gonna do the shredded potato, of course, shredded onion. I’m gonna add sauerkraut in there and dill and Then we’re gonna make a yummy tangy delicious Lemon dill sour cream which is cashew-based. So we’re gonna start with that first Let’s get going. So to a high-powered blender add raw cashews lemon zest, lemon juice water or non-dairy milk, apple cider vinegar onion powder, garlic powder, sea salt, white pepper fresh dill garlic cloves and two green onions chopped up There’s our creamy sour cream with dill and lemon. This definitely needs to be chilled So put it in the fridge because it gets pretty warm from blending it very smooth like this also you may have a little bit left over if you don’t use it all for the latkes and You can thin it out and use it as a salad dressing. It’s extremely delicious All right we’re gonna move on to the whole shredding of the potato aspect of this recipe and it requires a lot of Squeezing you got to get these potatoes really dry So the best way to do this is in a food processor if you have one using the shredding blade this is going to take your Potatoes and your onion and get them like super finely shredded very fast So I highly suggest doing it this way or, if you must, you could use a box grater So you want to do the fine shred, not the coarse shred You might just need to cut your potato or onion into smaller chunks to feed through the machine So now you can see how shredded up everything is But you can see how wet it is to so I’m gonna show you how to get rid of all of this moisture You might have some big chunks, just take those out you don’t need them. Or you can cut them up So we’re going back to my handy dandy nut-milk bag. You want to use one of these nylon Fine mesh sieve, but you really need to squeeze the moisture out of this So we’re gonna go a big handful or so into the bag And then squeeze all of this moisture out by hand as best as you can. Look at it all. Whoa That would not make a good latke. Okay. Now there’s only so much you can do by hand. You’re gonna take this Put it onto paper towel or tea towel, clean tea towel Spread it out. And then you’re also gonna squeeze it like this. This is just to get it really dry and You’ll be able to feel how dry it is. You might not have a salad spinner Which means you don’t have to do this You can just keep squeezing it with the paper towel to get it really dry. But, just in case, let’s get all the moisture out We’re gonna put this in here and then we’ll give it a spin You also want to do the same thing with your sauerkraut Okay, you want to squeeze it through the nut milk bag and add it to the salad spinner So the sauerkraut needs to be tightly packed, so I don’t know if you know what that means But it means you measure it by squeezing it and squeeze the excess moisture as you’re doing this Because the moisture takes up volume right? So just measure it out And squeeze it as you do this So it’s one cup of tightly packed sauerkraut. If you want to save this sauerkraut juice and drink it, go ahead It’s good for you. Probiotics! But I’ve just mixed it with my potato juice so I wouldn’t do that Look at all this moisture. Look at this You can even squeeze it and then measure it. Whatever, as long as it’s two cups It’s good to break it up like this too so it can dry out more while you spin It’s spinning! I think we got it pretty dry. I mean, there’s no moisture coming out of this You’ll feel it. Like it should just feel dry, which it does. So now either use this as your bowl There’s no moisture in it. I’m gonna use a mixing bowl. So add this to your mixing bowl and we’ll do everything else in here too Make sure you break this up and make sure it looks like it’s evenly combined so that it’s not just like a huge chunk of sauerkraut with no potato in it. You know what I’m saying? So, just go in with your fingers and really mix it up before adding the rest of the ingredients. I don’t think this bowl is big enough Let’s just go in the salad spinner switching You need more room to like mix it up Okay, so we’re not adding a whole lot into the mix here, but we do need a flax egg Which is one tablespoon of flax and three tablespoons of water So stir that up and then just set it aside. It thickens in about five to eight minutes And once it looks like a gel that’s when you can add it into this bowl So going with a traditional ingredient here as another binder is the matzo meal I found this at a grocery store here in Toronto, and it’s very inexpensive. So I thought I would use it This is gonna help keep these crispy and bound together If you can’t find this and you can only find the matzo crackers or the bread you can grind them up it’s the same thing, into a bread crumb Or you can use a gluten-free panko bread crumb if you don’t have this, that’s fine But I just thought I would try this out and it worked perfectly We’re gonna add some finely chopped dill, sea salt, ground pepper granulated garlic powder, the matzo meal, or you can use bread crumbs, and the thickened flax egg Then I just combine this with my hands until it looks like it’s all evenly mixed together So heat up a cast-iron skillet or a non-stick pan with about 3/4 of a cup of canola vegetable oil You need a good coating on the bottom like this. So you’re gonna heat this up over medium And only when the oil is hot put the latkes in. You’re gonna use a 1/4 cup measuring cup to spoon out some mixture, and then kind of form and flatten it in your hand a little bit. Not too much You don’t want to compact them. And then place the latke on your spatula and you gently slide it into the hot oil now stand back because these are gonna be splashy And adjust the heat as necessary. So each latke should be about 3 inches wide and Don’t touch these, just let them fry for about 4 to 5 minutes until the edges are really golden-brown and Then you can flip them and fry for another 4 to 5 minutes on the other side Remove them from the pan on to some paper towel to sop up the excess oil Look at our latkes! They’re so pretty and crispy and delicious Let’s dig in! This whole platter is for me, duh Light, flakey, you’re gonna die over this sauce Mmm See all that upper-body workout so that you can get crispy latkes in your stomach. They have to be crispy, if they’re dense, gummy, you know, they did it wrong Oops Your house will also smell like latkes for days, as will your hair Mmmm! Oh my god, so good! I want to eat more All right. Um, you know what I did? I made bonus recipes for the holidays. Hot for holidays: the bonus ebook from me If you go ahead and buy vegan comfort classics 101 recipes to feed your face my debut published cookbook For a friend, for a cousin, for a co-worker, for your teacher, for your child, whomever You can claim this bonus holiday book as my gift to you for the holidays. So that’s the whole thing It’s like a gift exchange. It’s like you get, I get, the publisher gets, everyone gets something out of this deal and these recipes are next-level amazing. Pumpkin spice fondue for instance. All-the-potatoes gratin. Oh, yeah That’s a savory potato cake my friends and there’s more ideas in this book, only in this book. I’m not gonna make videos I’m not gonna put them on the blog. You’ve got to get vegan comfort classics if you wants to get hot for holidays. Okay, uh, That’s pretty much it. The holidays are beginning. I hope you enjoy these latkes have them any time of the year not just now, not just for Hanukkah, but you know For the rest of your life. Oh, yes. Check out for all the holiday feast recipe ideas I’ve got lots on the blog, free stuff, you know Ah, what else what else what else what else @hotforfood post photos if you make these Follow me in my stories always sharing some behind-the-scenes, sickles love all kinds of things, travels, what I’m eating yadda yadda blah blah subscribe here every Wednesday. Oh yeah time to eat more. Bye y’all.

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