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[lauren] this is vodka [lauren] welcome to hot for food! i’m lauren [john] and i’m john. [lauren] and today we’re gonna make one of our favourite things, [lauren] it’s vegan crab cakes with horseradish dill tartar sauce [lauren] it blows john’s mind everytime he bites into one [lauren] because it tastes like crab cakes! [lauren] it’s crazy! [john] what replaces the crabs? [lauren] artichokes, my friends [lauren] marinated artichokes. [lauren] crab meat is so expensive, [lauren] if you’re making real crab cakes, [lauren] so make it with artichokes, [lauren] no one will care. [lauren] everyone i’ve fed these to is like [lauren] “holy crap! how is this not crab meat?” [john] let’s do it. [lauren] let’s do it! [john] is this a known thing to open a jar that you smack it on the bottom? [lauren] yes, john. [john] still doesn’t work. [lauren] *laughs* [john] do this one, it’s hard. [john] oh my god.
[lauren] oh my god! [lauren] were you joking? [john] no. [lauren] okay, so it’s about two cups of marinated artichokes [lauren] you wanna start with. [lauren] you wanna drain them from the liquid [lauren] but you also need to reserve the liquid [lauren] so don’t throw it all out. [lauren] plus, you can actually use this for other cooking [lauren] i don’t waste it, i put it in other things like sauces and stuff. [lauren] we need half a cup of celery. [lauren] and you need a quarter cup of shallots. [lauren] so why don’t you chop the shallots there. [lauren] now you’re essentially just putting everything in the mixing bowl [lauren] so we’re gonna add the celery to the mixing bowl, [lauren] and then, so you’ve got like marinated artichokes [lauren] either whole or quartered, [lauren] but you wanna chop them up even finer [lauren] so as you start cutting up artichokes [lauren] you’ll notice it starts to look a little like crab meat. [lauren] now here’s the thing, [lauren] making crab cakes out of artichokes isn’t anything new, [lauren] we didn’t invent this idea, [lauren] uh, it’s been done before just like everything else. [lauren] but [lauren] i will say that [lauren] my particular concoction of ingredients [lauren] i haven’t really found anywhere [lauren] plus i feel like these taste extra tasty. [john] for whatever reason, yours just taste [john] extra stupid. [lauren] extra stupid. [john] stupid in a good way. stupid good.
[lauren] stupid means good. [john] we first had vegan crab cakes. [john] at the magical place that is the [john] wynn hotel in las vegas at a restaurant [john] called lakeside. [lauren] mhm. [john] thinking about it is just making me cry [john] cos it was so [john] getting me emotional. [john] but it’s not a vegan restaurant but [john] because it’s at the wynn hotel, [john] it has an entirely vegan menu, [john] including [john] vegan crab cakes. [lauren] like it has a vegan seafood menu so we had [lauren] clam chowder, [lauren] crab cakes, [lauren] and [lauren] oh we had aranci- aranciatta oh my god what’s it called?
[john] arancini. [lauren] whatever. risotto balls. [lauren] it was amazing, and las vegas is one of the most vegan-friendly [lauren] cities in the whole world. [lauren] did you know that? [lauren] oh god, those are burning my eyes
[john] i know. [john] got our leftover artichoke liquid, [john] we got two tablespoons. [lauren] and we’re doing a teaspoon of lemon, [lauren] you’re putting everything from the recipe which is listed below [lauren] into this bowl. [john] half cup chickpea flour. [john] are these better, maybe? [lauren] what do you mean? [john] are ours better?
[lauren] i think ours are better than [lauren] the ones at vegas [john] lauren’s funny to go out and eat with [john] because [john] whenever she eats something, [john] and in the best way possible, [john] she just goes [john] you can see she takes a bite of something, [john] and it’s awesome. she’ll be like “mmm…” [john] but then she starts to see wheels turning and she goes [john] “how would i make this?” [john] or maybe even “how would i make this better?” [john] why coconut sugar? [lauren] oh, the only reason it’s coconut sugar [lauren] really it’s because that’s what i had when i made up the recipe, [lauren] and coconut sugar is like, [lauren] a better sugar than refined sugar so [lauren] i figured you know what? [lauren] people won’t complain about the fact that we’re using coconut sugar [lauren] people like to complain about the fact [lauren] that we’re using brown sugar or white sugar [lauren] or whatever. [john] yea. [john] what’s up with that? [lauren] okay, so this is old bay seasoning, [lauren] it is a seafood seasoning, [lauren] we’re adding one teaspoon of it. [lauren] and this seasoning is like, [lauren] basically every spice mixed together [lauren] i don’t really know what it is, [lauren] but [lauren] you see it a lot used in cooking chicken and fish and stuff like that [lauren] so it will give it this extra [lauren] finesse of flavour. [john] there’s a cute little crab on them [lauren] there’s a crab on it, yes
[john] on the box. [lauren] so that ingredient is kind of essential, [lauren] do not omit this [lauren] you can find it in any grocery store at the spice secton [john] actually, it’s a little bit hard to find [john] though cos i didn’t find it in the spice section, [john] i found it in like the seafood section [lauren] oh [lauren] okay, so now everything’s in here. [lauren] this bowl’s a little small. you probably want a bigger bowl than this. [lauren] and then just combine it all nicely until it all comes together. [lauren] looking soft. and that little bit of marinate that’s in there, [lauren] the lemon juice kind of pulls the flour together [lauren] and thickens it. [lauren] so if you taste this on it’s own [lauren] you’re gonna notice the chickpea flour tastes disgusting [lauren] once you cook it, [lauren] it won’t taste like that. [john] it’s like gritty. [lauren] it’s gross. it’s gritty and it’s bitter [lauren] so if your crab cakes are undercooked, [lauren] you’re gonna taste it. [lauren] there’s an iron skillet here with [lauren] about a cup and a half of vegetable oil in it. [lauren] and you wanna heat it to 375F [john] kay, it’s time to set up. [john] our dredging station [john] sounds a lot cooler than it actually is. [john] we’re gonna have quarter cup chickpea flour [john] in to the chickpea flour. [john] from there we go into half of a cup of almond milk [john] from the almond milk, we go into [john] one cup of breadcrumbs. [john] and you do that, repeat and then fry [lauren] you’re gonna do 3-4 minutes total [lauren] flipping halfway through [john] alright, tartar sauce time. [lauren] so tartar sauce is essentially mayonnaise and pickles, [lauren] but we’re adding dill and horseradish [lauren] instead [john] what exactly is horseradish? [john] i hated it as a kid,
[lauren] i don’t know. it’s from [lauren] the horseradish [lauren] spicy. [john] for the horseradish dill tartar sauce, [john] you add two-thirds a cup of vegan mayonnaise, [john] three teaspoons of horseradish [john] one tablespoon, lemon juice. [john] one tablespoon, finely chopped fresh dill [john] and a quarter teaspoon, ground pepper. [lauren] now i’m plating with like this, [lauren] ugly bed of spinach underneath [lauren] but when i did it for the photos for the blog [lauren] originally it was much prettier but [lauren] you could put it on a bed of arugula, [lauren] or whatever you want. [lauren] most important part right now is to taste it [lauren] and make sure that they’re fine. [lauren] right? [lauren] if you were making these at home, [lauren] you would wanna taste them before you serve them [john] this is true, [john] lemme get that one. [john] it’s actually insane though [lauren] yep. [lauren] this is some michelin rating shit. [lauren] i don’t even know what that means. [lauren] michelin tyres rates the restaurants? [john] no. [lauren] yea! it is! [lauren] it’s michelin, it’s the same company. [lauren] isn’t it? [john] i don’t think so. [lauren] okay, so now let’s make it look nice for the people [john] it’s the vegan crab cakes with horseradish dill tartar sauce [john] oh yea. [john] so we’re all about tricking the senses here [john] at the hot for food kitchen but i feel like this [john] recipe takes it to the next level, like [john] it’s tough for us cos everybody knows we’re vegan. [john] whereas you can cook this for your friends [john] that, maybe you don’t eat vegan all the time [john] and they wouldn’t expect you to pull this over on them [john] but you need to try this and serve this to your friends [john] cos they’re not gonna know. [lauren] they’re better than crab cakes. crab cakes are kinda nasty. [lauren] okay, so we’re gonna dive into these, [lauren] aand you should subscribe to our channel, [lauren] there’s a little button there to subscribe [lauren] and we post every wednesday [lauren] new vegan recipes [john] um [john] can i just eat it with my hands? [lauren] yea sure. share it if you like the recipe, [lauren] share it around the internet [lauren] thank you so much for watching and [lauren] thank you for subscribing if you’re already here [lauren] because we have hit over 5500 subscribers on hot for food’s youtube channel! [lauren] so exciting. [john] and no animals were harmed. [lauren] exactly. [lauren] bye bye!

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