Validate-DCB Behind the Scenes Part 1

Welcome to this behind-the-scene, my name is gene Mortensen and for the next 1/2 minutes, I’ve just showed a Hardware that I used to do the recording of the validate DCB So right now you can see I’m filming myself And that’s one of the machines that I’m using for live streaming for team meetings and stuff like that. So that’s my surface pro 5 if we go a little bit into the middle, you can see a couple of screens running here and in the middle, we have the new surface pro 7 and To the right we have to say phase 5 and we are running software to do there all the recordings we have Camtasia in the middle here and You can also see that my different sound equipment is lying here on the table. So we are using The wireless mic currently I’m speaking into the one that you can see right here so that’s popping up and then we have the other small mics and remote for the iPhone We have two came linked if I have to capture some HDMI input and in the middle you have the machines more or less the one that you’ve been seeing in all the recordings from part one to five and over to the right I have the Jabber speakers my headphones hanging around here And I’m using of course that for team meetings again when I’m doing remote presentation or trainings remotely we have the alligator light up here and also have one in the corner and If I go a little bit closer here You will be able to see that if I move my mouse and at the control center running here, so I’m going to 10 power on and Remove some lights Make it more lights maybe a little bit too much here And another thing you can see is that if you’re looking on the mouse that is jumping around in the middle right now. I Can move that to the middle machine out popping up here in the middle here and I can continue On the other machines over here. I can even go up here. So The mouse is just fooling around on all the monitors and I’m using the Microsoft Mouse Without Borders to do this again, this was just to give you a quick introduction or Overview of the different hardware that has been used here in let’s say my small garage here for for doing the recording and In the next part we will have a look on the hardware that is running in the data center itself Where we of course have the real hardware running. So this was just a quick introduction of Let’s say the first part of the setup So in the next one We will have a look on what is going on in the data center If you like what you see Please subscribe then. I will know that I should spend more time on creating even more videos for you. Ok. Bye

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