Vaccinia Palustria

Today on Coquamus, Cranberries These are cranberries, this is sugar You need both. Sugar is really important. Today we want to show a raw cranberry sauce, that is, a relish. I have an orange and will use the whole fruit both the pulp and the rind. I cut it in half and I’ve got some celery which I’ll cut into pieces that are not too small and I’ve got some white sugar It’s really important. It is. Cool. We have the food processor Pour in the cranberries I’m pouring in the cranberries Now put in the orange Really? It has the rind Yeah! Go ahead. And the other part Add the celery OK, dad, but I hope there isn’t too much orange. Pour in the sugar. I’m pouring it. Now I put on the lid and start the processor and pulse it quickly and briefly. Taste it. Is it good? Hardly. Pulse it again. Sure. I’ll pulse it again – it will get better! Look. The relish is ready. What do you think? It’s good…. Now we’ll make cranberry sauce. The ingredients are orange juice candied ginger raisins maple syrup It’s an interesting name, isn’t it? Maple tears. It’s kinda sad. Neat. And vanilla and cardamom. The first job is to wash the cranberries and take out any rotten ones and mushy ones. It’s necessary to look through Look – here are two mushy ones so I put them in the compost and so long We’re ready I’ll get a pot. I’m eating the candied ginger. Cool. We have the pot pour in the cranberries I’m pouring in the cranberries I’m pouring in the orange juice I’ll pour in the maple syrup and add the ginger and raisins Thanks. Nice job. They stick, right? I’ll add a little vanilla and add the sugar It’s very important Here’s the cardamom I put the cardamom seeds in the mortar and break the seeds See – I separate the shells from the seeds and scrape the seeds from the shells Check it out. Now I’ll use the pestle to grind the seeds. I grind it, grind it, grind it Cool. It’s powder. Look again. And I add the cardamom powder to the pot And mix it well What? No orange rind? Mmm. It smells good and the cranberries are cooking. Now the sauce is boiling nicely and the cranberries are breaking down, popping Can the gnome watch? Why not? He doesn’t eat much. Look – the sauce is thick and cooked all the way and the cranberries are broken down and popped the liquid is syrupy and thick. Check it out! Relish and sauce. Mmmm. It tastes great… now. We wish you a great Thanksgiving Until next time, Sapiat!

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