UVA Darden Grad Is Juiced About LUMI Cold-Pressed Juice

I took an idea and a vision and I created
a product that is sold in thirty states and I made over a half
million dollars in revenue before I went to Darden I worked on Wall Street in distressed
debt and restructuring Darden changed my life it gave me an
opportunity to hit the reset button it allowed me to kinda be like what are my core values what’s really
important to me and do I want to live every day of my life with a mission that I’m excited about during my
second year at Darden I started Lumi it’s a 100 percent
organic cold-pressed juice company the majority of the juices that are on the
market use heat pasteurization and what happens is that
the natural sugars are caramelized from the heat making it
difficult for your body to metabolize them we’re organic we’re cold pressed and then we’re high
pressure processed its supplying extreme water pressure onto the outside
packaged juice 87,000 PSI that’s taking the deepest
part of the ocean and multiplying it times 5 but since there’s no heat the natural
flavors and the natural nutrient content isn’t altered in any
way the wonderful thing about Darden and University of Virginia is that so many of the
professors are so willing to help you when you’re a student as well as help
you now that I’m an alumni we spent several days working together
on developing a project plan and then periodically following up with
her and make sure that everything’s on track she did it all within 3-4
months and and it was remarkable to see that you know you
walk into a grocery store and you see a product that came out of a student that
was in our classrooms not long ago now I
consider her a friend I see her quite often either in alumni
events or just you know meeting her for a cup of coffee or to go for a run hopefully I and
just another resource for for her on her journey one thing people
would say about hillary is perseverance she is very loyal she works
super hard and she doesn’t give up there’s been a lot
of weeks where its been a 120 hour weeks no vacation the way that I looked at it is like failure
isn’t an option for me the brands awesome recipes are delicious I
enjoy purchasing it when I go to stores and if you believe in something its hard for it to be a failure

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  • Learn how Hillary Lewis MBA ’13 took an idea for an organic, cold-pressed juice from the halls of the Darden School of Business and developed it into a product available on grocery store shelves nationwide.

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