Using a Juicer and Blender to Make the Best Smoothie Ever

Alright! This is John Kohler with
Today we have another exciting episode for you and what we’re gonna do in this episode
is I’m gonna my morning breakfast for you guys and share with you guys what I’m making
and the appliances I’m using to make it. As much as I love juicers and think juicing
is superior over blending and check my video. I put a link down below to the video where
I put six reasons why juicing is better than blending but I still use a blender in my life
plenty. Trust me, I use both these guys almost everyday in my single life so that I can get
more fresh fruits and vegetables in me. I mean this is completely and utterly important
in today’s world. To me the juicer or the blender it’s not a magical appliance you
know from the God’s or anything. It’s simply a tool. It’s like a screwdriver a
hairdryer a car, which is a tool to get you from point A to point B. You know it’s like
other any tool in the world that allows us and helps us out to get more fresh fruits
and vegetables into us. You know the juicer basically concentrates the nutrients in the
vegetable, puts it in it’s juice form, and then takes out the fiber so that we get all
the nutrients in there including soluble fiber into us and the blender does the same and
the blender also keeps the insoluble fiber as well. And so you know sometimes I like
to juice things, sometimes I like to blend things and sometimes, in this situation, I
like to do both. So I guess what we’re gonna do first is we’re gonna go and use my oranges
in the Omega VSJ843 juicer. This is a vertical slow juicer and this is my favorite juicer
to juice most fresh fruits because it does such an amazing job and gets the pulp really
dry. Now, we’re not just gonna juice the oranges like get orange juice like you would
find in a carton or at a store or even a bottle on a shelf. What they literally do is they
literally take the orange, they’ll cut the orange in half and literally what they’re
gonna do is they’re gonna basically take the orange and they’re gonna squeeze the orange
juice right. And this is what they call orange juice if you buy it in the store but to me
that’s what I call orange water cause when we’re gonna juice oranges, and you can only
do this if you have your own fruit and vegetable juicer at home, we’re literally gonna go
ahead and very carefully just cut off the orange color of the fruit here to reveal that
nice white pithy rind. And it’s this rind on the orange that is full of nutrition. I
mean you guys may know that most of the nutrients in an apple is where? Near the skin. And same
thing with the orange. Now you do wanna cut off the orange color cause they are indigestible
naturally occurring chemicals in there that may give you gas and bloating and funky burps
and all this kind of stuff. You don’t wanna eat that but we do wanna eat as much of that
white pith that we can possibly get. So here’s what I’ve trimmed down and we’re gonna
juice that with not only the orange but also the white pith so we’re gonna get a nice
thick and frothy juice that’s not quite as sweet because it has some of the fiber
and the nutrients in the pith here. So I guess without further adieu we’re gonna go ahead
and shave down these oranges and we’re gonna come back at you and we’re gonna go ahead
and juice them on up. We just got done pealing all the orange peels
off my six different oranges here and before I even start juicing my oranges I always wanna
encourage you guys to either eat your fruit whole or blend them. This way you get all
the fiber including the soluble and insoluble fiber. You know sometimes I like to juice
my fruits because I have some abundance and I wanna be able to use them up and when you
juice it you basically concentrate the nutrition basically you know I could probably sit here
and eat six oranges but to me it’s a lot easier juice to drink the orange juice out
of six oranges and literally get the majority of the nutrition out of the six oranges except
for some of the insoluble fiber. So I think it’s best to eat our fruits whole blend
them, but I think on the vegetables that’s where juicing really comes in handy because
our bodies are not meant to digest you know and break down the hard cellulose in different
vegetables and as well as the leafy greens. So in general I recommend eating your fruits
blending them and in the vegetables probably best to you know juice them up or minimally
chew them really good and you know sometimes I’ll also blend them. So anyways, when you’re
choosing fruits to juice and if you are using a vertical slow juicer while these juicers
are probably my top pick for a juicer that juices fruits in one pass, a few things you
need to be aware of. Number 1, when you select your fruit make sure you get heavy fruit for
it’s size. If it’s light it could be old, dried out, shriveled up, not a lot of juice
in there. Number 2, you want a nice hard and firm fruit you know. If it’s nice and soft
and smushy you know it’s gonna make more of a mush than a juice in the slow juicer
so you wanna get a nice hard and firm one. They’re gonna juice you know much better.
Of course things like a hard and firm banana, that’s never really gonna juice there’s
not enough water content in there for it to happen right. And just recently I did juice
a papaya in the Omega VSJ so look for the video on that and actually that went quite
well. So let’s go ahead and turn this VSJ on. I like this because it is actually so
quiet. It runs at a low and slow 40 RPMs. We’re just gonna go ahead and cut this orange
up and leaving all the pith on and yeah even leaving the seeds in there. Drop that in there
and the juicer’s literally auto-feeding. It’s gonna accept those pieces of oranges
in and as you guys could see we’re instantly getting some good old OJ out the front and
we’re getting all the pulp out the side there. So the next thing I’m gonna do is
just I’m juicing all these oranges real fast and we’ll be back at you when I’m
done. So I’ve juiced a total of 5 navel oranges
in the Omega VSJ843 juicer. I do recommend if you are gonna juice oranges in this fashion
and peel them like this I recommend you and encourage you guys to get the navel oranges.
They generally have more white pith than the Valencia’s that are actually better to juice
on one of those hand reamers or on one of the juice presses you know to get the orange
water. Once again you’re getting a total orange juice in there, including all the nutrients
right under the skin of that white pith. Let’s go ahead and very quickly and easily juice
this last orange here and as you guys could see we’ve got 20 ounces of juice here and
like this pulp is actually quite dry. I can take it and literally it’s just squeezing
pulp out of my fingers. There’s no juice so this is actually quite impressive. You
know other vertical juicers and other horizontal juicers may not do it as well as the VSJ based
on my testing. So we’re gonna go ahead and put the second to last orange in there and
here’s the last piece going right in. Next thing we’re gonna do with this is finishing
up we’re gonna go ahead and use my handy dandy Vitamix turbo-blend VS. Now this is
the Vitamix I recommend to you guys if you guys wanna make healthy dietary changes in
your life for a few reasons. Number 1, you’re gonna get a nice DVD that teaches you how
to make healthy raw foods in the Vitamix. In addition number 2, you’re gonna get a
hemp nut milk bag to allow you to make nut milks in the Vitamix. And number 3 most importantly,
you’re gonna get a nice thick over 100 page recipe booklet with vegetarian, vegan, and
raw vegan recipes. No other Vitamix comes with this particular book and this is the
healthiest book that will come with any Vitamix. A lot of the Vitamix come with you know a
lot of you know processed junk foods and animal products that I don’t encourage you guys
to eat that are not quite as healthy as the package that you’re gonna get with the turbo-blend
VS. Most Vitamix’s have a similar amount of power on them so you’re pretty much gonna
get the same consistency no matter what model you buy. And what I’m using today instead
of the standard 64 ounce craft that’s actually really nice and tall I prefer this handy dandy
48 ounce craft which is a smaller craft that is available separately that actually you
could stick in the Vitamix and now this will fit underneath your countertop because with
the 64 ounce it sticks up too much. Let’s go ahead and turn off the VSJ over here. And
also this is a little bit easier to get in because it’s not quite as deep. It’s a
little more fat and squatty. You could get in there and clean it a lot easier. So what
were simply gonna do in this recipe today is we’re gonna go ahead and take our nearly
24 ounces of orange juice but we’re not gonna pour it all in. We’re maybe gonna
pour I don’t know just enough to put it in the bottom and man this is nice and thick
orange juice because we got all the nutrition from that white pith in there. We’re gonna
go ahead and pour maybe like half of it in there. Then we’re gonna take our strawberries
and while you could put strawberries with the greens in there and everything, you know
I’m gonna go ahead and cut those off there and we’re just gonna drop all these strawberries
in. Now you might be wondering “John, why didn’t you just juice the strawberries man
you’re making extra work for yourself yeah you’re doing extra steps by having to you
know blending strawberries up”. Well, there’s a few reasons for this. Number 1, especially
if you’re using organic strawberries, quite expensive unless you have like your own strawberry
field to pick out off. And when you juice strawberries you get a lot of delicious strawberry
pulp out in the basket here and some of the flavoring in the juice so you could do that
but in my opinion it’s a waste to juice you know berries, strawberries, blackberries,
you know boysenberries, blueberries, you get very little juice out of it. You know something
like oranges we could taste this pulp here. I mean we’ve extracted all the orange goodness.
This pulp just tastes like fibrous, a slight tinge of orange flavor, not very good. But
if you juice the strawberries the strawberry pulp would actually still taste fairly good
and strawberries are so expensive. That’s why I’m blending them. And the reason why
I didn’t just blend the oranges in there with the strawberries is because we’d have
a very thick and viscous smoothie which wouldn’t taste good because it’s far too fibrous
right. It’s like if you ever tried to juice straight carrots in the blend right. You get
a carrot mush like a baby food and that’s not delicious to drink but on the same token
if you take the carrots and run it through the juicer you get a nice clean delicious
fresh refreshing carrot juice. So you know I like that’s why I like to use both these
appliances you know in their own way to get the maximum benefits out of my fruits and
vegetables. And you know provided you have the tools to use the juicer and the blender
you can do more things like if you only had a blender you couldn’t make orange juicer
and then you know blend up your strawberries. That’s why I encourage you guys out there
to have both a juicer and their blend because they do different things. It’s kind of like
having a blowdryer and a hair straightener right. You could straighten your hair at the
same time you’re drying it and you could kind of blow dry your hair with a straightening
if you’re a woman but you know and both these machines are interchangeable but they’re
kind of not cause both of them have their own different functions. So I’m gonna go
ahead and cut off the rest of the tops of these strawberries and we’ll come back at
you when I’m about to blend it up. Alright so we got the last strawberry here
and we’re just gonna go ahead and cut off the greens on it and then we’re just gonna
go ahead and toss them into the blender and we’re gonna put the blender top on. And
then what I like to do is basically blend this baby up. What many people don’t realize when blending
is that the blender is spinning incredibly fast. You know the Vitamix spins in excess
of 200 miles per hour and that is quick. I don’t know any animal that could run that
fast and my car can’t even go that fast. But that’s really fast and that’s basically
in excess of 20,000 RPMs or revolutions per minute. That’s extremely fast whereas the
juicer on this side, this runs at 43 revolutions per minute so that’s much much much much
slower. You know when you’re juicing you’re minimally oxidizing or damaging the precious
nutrients in the food especially things that are you know sensitive to oxidation such as
the antioxidants you know and some of the phytochemical that are so beneficial for us.
So that’s why I believe you know juicing, if you want the most nutrition, juicing’s
clearly superior to blending to get the most nutrients out of whatever you’re processing.
That’s why I only put in like half or even less than half of my orange juice because
now my orange juice is gonna get blended with the strawberries. My orange juice is now gonna
have less nutrition. If I just put orange juice in there without the strawberries and
blended it up and then had the orange juice here, this orange juice would have more nutrition
because it’s only been processed at 43 RPMs. This one’s been processed at 43 RPMs and
now subjected to 20,000 RPMs which basically you lose nutrients. So I’m only blending
as much as I need to be able to blend my strawberries up and then I’m gonna go ahead and pour
my juice into the mixture so that most of my juice, or at least some of my juice, has
not been blended and not been exposed to the high speed and excess aeration. That’s another
thing that blending does. The blender adds small micro bubbles of air, which is actually
part of the way that the blender works to break down the food, it basically adds micro
bubbles to the food which also oxidizes it also when you’re drinking it, it gives you
extra you’re swallowing extra air. And many of us have done that before you could swallow
air and burp well that’s why after some blended smoothies you may have a little bit
of gas you know burping belching all this stuff cause you’re actually swallowing air
with the blended mixture. So when blending the most important thing is you wanna blend
as minimal as possible. To do this I like to do the pulse blend technique sometimes,
where you just literally put this blender on high. You blend it for a second then turn
it off, you blend it for a second then you turn it off and just quick pulse blends so
that the blender’s not running continuously for a long time. And by doing this in a series
of blends, you can finally get the consistency you desire without having it literally running
for like straight for 30 seconds and you know more rapidly oxidizing and damaging nutrients
in the food. Alright, I think that’s all blended up. Let’s go ahead and add the rest
of our OJ in there. It’s nice and thick OJ getting mixed right in. Sometimes after
I add it all in I’ll just do a final quick kind of spin on the blender to kind of get
it mixed up in there. And here’s our final result. This is my breakfast today. Fresh
orange strawberries blended up. Look at that nice thick rich smoothie consistency. Man
Jamba Juice can’t touch this stuff. Then you make fresh at home. Go ahead and try it.
Mhmmm. I got the sweetness of the oranges with the full flavor of the pith and all it’s
nice rich and thick texture plus the brilliant lycopene vibrant color from the strawberries
plus the awesome strawberry flavor to make one of the best juice and fruit smoothies
you’ve ever had for breakfast. And this is what is truly possible with some of the
equipment and appliances we offer at discount juicers including the Omega VSJ843 juicer
and the Vitamix turbo-blend VS blender. You know I wanna encourage you guys to have all
the tools you need in life to do what you need to do and blenders and juicers are just
two appliances that allow you to do that but more importantly get healthier. Both these
machines have nice long warranties. So they’re solid machines that are gonna last you many
years to come so that you can make the changes in life that you wanna see by including more
fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet so that you could start excluding any other bad
stuff you’re eating. If you fill up on good stuff like this I can’t imagine anybody
who would not like a glass it’s so sweet. Mhmmm. Delicious and thick ha, I think I’m
gonna go ahead and enjoy it in peace. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. If you did,
give me a thumbs up let me know if I should do some more recipe demos for you guys and
let you know some of the recipes that I make on a daily basis to stay healthy, stay fit
and trim. Also be sure to check my past episodes. I’ve already got 400 different episodes
comparing different juicers to other juicers, and blenders to different blenders so that
you can choose the right appliance for you. So also be sure to subscribe to my videos
if you’re not already for upcoming episodes on brand new juicers coming out and when I
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cool items that are gonna allow you to get more fresh fruits and vegetables in you. Once
again my name is John Kohler with Be sure to visit
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  • i make a berry/orange smoothie almost every day. i just quarter and peel the oranges and put them in the blender along with whatever berries i like. sometimes i add pineapple. i just don't think putting the oranges through a juicer is necessary.

  • LOL! John, you look like you just woke up! I noticed also that after you drank your awesome juice, you finally woke up! I really enjoy your videos and the passion you have. Thank you for the advice on the juicer & blender combo. Your making me have a fruit craving, so I am going to go make some banana ice-cream in my Omega 8005 juicer and some strawberry topping in my Vitamix! YUM!!┬á

  • I think I will have one of those tomorrow morning, it looks sooooooooo good, I have the oranges now but no strawberries, although I do have frozen mixed berries, ~~~hmmm~~~???
    I need to get back to this kind of living, you inspired me to go raw back in 2012, I did good(99.9%) for a year in a half, but unfortunately like a lot of others, I went back to eating poison, and, well, became 'poisoned' again…

  • Thanks for the great smoothie idea. I need a few good ideas for making different healthy juices and smoothies.

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