Unboxing – Parkside PFBS 160 B2 Precision multi-grinder

Hello! Hello! Hello! Today were going to unbox a precision multigrinder. This isn’t our device, but mr. mechanic lent for us to
unbox. Mr. mechanic is to one of our mysterious friends who helps us in
our various projects and you might see him later on in some of our videos. Or not. Well. back to business. This grinder is used to grind, drill,
polish and sand things, so it has various purposes. Yeah, but without further to do, lets open this thing up and see what’s it does. Even thought the device is quite inexpensive,
it appears to be very a solid tool for its price. We didn’t have a chance to do
very thorough testing, but with our brief experience we believe that its overall
quality appears to be more than enough for most hobbyists.

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