Ultra Grind Gold Wet Grinder unboxing | Initial Cleaning Before First Use

hello and welcome to my channel in this
video we are going to see the unboxing of ultra grind gold wet grinder this
tabletop wet grinder has a capacity of 2 liter and wattage of 150 watts it comes
with the warranty of five years. the MRP of this product is 7490 I purchased this
from Amazon for 6661 during an offer period inside the box we have the Grinder unit,
manual which serves as a user guide and warranty card it has all the instruction
specifications and the troubleshooting chart with it. the box also contains a
batter cleaner which helped us to clean the batter from the stone the net weight of the unit is 12.8 kg.
stone assembly weighs around 2.5 kg and the drum weighs another 3 kg before we use a new grinder to prepare
batter the drum and stone assembly needs to be cleaned thoroughly. there are two
steps to clean it properly. first is to wash them under running water using
dish-washing soap after washing the drum and stone assembly
dry them using a clean kitchen towel Do not keep the drum upside down after
washing after cleaning fix the drum on the
coupler and place the stone assembly in the drum and gently spin to make
sure that it turns smoothly. place the Viper towards the motor and close
the arm and press gently to lock Next step – we need to pour oil in the grinder and
run the grinder for about half an hour this step is done to get rid of all the
small dust and remains of the stones in the drum and stone assembly you can take
any edible oil for this step. you will need one and a half to two cups of oil
for this I use sunflower oil here. let’s see how it is done. switch on the power
supply and press the button on the grinder to turn it on.
start pouring oil immediately. please note that you shouldn’t run the grinder
without any grinding medium for more than one minute let’s leave the grinder running for half
an hour the grinder has been running since last
30 minutes I am going to turn it off now with a lock and remove the stone
assembly. we need to discard the oil which is used for cleaning after that wash the drum and stone
assembly under running water using dish-washing soap. dry them using a
kitchen towel and it is ready to use for grinding batter you can see the amount of dirt in the
oil after cleaning thank you for watching the video

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