Tub And Shower Valve Move And Relocate DIY 1 of 9👍👍👍

in this video here we are going to relocate this term valve and we’re gonna put it back to the spot where it originally was a customer here seems to be having a problem with so we’re gonna relocate it back to its original condition right here you see the one you just seeing the stove and the access to the back of the term is right behind that stuff so we moved it out the way and now we’re going downstairs into the basement where we are going to find the main cut off to the house in most places where you do have homes that do have basements you’re going to find the main cut off easily at the front of the house usually comes right into the front wall of the basement here as you can see right here and we’re going to cut this water off so that we can start our work on the tub valve and relocating it now if you have a corner house by the way that dripping right there is that packing that and if you do have that problem you just want to take a wrench and just tighten it packing up just to give it about a quarter turn it off stop that dripping ok right here we’re draining the line down this particular sequence downstairs in the basement so it’s gonna relieve the water pressure upstairs where we’ll be working and here we’re putting a towel down so that anything that we drop our you miss we make we won’t damage the bottom of the tub itself

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