Troubleshooting Ice maker repair Whirlpool Kitchenaid Kenmore

The problem with this ice maker is these teeth, these tines should be raised up, when they’re in the normal position; once the ice has been
ejected. They shouldn’t be down. I could tell this had a problem because the trays were full of frozen cubes and this thing was in the position like the fingers were trying
to flick them out. So they went down and they were stuck like that. So I was guessing that
this tray was not heating up. What happens is, the water squirts into here from the freezer. It fills up these trays. Freezes. These teeth are in the UP position. Then after the timer or sensor, however it knows its frozen, this whole tray, which is coated with some sort
of covering, it heats up. It has an element underneath, and that allows these teeth to
push out the ice cubes. They fall in here and go down into the bin. So I was just guessing
that this wasn’t heating up. And most times when you take things apart and try to fix
them you have a visual clue. So to take this apart, you take out these three screws. I
have already done it here on the bottom; and the whole bottom will come off. On the underside
you can see the heating element. Its just like you see in an electric oven or a dishwasher.
That heats up and makes it so the ice can be released from the holder. So all that looked
fine, I didn’t see anything funny there, but I didn’t expect to. Take the back cover off,
and here you can see the model number. Otherwise the model number is hidden, if you just have
to order a new one. These ports are if you have a meter, you can do some readings and
see if its a problem. This is a little plastic screw and that adjusts how much water the
fridge will dump into the tray. Even just one full 360º turn will make a big difference,
so don’t turn it too much. If you turn it clockwise it adds more; counter clockwise
it puts in less water. This little hole, you see the copper metal and the hole through
it. That’s just to help line it up. This shows you where the factory set it. So if you turn
the screw here it’s going to push that hole either this way, or this way. So you can have
an idea where it was when you started. Anyway, I took these screws out here. It’s a little
attached on one side because of the electrical connection. But we can pop this out, and you
see the workings in there and the motor. And here’s the inside. So just visually looking
at this you can see right there, the metal is all corroded and brittle and breaking down.
And if you look where that connects to which is right here. That’s one of the connections
on the heating element. So I was right that the heating element was not turning on. And
it was only because some water got in there and it started corroding and rusting. Yeah,
there is rust on here. So what I am going to do is sand this down, and on here I might
solder a piece of copper in there to replace the brittle broken parts, and it should work
just fine. So we will see if it does. Here’s the new connection. It’s just a piece of brass
bent to match the similar shape of what was once there. I just used a 9mm shell. Cut out
a piece of that and bent it. It should work fine so we will hook it back up together and
see how it goes. And here we are. I just slid it back in. Its pretty easy, there is just
a connector there. And you might not want to totally hook it up with this part until
you know that it works for sure. We will take a look at it here. I’m going to tape this
flap closed. I’ll take another piece and tape this closed. And we should be able to see
what it is doing. Sometimes… see the little black hose coming from the top of the freezer?
Sometimes that will freeze up with ice. Its flexible so you can squeeze it to see if there
is any ice blocking it. We have to wait a few minutes for this to start. This might
be in heat-up mode. I don’t know, because the tines are down so the timer has got to
go through it’s cycle. I
think its a little warmer. The blinking light means something. Here comes the tines. You
can see the water is coming through. It’s filling up the trays. Alright, it seems to
work just fine now. Then the tines will go back into position. You can hear it filling
up again already. Great!

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  • My ice maker is just like this one – except it's positioned differently in the freezer. Anyway, mine is working, but it's making ice SLOWLY! Nothing is frozen up that I can see. It's just so freaking SLOW! I have a thermometer in the freezer and the temp is 0 (ish)

  • Plastic= built in obsolescence! Whatever happened to metal parts? My parents still have a 1958 Viking manual defrost fridge with the original aluminum ice cube tray! No fans or timers, just a mechanical thermostat dial, and you cannot hear it running! Yes it still works, and was never recharged!

  • Hightideblue, thanks for your easy to follow video. Our ice maker stopped making ice about 6 months ago, but we can hear water running. After watching your video I wen to ck that black hose on the ice maker and sure enough it is froze. How do I unfreeze, though? Should I turn the freezer way down low or turn it off for a few hours? Thanks

  • Sir: my ice maker looks like the one in your video, it is in a Kenmore Elite refrigerator. My multi meter shows no power to the ice maker cable. Any idea why? Thanks.

  • Ice maker quit working a couple of days ago… Found your video this morning. Figured it was worth a try, and it turned out mine looked identical to yours. Same fix, but I used a .30-06 shell… Haha. Seems to be working like a champ, now. Getting 8 cubes every 50 minutes, now. Thanks for the video. Saved me about $70!

  • I have put the cleaner liquid and replaced filter to clean, but the "add cleaner" message is still appearing.  I also added 2 extra containers of water, as directed.  ???

  • Thanks for this video. I just finished repairing my Kitchenaid icemaker using a piece of copper. Biggest problem was figuring out how to get the icemaker out of the freezer until I saw your other video. Thanks for posting this.

  • I have the same one ,the light is flashing , no water getting in to the ice maker box , I get the drinking water .any Augustine's ,thanks Maz

  • Same corrosion on the heating element contact on mine. Will have to see if that's all that's wrong here or not.

  • Total waste of my time ,This idiot in the video needs to go get trained on what the hell he's trying to do or buy better dope.

  • I watched this whole video thinking I was going to have to call someone to look at it for me, until you got to the part where you said ice could freeze up inside the flow tube. I ran in my kitchen and low and behold it was frozen lol. Thanks!

  • Just repace the thermistor, the doigram is inside the the cover plate, it heats the cube tray a little bit so they don't over load the motor. ($2.00 !) amozon 5 for 5$

  • Thanks for the video. I tackled the dreaded ice maker today and low and behold mine had the same exact problem as yours. The copper contact was corroded just the same way. I took apart a old socket and used the copper from it to make a new clip and soldered it in place. Worked like a charm. Ice cubes be a make'in. Thank You.

  • need to add water overflowing ice tray as a symptom.  happened to me, and it was the icemaker that was stuck in the fill with water position – if there is such a thing.

  • have a whirlpool gold side by side and ice maker was not working at all. replaced ice maker and inlet valve but still no ice. water dispenser worked so i know it was getting said you dont need new power cord but yes you do. i replaced the power cord that came with ice maker and ice bucket filled within 24 hours. hope this helps.

  • Great video! I had the same issue and i fixed it in no time following your instruction. Thanks for sharing. Keep doing good work. Thanks again!

  • I have an ice maker bar size U-Line …UL SP 188-03 and it made tons of ice and then one day it just heated up…no ice…just heat coming from the bar where the ice falls out.
    Can anyone tell me what is the problem…Thank you

  • I have a problem with the ice maker in my refrigerator. The ice maker is similar to the video but it is GE. It makes ice but it joins the ice that goes out with the new one. The machine is without synchronization, how is it synchronized?

  • if water fill tube getting frozen it means that water valve, that supply water to icemaker, is bad and need replacement. Water valve just not closing completely thus letting water to seep drop by drop into fill tube to the point of complete blockage. You may defrost it by using hair dryer or turkey buster filled with hot water or by unplugging fridge and defrosting freezer section for 24 hrs. …….Overflowing of icemaker may be a bad valve or bad icemaker.

  • My icemaker was not dumping the ice. I removed the icemaker and when I took off the motor cover, everything was coated with ice. I removed all of that, scraped off the blue corrosion, and reinstalled the icemaker. The teeth seem to be working now but I can't get the icemaker to fill with water. It was filling before, just not dumping. Did I do something wrong when reinstalling?

  • Thank you very much for showing how to fix the ice maker at (4:16). Mine was burnt out at the exact same spot. Unlike you who used a 9 mm shell casing I stepped it up with a 45 cal, should last longer right, lol. Saved me some money and a lot of headaches.

    The 260 who dislike this video are the owners of Appliance shops who are losing money, breaks my heart, thank you again.

  • the large plastic gear, under the white cover, would SNAP because the teeth of the gear would disconnect with a smaller gear Do they wear down to the point where they have to be replaced?

  • I just bought a used Frigidaire and the ice maker wasn't working. I did a bunch of troubleshooting and couldn't figure it out until I found this video. Pulled out the ice maker and low and behold… same problem! I soldered in a new piece of copper from an old switch I had laying around, and the thing is working like gang busters now! Thank you for posting this!

  • My ice maker doesn't make ice. Water comes through when I do the paper clip test and I hear the motor work. No ice in bucket

  • Thank you sir! I opened my ice maker and the burnt copper I have was at the same exact spot yours had. Why is that happening?

  • my ice maker sometimes does not sense that the bucket is full and just keeps making ice and overfills the bin, any comments on that problem?

  • I owned a GE refrigerator and I'm staying with a friend who has a brand new Whirlpool refrigerator and it's night and day. My 10 year old GE made so much ice I couldn't even use it all. The brand new Whirlpool refrigerator doesn't make any at all. Takes hours to get it to make any ice. It makes about 5 cups of ice a day at best and the crushed ice dispenses all over the floor. Very poorly designed and function.

  • the sensor on the left side is not flashing like it is in the video. the sensor is flashing twice, res, as indicating in the video. no flashing in the left.

  • ice maker not working. Removed the module and checked the voltage as you did. Showed 98 volts. Could that be my problem. Does it need a full 120V.

  • I own a Kenmore side by side refrigerator with an icemaker that stopped working. There are no cubes in it and the fingers are pointing at me. I checked the tube the water flows out of that fills the ice maker to make ice and it is not blocked with ice. How do I troubleshoot this problem.

  • What if the gear that says "do not rotate manually" was in fact rotated manually? Is there a way to set it back to where it needs to be? I think my problem is in troubleshooting my issues i moved the fingers that pop out the ice by hand, and i think it moved the gear, i didnt take the cover off until after that, which i saw that warning. So i think the cycle is off now. Any way to fix?

  • Way too many comments to read them all, but my fix of a similar ice maker but different problem (the teeth were facing up) was to simply cut the power for five minutes. A few hours later it started making ice again.

  • If that fill cup gets frozen, turn the unit off, take a syringe of hot water and keep putting the hot water in the fill cup and it will thaw and you can pop the ice plug out with your finger. Use hot tap water to move any ice out of the rotating "fingers" and dry as much water out as you can with paper towels gently pushed into the bottom of the ice maker.
    Check the rubber water fill valve for any ice. If there IS ice in the fill valve, use a hair dryer to thaw it out and gently squeeze it like you mean it. Turn the unit back on – dispose of the first batch of ice!

    Thanks for the video mate !!!!!

  • after watching the video I decided on taking apart the ice maker . my problem was ice under where the heater coil was it was a chunk of ice I defrosted it and now it is wrking perfectly thank you for showing how to do it . saved like 130.00 or more

  • Great idea with the use of brass. Unfortunately, mine was burned and corroded out at one of the points and half the wiring harness, pins and receptors, so it's a new panel and wiring harness for me, but if this happens again and it's just one of the contact points, I'll be trying this for sure.

    FYI, the tray is coated with teflon, and the two bottom right points (that are close together) on the front of the control panel can be jumped with an insulated jumper wire to manually cycle the motor.

  • Thanks so much for this, the part in the video when you showed the black flexible hose & how it could be frozen was exactly my problem! Took my hairdryer & held it right over that spot on top of the fridge & thawed out the ice stuck in there, now working beautifully!

  • I have water coming to the valve at the rear of the freezer but no water going out of the valve……can someone guide me please?

  • Your saved me a bunchy of money. Exact same problem on a french door style Kitchenaid refrigerator and freezer. Opened the end with the electrical sockets and the whole socket was melted away. I took a replacement socket from a cheap plastic replacement electrical outlet and soldered that down to the copper trace. Works great. Thanks for the video.

  • Fixed it! Had the same problem as you. Used the 9mm bullet casing and all. Working like a charm now! Awesome and thanks so much. YouTube has saved me on many occasions and this one did as well.

  • I wish i could take a picture man. Same corroded element retaining clip same water leak etc. But definitely a fire hazard. Thanks for the vid.

  • I have a Samsung Icemaker that windy it’s circles it stops and the heating element come zone and melts us then if I start it by hand it cycles around and puts too much water in it

  • Thanks ,,, first thing I checked was the water supply tube …yep, Frozen , a few minutes with a hair dryer then 2 hours ice !

  • Dude, I watched this video and yanked the end off of mine, it looked ok and I put it back together after a quick scrape with my screwdriver for good measure and presto, the tines rotated to the top position. You da man! Thanks a million!!

  • After replacing the motor, my ice maker still did not work. After watching at least a dozen videos no one mentions the other possibility, which is easy to test…The Optic sensor. The red blinky light should blink twice when door is open and cycle over and over as two blinks then pause and repeat. If you close the receiver flap on the left wall the light should be solid red. If nothing, then its your Optics sensor. Type in Optics Sensor for this fridge and you will get a great tutorial on how to troubleshoot it. Wasted $160.00 on a motor I did not need. I tried to jumper the motor numerous times and it was not until I jumpered the Optic sensor did the motor finally work. Purpose of this sensor is to let motor know when the ice container is full since newer models do not have the metal wire. You will notice a grove cut into both sides of the ice container for the beam to shine through. Nothing will work if the Optic sensor does not work. Trying to jumper anything will fail. Hope that helps!

  • Awesome. using a few videos (one to figure out how to get the ice maker out, one for location of the controls driven troubleshooting steps, and finally this one for the couragedirection to remove the cover to the motor: magic, I found the burnout and damaged path and connector area. Mucho Thanks! Luv youtube too.

  • Thanks so much for the video. My problem was the black flow tube. Used my hair dryer on it and it is now making ice again. Thanks!

  • My Whirlpool ice maker is operating but is leaking water down into the ice bin on the outboard end (away from the water feed line) and freezing into a stalagmite in the bin that gets up to the machine and freezes together some of the cubes. Any thoughts?

  • Thanks for showing the water timer adjustment screw. Yes, 1/4 turn at a time to test and see if it is perfect. If not, adjust again. Some models have a silicon hose that attaches the ice maker to the water line. They can split or tear. Also, if you install a carbon filter you must flush it into a 5 gallon bucket to clean it out. I suggest put the date on it and extras in the cabinet above. 
    Now, activate carbon granuals can come out and stick in the water solenoid. The adjustment screw controls how long it stays on. Home water pressure is another issue that can change over time. Too high, then is over flows, too low water pressure, the ice cubes will be smaller than normal.

  • This is a great video and saved me a bunch of money. It turned out I had the exact same problem. Just cleaned up the corroded area, soldered a crimp and – voila! Thank you very much for such a detailed and well made video sir!

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