Trickpedia : Backside Blender – Marcelo Supertramp

Translated by Marcelo Supertramp
Synced by Marcelo Supertramp Backside Blender by Marcelo Supertramp That’s an uncommon trick Actually, there are a few people who sticks it Frontside, but today we are going to learn it Backside Which is a Chestbounce to Backside 540 Chestbounce To learn this trick I recommend you practice a lot the BS Freefall and the BS Ascention 360 But specially the BS Ascention 360 Because it’s basically an Ascention, but instead of landing on your butt you are going to spin a bit more and land on your Chest To earn this “bit more” of spin I recommend you two trainings First, practice the Ascention very short and very fast Second, practice the Ascention going high and slow After you managed both of them, try to combine both, go high and fast And that’s where you must know the Freefall, when you are up high you must have your body straight up and spin just like the Freefall I’m going to try once each training, one Ascention short and one going higher Another hint, Instead of trying to stick the blender, at first try to spin the ascention and land standing, facing the other side I will try it once Notice I was facing the other side and very close to the line, I could stick the trick by just stretching my leg above the line, like on the Freefall I’m going to try again the blender, but recording from my back so you can see another angle

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