Tribest Z-Star Manual Hand Crank Juicer – Juices Wheatgrass and More! No Electricity Required

All right, this is John Kohler with
I have this amazing flat of wheatgrass here. You can even see the water spots on it, or
the dew marks, it looks really great. Wheatgrass is really good for us but the problem we have
is, how so you juice wheatgrass, especially how do you juice wheatgrass without any electricity.
Okay, well Tribest has the Tribest Z-STAR Star juicer, a hand operated, manual hand
crank juicer. And today, I’m going to juice wheatgrass in the hand crank juicer. Let’s
go ahead and put the wheatgrass down. But, you know this juicer is my favorite hand
crank juicer, because you know not only will it juice wheatgrass but it basically is a
single auger style juice, much like my favorite style juicers single auger style juicers.
This has been basically modified to pretty much juice everything. I mean, it’s not
going to do the best job of juicing everything, it’s going to do really well wheatgrass,
and leafy greens, and it’s basically your only alternative if you want to have a manually
hand operated juicer, juice other things. So definitely good. So this is the screen
here, we’re going to go ahead and put the screen back in the machine. And this is your
end cap, you’re gonna put your end cap on. And actually I took this juicer with me, when
I went to Europe and I juiced all through Europe with this machine. So comes with a
nice funnel here, so you can easily feed produce into the machine. It also comes with a nice
collection cup, so this collection cup will catch the juice as it will come out of the
machine, and you’ll have to provide your own basically collection cup for the pulp
there. And what we are going to juice today, is we
are going to juice the wheatgrass and then I am also going to show you that this juicer
will juice other things. So, we’re going to go ahead and juice some oranges. And so,
if you are juicing any citrus it’s really important on the citrus, you need to actually
peel it, literally peel it. Or what I’ve done, is actually cut off the orange coloring.
So, with oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits you need to cut off the coloring. On the lemons
and limes, you can actually just juice them with the skin and all. I only recommend using
only organic because otherwise basically unless you are juicing the skin. Basically, there
are indigestive chemicals in the skin, so if you want to use them you can juice them.
But you know what you are going to get? You’ll get gas, flatulence and bloating. You’re
not going to feel well, so don’t juice the skin of oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit.
Let’s go ahead and start juicing, show you how easy it is with the Z-STAR juicer, you’re
gonna take the orange put it in there. You’re gonna push on here and literally just push.
As you can see the orange is going down and you can see look at the screen. You can see
literally the orange, the juice coming through that screen here. Let’s take a look at that
again. Look at the juice, literally coming through that screen and this juicer’s doing
a phenomenal job on this orange and making orange juice. And look at that orange juice.
So now, what we are going to do is my favorite combination, we’re going to take the wheatgrass
and put that in the machine. And it’s very important when you’re juicing the wheatgrass,
you don’t want to overload the machine. You want to just juice a little bit at a time.
You’re gonna take it in there and turn, and this handle is very easy to turn; anybody
could do this. So, you know hold that in there, and the wheatgrass is going to turn, you know
you’re going to start to feel some resistance against the handle and that’s all right,
because you’re going to be juicing. And Americans, we’re not literally used to doing
manual labor. So, this is definitely fun and you can get a workout while you are juicing.
And look at all that pulp coming out, this pulp is fairly dry.
And now we have a wheatgrass orange juice. A lot of people can’t stomach straight wheatgrass
juice, so I really like to mix it actually with orange juice, make it taste sweet. Let’s
go ahead and juice some more, wheatgrass here. You know the other thing I want to point out
is sometimes people buy a wheatgrass juicer and they will juice some wheatgrass and you
know I have bunch of wheatgrass here, but if we were juicing wheatgrass alone this much
wheatgrass makes maybe half an ounce of wheatgrass juice. There’s not a whole lot of juice
in wheatgrass, like the reason carrot. You know carrots are much higher in liquid quantity
or juice. And the same thing with oranges, we can put a little quarter of an orange and
we are going to get a lot of juice. But wheatgrass there’s not a lot of juice, you just got
to expect that. So there’s a big crazy on juicing wheatgrass,
and why is that? Well there’s a lot of nutrition in wheatgrass, there’s things like chlorophyll,
vitamins and minerals. But you know what? To me wheatgrass is just like another dark
green beefy vegetable. There’s chlorophyll and other vegetables like kale and other things.
But the real benefit that the wheatgrass, is in most cases, they’re growing it right
there in front of you. And at home, you can grow your own like with the Tribest soilless
wheatgrass grower. But it’s so best, literally you take this
wheatgrass and you cut it and then you juice it. So, you know you are getting the freshest
quality produce. You know the kale that you buy in the store had been harvested a week,
or two weeks, or three weeks ago and then you buy it. So, not quite as fresh so, what
I like to call the vibrancy chi, bio proton, or whatever, it’s fresh in the wheatgrass
juice. That’s one of the main benefits that it has life force in it that we are juicing
right after you cut it. And that’s not happening in most produce unless you’re growing it
yourself. And I encourage everybody to grow their own produce, in their front yard.
So let’s go ahead and finish up juicing here. There a clamp, a nice clamp on this
machine, so this juicing machine will clamp to most tables and most surfaces and you can
even clamp it to the back of a pickup truck and have a tailgate party. So, we’re just
about done juicing the wheatgrass, this is a rest of the wheatgrass here. Let’s go
ahead and crank that through. It’s been really easy and really quick here with the
Z-STAR juicer. And you can literally see out of screen here, all of the wheatgrass juicing
coming through the screen. And one of the nice things is with the Gstar
juicer is you can take this pulp and say you know you don’t think this pulp is dry enough.
You can literally take this pulp and put it back through the machine
and literally you will get further squeezing
and you will get a couple more drops of juice, but this juicer is fairly efficient already.
You can see I juiced a couple segments of oranges and a bunch of wheatgrass juice. And
now I have my favorite orange wheatgrass juice. To your health. That’s a good combination,
wow that’s some sweet wheatgrass. So this is John Kohler with
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12 thoughts on “Tribest Z-Star Manual Hand Crank Juicer – Juices Wheatgrass and More! No Electricity Required

  • hi thought I would add question here also: the healthy juicer or the z-star for manual juicing fruit & veg?

  • I would recomend the Z-Star Juicer over the Healthy Juicer. Its more effective at juicing a wider variety of produce. That being said, unless you need to have a manual juicer, I reccomend an electric juicer. They just work better.

  • Can I juice Wheatgrass with the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor and get the same amount of juice?

  • Most Americans would rather drive a car than walk. We have so many gadgets to mow our law, wash the dishes, wash the clothes.. etc. how many people do you see hand wash their clothes or bike to work?. Agreed. I wish it was made in America. I wish the design was better. I am all for American Labor. I don't live in Malibu.

  • These do not make nut and seed oil. This juicer is only for making juice.
    Only the Samson juicer with the optional oil press attachment will make the oil.

  • It wud also be nice if they created an an adjustment extraction knob similar to the one on the Greenstar double auger juicer.

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