Top Juicer 2020 | Froothie CEO’s Review of the Optimum 600M Cold Press Slow Juicer (vs. Vitamix)

Our CEO Reviewing the TOP JUICER of 2020. so what makes us juices different the
600m when we compare so if you watch the comparison we made a few days ago me in
France like a week ago actually exactly a week ago last Saturday evening we
could fit it in the other room with other juices and we concluded its the
juicer with its a great price but it’s also the juicer that has the most yields
for the most juice and the least pulp out of all other juicers now that’s an
achievement we did not expect it to be that to perform us to be that great
you see France was we actually was surprised I was surprised how good how
well the juicer performed and and I think the reason for such a great for
such a great performance not only the quality of the juicer which we pride
ourselves on and something that all our prices have achieved for many years
thousands of reviews so I’m not talking just for the sake of talking the proof
is always in all the reviews on all these different platforms but it’s the
design of the juicer you’ve got the auger and they got filter they usually
induces the filters separate to the auger with the 600 the least one piece
there you go so the filtered yoga is one piece
including this reason more juice and less power compared to any other juicer
and we’re not kidding when I say any other juicer I’m referring to the our
main competitors Haram and kuvings we get better yield and some more juice and
less popular those juicers and in some cases significantly more juice or
significantly less pulp when we compared to the kuvings especially the bigmouth
kuvings we have a big mouth juice who as well
the 600 m did significantly better in terms of performance and even when we
tasted the juice you can see Francois the general managers reaction it’s all
authentic we’ve got nothing to hide you can test this for yourself if you’re an
influencer we’ve got a kuvings got a 600 and compare it and return up to the
money-back guarantee you get a full refund free shipping try it for yourself
don’t tell us so we think you’re a customer and then when you buy it put
there side by side film it yourself and see
the difference square market for Isis send us the video you’re gonna use that
product for free and we pay everything we’ve got a news product in return at
least some of the video that’s the 600 M that we’re very proud
of then we’ve got the nutria force what’s been selling this product for
about two years it comes with two jugs from the Luger force very simple product
same quality of optimum really good pricing up beside the nutribullet that
you’ve seen but one jointer for squeeze and juicers and another one for grinding
just a really simple concept the main selling point assistive quality behind
optimum there’s always been a main selling point as a company so you got
the ninety two hundred a and then you’ve got the thermal cook now this you can
see how checks you lots of different brands so you want to get two he checks
they’ve got the optimum film we’ll go see a lot about it online that’s a
recipe book and there’s a new model coming out
the healthy fight which is it how beautiful it is it’s an air fryer very
easy to use I’m not going to give you all these different selling points you
can read about it online I’m not sales person but I just wanted
you to see the design and then we’ve got the patented revolutionary and expensive
Provine it’s an expensive product you can see the price not sure what it is
now but the way it works so simple you get the bag which is a reusable bag we
put the fruits and vegetables in there it’s with a filter please one of those
they can use about I think five times or twenty four twenty four times I think does it say Oh
five times yet so you can use a filter five times already
quality product okay the material is such a beautiful
product get what you pay for what you put that in there before your fruits and
vegetables inside the filter you can see here the filter in the reusable bag you
put all the fruits and vegetables with the filter you put that in there I have
used a new one that’s a new model just showing you no that’s literally all you
do to juice sure the product is incredible much better looking than my
face comes out of here and no cleaning to clean it you take this out and you
rinse it that’s it that’s the main selling point of this juicer easy to use such a new concept it changes the way
you juice is much cheaper it’s if you can afford it it’s well worth it
I’ve juiced for a long time and the concept of not cleaning makes me a happy
man anyway I just thought I’d make a quick video I don’t know if we’ll use
this at all this video it’s just a quick summary of three products for products
690 200 a you need to force an agility I’ll make more videos myself while I’m
an Australia here in the office I’ll come in on weekends to film a few videos
and hopefully we’ll bring you some valuable information as you make your
purchasing decision my name is mariana founder of Ferdy and i am in our office
thank you and if you’re a customer you’ll see how actually you know what is
this opportunity to talk about our customer service 2019
it’s our dedication to doing everything we can to make sure that you’re not only
happy with the product you’ve purchased but was the support you get so every
time you place it all right I didn’t want when you get a call immediately
from us thanking you for the order and following up if you need anything you
get your product yet customer service team it’s now 24/7 for
a new platform to be able to respond quickly any warranty inquiries will be
addressed very quickly usually the product is replaced so the way we do
customer service and warranty it’s way above anyone else in the industry and
that’s another thing that differentiates us it’s not only the quality but the
amount of care that we place in every single order and every single customer
that we have

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