Top 6 Reasons Why Juicing is Better than Blending

Alright! This is John Kohler with,
today we have another exciting episode for you and what we’re doing today is we’re
going to share with you guys the top six reasons why juicing is definitely better than blending.
You know I have made videos on this topic in the past, and be sure to check the links
down below for some of the videos where I did about juicing as compared to blending,
and you know, I’m going to say it straight up, there are pros and cons to each juicing
and blending, but the thing I want to share with you guys today is which one is a little
bit better. I mean I’m not going to say one is bad, the other one’s good because
we like to simplify things in our society, we’re reductionists right? We want the purple
pill to make us have an erection, we want answer, we want the thing to do right? Well
what if they’re all good to do right? I’ve seen, for example my dad, right? He started
juicing, eating a healthier diet, and guess what? Without the purple pill he was able
to have fun again in bed. So no matter what method you choose, whether it’s juicing
or blending or eating fresh fruits and vegetables that’s the most important part of why using
these tools are good for you. That being said, let’s get into why I believe juicing is
definitely better than blending and we’re going to count this down David Letterman style.
And yes, I was actually on David Letterman once.
So number six reason why juicing is better than blending is the noise factor! You know
I get some people that are noise sensitive and they don’t like loud noises, and they
complain that blenders are really loud, and even certain juicers can also be very loud.
For example, popular high power blenders out on the market can range in 95 decibel range.
So what does this equate to? This equates to the lawn mower that you’re always inside
trying to watch TV and you hear the rrrrr, the lawn mower guy next door lawn mowing,
disturbing the peace, right? Well that’s as loud as a blender can get. And in a prolonged
95 decibel environment for just a few hours, you can do hearing damage. So I would say
that over time using the blender a lot consistently may cause some hearing problems. That being
said, juicing on the other hand, if you’re using a slow juicer like the Kuvings Whole
Slow Juicer I have right here, this is more like in the 45 decibel range approximately,
and this is about the sound of raindrops that are falling on my head. Yeah, so juicing,
much more quiet much more calm, and a lot quieter so it’s not going to disturb the
peace. Another thing I want to equate to the noise factor is the higher the noise factor
in general, the more disturbance that’s going to cause to your environment, your peaceful,
but also to the produce or whatever you’re processing in the appliance itself.
Reason number five why juicing is better than blending is because it literally tastes better!
Yes, it tastes better. So what I’m going to do real quick is I’m going to juice one
pound of these organic carrots in the Kuvings slow juicer, and process one pound of the
carrots in the popular Nutribullet Nutrition Extractor because it’s not a blender, well
really it is. All right so let’s go ahead and set this up really fast and now we’re
going to juice one pound of carrots in the juicer. Turn this machine on, nice and quiet,
and all we have to simply do is drop these carrots right into the machine. And as you
guys can see what the juicer is doing, where it’s getting the liquid gold, the nutrients
out of the carrots, and we’re extracting primarily the insoluble fiber over on this
side. All right last carrot right in the juicer, very simple, very easy to make the juice in
the juicer, next we’re going to go ahead and load up the Nutribullet, which is even
quicker, and we’re going to take these pre-cut carrots, you can’t really put whole carrots
in there, and man we could barely fit all these carrots in there, and now in the blender
what they don’t tell you is that blenders require water to blend or they simply will
not work so we got some purified water here. We’re going to pour plenty of water in there,
screw that baby on, and we’re going to blend it on up. All right so now let’s go ahead
and turn this baby off and check it out, I’m going to do a taste test in front of you.
So here’s our blended carrots here, and basically what we’ve got, check this out
right here. It’s like we got some baby food or maybe some dog food. Like, this doesn’t
look very tasty. It’s fibrous, it’s gritty, and frankly, that’s a lot of stuff to eat
to get the nutrition out of one pound of carrots. Over on this side, the Kuvings whole slow
juicer, it made literally, approximately three quarters of a cup of juice with one pound
of carrots, and now we’re getting all the nutrition out of it, and let’s go ahead
and do the taste test. Mmmm. Much better, very smooth and clear with just a few fragments
of pulp in there to give you some extra added nutrition. So yes, juicing blows away the
taste of the smoothies because you’re removing the fiber, and when you remove the fiber,
you enhance the taste sensations that you’re going to get. I’ve done many tests with
people like my brother, juicing pineapples and even different juicers and he can taste
the difference between the slow juicer which tastes better than a high-speed juicer. I’ve
also done taste tests with a full audience where I juice in a slow juicer watermelon
juice in high speed juicer the water melon, and of course blend up the water melon which
you think “John, you don’t really need to juice water melon do you?” Well even
in that test, people preferred the juice made with the slow juicer of the water melon because
it removed all the fiber, it made it that much more clean, sweet, and delicious.
Reason number four why juicing is better than blending is because you can super-size it!
And I don’t recommend you guys super-size your hamburgers or cheeseburgers or French
fries or cokes or shakes or anything like that. But I do strongly encourage you guys
to super-size your fruit and vegetable consumption. Mmmm man those fruits and vegetables are so
good. But anyways you guys just saw how I took literally one pound of carrots turned
that into a big bowl of baby food, and I took one pound of the carrots, same carrots out
of the same bag, and it turned into three quarters cup of juice, thereby it allows you
to basically super-size the nutrients out of the given amount of produce, right? So
if you blend up one pound of carrots you’re going to get one pound of carrot goop. And
if you juice up one pound of carrots you’re going to get a little bit of the juice that
you can easily take in, absorb and digest while leaving all the fiber so that you can
bake in, feed to your worms, or just give to your compost pile. So it really allows
you to super-size the amount of fruits and vegetables we’re eating. Unfortunately in
our society people are super-sizing the wrong foods. They’re super-sizing processed foods,
animal foods you know, things that are fried and things with genetically modified ingredients,
things with preservatives. These are the things that we do not want to supers-size, and what
we do want to super-size is the fruits and vegetables, and I know many of you guys out
there may not be used to eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, and that gets me into the
next reason why juicing is better than blending. Reason number three why juicing is better
blending is because it’ll allow you to uptake more nutrition in the given produce. So even
if you said “John, I love that baby food” or dog food or however you look at it of the
Nutribullet nutriblast or shake, even if you ate it all, it wouldn’t digest as quickly
for you in this form because it has the full fiber and everything, and it would take a
couple of hours to digest at a minimum. Over on the juice side because we have removed
the fiber it makes our body’s job to process the nutrients significantly easier and the
juice is absorbed within 10 to 15 minutes. In addition, because it is already broken
down into the liquid state, our body does not have to separate out the nutrition from
the pulp, we can get up to four times increased absorption of the different vitamins and minerals
and phytochemicals and phytonutrients in whatever we’re eating. And this is super-huge and
super-important to me. Another thing I have seen is that people in this day and age after
years of eating the wrong foods, processed foods, packaged foods, animal products in
major excess, their digestive system is not what it should be. If you lived 200 years
ago yeah we could probably subsist on a whole foods, plant based diet without things like
juicing, although I would say what would we do with sugar cane if we lived 200 years ago?
We’d probably just gnaw on the sugar cane stalk and spit it out. So I mean we really
are juicers. Really the juicer is just doing some of the work your body would do for you.
Think about it, if we ate a carrot, crunch on it, chew it up into a mush, we would swallow
it, and now our body would extract out what it needs and out one side of us comes the
liquid, right, the clear stuff hopefully if you’re hydrated. And out one side, the back
side comes the solids. So literally, this is like the front of us, this is like the
back of us, the juicer’s doing the work to extract the nutrients so that you could
get a greater uptake. And I know some of you guys are thinking “John, what about the
fiber man, you’re throwing away all that fiber.” Well I don’t know about you, I
don’t want to eat all this fiber like this, because it just definitely does not taste
too good. I eat fiber other parts of the day when I blend smoothies and when I eat fresh
fruits and vegetables whole which I eat plenty of. But even if you make a juice I want to
remind you guys that it does have fiber. There are two different kinds of fiber out there
right? Number one, there’s soluble fiber. This is the kind of fiber that basically dissolves
in water, it’s soluble or water soluble. Fiber number two is insoluble fiber that basically
is mostly coming out in here. Now yes, there is also some soluble fiber stuck to the other
fiber in here, but you’re getting plenty of soluble fiber in here, with very little
insoluble fiber, depending on the juicer. This juicer tends to leave a fair bit of insoluble
fiber in with the juice, so you are getting that too. Now there are some studies that
show that “John, there’s nutrients in the fiber that you’re throwing away that
you’re not getting in the juice, right?” Well yes, so yeah if you want to eat this
you could totally eat that, and you know, what’s the percentage of uptake of those
nutrients that you will get out of it, because it still is in the fiber right? Our body can’t
extract things from fiber or the microbes inside of us can help digest those and get
some of those off, but I would venture to say that in a juice with some insoluble fiber
in there, and of course the soluble fiber, there is still plenty of nutrients that our
body can uptake from and derive the benefits. Another thing I want to point out is that
some of the studies that show that there’s nutrients attached to the insoluble fiber
were actually done with solvent extraction. I do not recommend solvent extracting or isolating
certain kinds of nutrients. The juicer is a mechanical process and it’s not perfect,
you can see little bits of fiber actually there attached to the glass. It’s a mechanical
process much like our teeth. Our teeth chew and as we chew it releases salivary amylase
and different enzymes, and the act of chewing helps get our digestive juices going in our
intestines, and that’s why I would encourage you guys to chew your juice a little bit when
you drink it, swish it around your mouth, make a chewing motion, keep it in there for
a good 30 seconds to stimulate and simulate if you were actually eating it to get the
optimal level of digestion in the juice form. So I want to talk a little bit more about
the soluble fiber that’s in here because it’s the soluble fiber that’s in here,
helps regulate the blood sugar and slow down the absorption of the nutrients. So yes, even
in a juice you will get the soluble fiber that will slow down the absorption of the
nutrients in the juice as well as help keep your blood sugar stable. Now according to
other research I have seen there are actually even phytochemicals in different fruits and
vegetables that inhibit and block the uptake of some of the sugar in the fruit and vegetable,
and that’ s simply amazing. Now when you’re isolating things, this is not occurring. To
me a juice is almost like a whole food because it still contains the soluble fiber that basically
is soluble in liquids, it contains some insoluble fiber as in the Kuvings whole slow juicer
because it leaves some fiber in there, and it has a ton of nutrients in its liquid and
most digestible state, and this is why I believe juicing is much more beneficial. I have seen
studies also that show there’s more vitamins and minerals in the juice, and actually what
I want to pop up now is actually a little graph here that shows the polyphenol content
of the vegetable juices here. I have a printout here we’ll do a close-up on the screen for
you guys. But right here it shows total polyphenols in flavonoid contents in the Kuvings juicer
is greater than a centripetal ejection juicer and greater than a little blender similar
to the Nutribullet, which is actually even lower. So literally if you’re blending something
you’re getting actually less nutrition. If you’re using a high-speed juicer you’re
getting a little bit more, but if you use a slow juicer you’re going to maximize the
polyphenol content, and these polyphenols are very important antioxidants that help
keep us young. So that actually brings me into the last part or the top reason why juicing
is definitely better than blending. Okay my top reason why juicing is better than
blending is because you’ll get greater health benefits right? I don’t know about you but
I got into this whole juicing lifestyle and blending and eating fruits and vegetables
for my health. Literally I almost lost my life so I know what it’s like to be at the
edge of your life in the hospital that you’re looking back at your life and saying “Wow
man, how did I get here?” And more importantly for me I asked “How can I avoid being here
in the future?” And this has been my whole area of study, and what I’ve been doing
for the last 20 years now is eating a plant-based, fruit and vegetable based diet with juicing
and blending in my diet. And that’s why this stuff is so powerful. What I want to
share with you guys next is actually a study here, that is a published study that compares—the
title is all kind of technical so bear with me—“Influence of Extraction Method on
Quality and Functionality of Broccoli Juice.” So there’s been studies that show broccoli
juice has anti-cancerous effects and all this kind of stuff, well they basically took different
juicers such as the Kuvings Slow Juicer, they took a high-speed juicer, and they took a
small blender similar to the Nutribullet and they processed raw broccoli, and the results
were very revealing, because once they got the output from the different methods, they
basically tested for polyphenols which you just saw the results for, they tested for
the color and all these different things. But more importantly what I want to focus
on is they did testing with testing the different juices and the blended mixture with cancers
to see which one would have more cancer protection, also which one would be more anti-diabetic,
right? And this is why juicing is purely better than the blending. And so let me go ahead
and throw up this slide, and this slide what it’s showing you guys is the antioxidant
activity and free radical scavenging effects of the juices. So as you guys can see on the
screen, the Kuvings Slow Juicer has the most amount of antioxidant and free radical potential,
followed by the centripetal juicer, and of course the blender had the least amount of
protection. That being said, I’m not going to say don’t ever blend, I’d rather have
you guys blend stuff up than not juice. I would rather have you guys eat broccoli masticated
into a mush, because just getting the nutrients in you is very beneficial and any way you
can do that is a good way, but in my opinion and based on this study, juicing is just simply
the best way. Now even more than the antioxidant capability which is good because it’s anti-aging.
I started this diet 20 years ago and if I told you guys my age which I’m not, you
would be impressed because most guys that are my age now have grey hair, they’re balding,
they’re fat, they’re overweight, yet I remain young and trim, sleek and healthy right?
In general people believe that I’m about ten years younger than I am, you know? And
this is what the power of the fruits and vegetables and the juicing and the blending and eating
them can do for you, and if you don’t get anything else from this video, is eat more
fruits and vegetables, and use the tool, any one you want to get them into you, right?
And if you want to do the best, you should go with the juicing okay, so here’s why.
Check it out we’re going to throw up this slide on the screen, and this slide shows
the anti-cancer activity of the different juices, whether it’s the slow juice, the
high-speed juice or the blended one, and as you guys can see, the dark blue line is the
slow juicer juice that has much higher anti-cancer activity than the high-speed juicer which
is the green line, or even the blended, which is the yellow bar on the graph. So yes, even
blended broccoli will have some benefit, but if you look at overall, in general the juicer
wins. Now should you always juice? Should you just drink juices instead of blending
or even eating anything? Well if you use juicing in that fashion, I do not believe in a juice
fast. I don’t believe in making a juice fast, you could get healthy for a while, and
then go back to your normal crappy fast food, junk food, processed food diet right? I want
you guys to incorporate juicing into an everyday part of a healthy, balanced diet right? It’s
not about all juicing or all blending, it’s about juicing sometimes and juicing consistently
at least five times a week, blending sometimes three to four to five times a week as well,
crowding out the other foods you’re eating, and making it a part of your lifestyle because
juicing is definitely a part in this day and age of a healthy lifestyle in my opinion.
I mean you think about “John, juicing’s unnatural man, there’s no juicers 200 years
ago” and all this kind of stuff right? Well we didn’t have cars 200 years ago right?
We didn’t have all these technological advances, we didn’t have computers, you wouldn’t
even be able to watch this video on YouTube right now right? So I want you guys to embrace
some of the new technology because besides juicing increasing the nutrition, having more
cancer-fighting ability than literally other foods on the planet because of the fruits
and vegetables, we are also being bombarded with toxins at a faster rate than ever before
in nature. And if I lived 200 years ago I probably wouldn’t need to juice, I’d probably
eat the nutritious food from the earth before chemical farming and topsoil degradation came
into play, and I would be happy and health because we wouldn’t have microwave signal
rays, Wi-Fi rays, cell phone tower rays, chemical fragrances and perfumes and BHA and BHT additives
to our foods, right? Juicing is the extreme opposite of all those toxins, it is a way
in my opinion to get some of those toxins out of you in a slow and healthy manner while
at the same time providing your body cancer-fighting materials from the fruits and vegetables.
So one of the biggest problems in today’s age is one of the modern diseases of man,
which is type 2 diabetes, that’s the kind of diabetes that you get when you’re an
adult, right, and they tell you “Oh you’re going to be diabetic” and all this stuff,
and in my opinion, and based on some of the research I’ve seen, this happens purely
for the most part because of diet and you’re eating the wrong foods. You’re eating highly
processed foods, you’re eating genetically modified foods, you’re eating foods with
processed ingredients and different hormones and chemicals and toxins and all this stuff,
and you’re eating animal products in a range much higher than I would believe is optimally
healthy. So if you want to look at what’s better for anti-diabetic purposes, whether
that’s something blended like this or a high-speed juice or once again the slow juice,
let’s go ahead and throw that slide up. And as you guys can see the anti-diabetes
activity for the slow juice is much greater than even the centripetal juice and is even
greater than the mixture made with the blender. That’s the number one reason why juicing
is much more beneficial to me, because it’s proven in documented scientific journals,
I’ll put a link to you guy if you guys want to peruse the journal and yes, you can interpret
the journal article any way you want, but over all you must admit that there are definite
benefits to juicing. There are also benefits to blending, and there are benefits to eating
fresh fruits and vegetables whole, and once again, I want to share with you guys that
you need to start including these healthy foods in your diet on a daily basis, and if
you juice them, that’s great that’s probably the best, if you blend them that’s great
too, if you want to eat them because you don’t’ have the money to buy either of these guys
that’s great too, just chew all your food into mush. And no matter what, whether you
juice or you blend, you want to chew your juice or blended smoothie because digestion
starts in the mouth, and if you’re just blending the smoothie up “Oh yeah I got
all the fiber I’m going to glug it down because it tastes horrible,” you’re still
not going to get optimal digestion because we need to start creating those enzymes in
our mouth by the salivary action, and get our digestive juices flowing by actually chewing
in our mouth, super important super critical. So in the end, I just want to let you guys
know that I know there are still many of you guys that “John, blending’s better”
and you guys are always going to have blenders on. I’m not going to try to do anything
else to convince you aside from showing studies, showing the reports, and more importantly
me getting personal testimonials and personal experiences in my life. Think about this if
you think about juicing versus blending right? Okay so there are major health retreats in
the United States, one is known as Hippocrates Health Institute that basically heal people
from uncurable diseases. From what I’ve seen, and from many of the people that have
been there and I’ve spoken with, they heal them from diseases not on blended smoothies,
no. They heal them on fresh juices, right? They’ve healed thousands of people right?
So far that the doctor that runs the center says that 90% of the nutrients when you blend
are gone. I don’t know that I’d say 90% because this study kind of shows otherwise,
but you definitely lose more nutrition in the blender, and you can’t eat as much of
it as in the juicer. So juicing is much more beneficial. I sent my mom when she was having
some precancerous stuff going on in her throat to a place that basically put her on a juice
fast for a period of time, and she got beneficial results, but more importantly after she came
off the juice fast, because she was coming from a standard American diet, she actually
started incorporating juices and blended smoothies into her diet more regularly on a daily basis
and is now healthier because of it. I mean there’s another therapy called the Gerson
therapy right? It literally calls for juicing carrots and apples multiple times a day, and
they have from what I’ve heard and seen in the testimonials and met people, they’ve
cured thousands of people with cancer on the fresh juices and not the smoothies. And even
so far as they say you have to use this kind of juicer which is kind of a more slow extraction
method than a high speed machine, and now it’s apparent why the recommend the slower
method to make the juices because it has more anti cancerous activities, right? And this
is truly why juicing to me is better than blending, and if you’re still going to blend
that’s great, I still blend mostly every day, but I also juice every day and I also
eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and that’s what I want every one of you
guys out there to do. If you are looking for a juicer I do highly recommend a slow juicer.
Be sure to check my past episodes for videos where I compare all the top slow juicers on
the market at this time including the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer which I like for many reasons.
Get a slow juicer, start juicing today, start getting these juices in you on a daily basis
as part of your lifestyle, not just a fad diet, not just a juice fast, but a little
bit of juice here, some blended stuff there, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and
I believe, and truly believe in the end you will be healthier because of it, I mean the
science is showing that, and I’ve experienced it, I’ve talked to so many people I’ve
sold juicers to, they are now losing weight, they now have more energy, and they now have
regained their health. And this is all that I simply want for you guys out there as well.
If you enjoyed this video, please give me a thumbs up, please share with all your friends,
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be sure to check for my next episode where I give a one hour lecture on the differences
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you guys as well. So once again, my name is John Kohler with, and
if you are looking for a juicer please support me and my work at so I
can continue to make these videos for you guys and produce some excellent content so
that you guys can change your lives. Once again my name is John Kohler with,
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