Tips on How to Use Your Phone & Hotspot on a TelCel MEXICO Sim Card

Hello, Story Chasers. Before I left for my Mexico trip, I was really
concerned about my internet connection and how was I actually going to be able to do
work when I got there. As you know, as a digital nomad, it’s super
important that you actually have an internet connection everywhere you go so that you can
get your work done. So the next question is what do you do if
you don’t actually have a current cell phone plan or data plan that will actually work
in the country that you’re visiting? That answer is coming up next. Hello everyone and welcome to Story Chasing. My name is Amber and I sold my house and quit
my job so that I could travel full-time and chase my dreams. And now, I’m helping people just like you
to transition into nomadic life and work remotely in beautiful places like Mexico so long as
you have a strong data connection and an Internet plan that works there. So the question is, what do you do if you
don’t have a data plan that actually works in the country that you’re visiting? We’re going to get to that now. When I was actually planning my trip to go
to San Felipe, Mexico. I was concerned about the Internet connection
and so I was trying to research does my two current data plans actually work in Mexico? I have two plans. One is AT&T and that is through a third-party
person that I purchased off of Ebay. I called him and he said, “Nope, it does not
actually work in Mexico,” based on a data plan that he’s on. The second plan that I have is Verizon and
it’s the prepaid Verizon plan that I have linked right here that I purchased back in
December, and it’s just a prepaid plan that I use. I’m still testing it out and it does actually
work in Mexico. However, you have to pay an additional $5
per day in order to get access and even then you’re capped at half a gig of data per day
and that just doesn’t work for me. I actually wanted to relax a lot in Mexico. So I was hoping to not do too much work, but
just in case I wanted to make sure I had a backup plan for my data. Since neither of those carriers would really
work in my situation over there, I decided to wait until I actually got to Mexico and
find out who their local carrier was and then figure out what I needed to do in order to
get a plan with them. So I got over to Mexico and even the people
that I was traveling with that had the AT&T International Service, they said they just
weren’t really getting a great connection for whatever reason, it just didn’t work in
that particular area. So what we ended up doing is we went into
downtown San Philippe, Mexico. We found out that the local cell phone and
data plan there is Telcel. So we ended up going to three different locations
to figure out exactly what we needed to do and these were just local places inside of
San Philippe. One was actually a Telcel store. Then we went into a local convenience store
called OXXO, which is the equivalent to a 7/11 and they actually sold SIM cards there
and you could actually pay them to get service on that plan there. But what we decided to was just go ahead and
buy a SIM card, take it back to the RV resort that we were staying at and then just go online,
activate the SIM card and go ahead and load the plan with the plan that we could pick
online. We felt like that was just the best thing
for us so that we could look at all the different plans and figure out exactly what we wanted. So you want to buy a SIM card and these SIM
cards are a little less than two US dollars per SIM card and they come in a little package
like this. On the back of them, it has your IMEI number,
your SIM card number, and your telephone number. You’ll definitely want to make sure that you
keep this information because you’re going to need it to go online and load your card,
or whenever you’re going into the local Telcel or OXXO convenience store to load the card. In order to use these SIM cards, you need
to make sure that your cell phone or your hot spot or jet pack is already unlocked. It actually comes in several different sizes
in here. It has the micro and the Nanos so it should
fit any of your cell phone or data plan devices. The other thing about these SIM cards is they
already come activated. I didn’t actually know that it was activated
when I bought it and I was confused. I was trying to go online and activate it
and I couldn’t get it activated and so I found out later on it was already activated. Next, you can load it either by going online
to the Telcel website or you can load it at OXXO or the Telcel retail store. I actually chose to go ahead and load it online
just because I wanted to look at their various plans. The first time I was actually able to load
it, without any problems, I actually got the largest plane they had, which was at five
gigs of data for right around $25. But it was a little bit cumbersome on their
website. Everything is in Spanish, of course, because
you’re in Mexico. So you do have to either know Spanish or you’re
going to have to do some Google translating on there. So have the Google translate up in your toolbar
of your browser or you’re going to have to look it up on Google translate or an app on
your phone. It’s just easier to have the extension in
your chrome browser and let it translate for you. So I was actually able to load everything
just fine the first time. The second time that I went to go load it
because I ran out of data, I was uploading videos. So the second time that I went to load it,
I couldn’t get it to load. It wanted me to verify my credit card and
it would send me a small dollar amount to my credit card or my bank card. It wanted me to confirm the amount that hit
my bank card or my credit card and we’re talking five cents, seven cents here. So I would try to go and confirm it, but mine
was in dollars, theirs was in pesos. I tried to do a conversion and it just wouldn’t
do it. It kept saying that that was wrong and I just
could not get it to work. It was a really a royal pain. So my advice is just go into the store and
load it. You can go in there and just tell them exactly
what plan you want and pay for it in-store and give them your phone number and they’ll
go ahead and load it for you there. It’s the easiest way to do it. But let me tell you once it’s all loaded,
the plan was amazing. It was really fast. It was an amazing data connection. We had no issues whatsoever while we were
there. So it’s a pretty easy process once you know
what to do. My other tip for you before loading your SIM
card is a go to an ATM and actually get pesos with your check card. It’s so much simpler to just pay everybody
in cash and you don’t have to worry about using your check card or your credit card
anywhere or having to possibly pay any of those foreign exchange fees. Every bank is different. Yours may not charge you the foreign exchange
fee. Mine actually does. So I just went and got some pesos out of the
ATM and then I used that to pay for everything around there, including loading my SIM card. So hope you have fun traveling to Mexico. If you have any questions for me, go ahead
and leave them in the comments below. Make sure you subscribe. And over here there’re some more videos on
traveling to Mexico. So check out that playlist so you can see
more tips and tricks to traveling in Mexico. We’ll see in the next video.

18 thoughts on “Tips on How to Use Your Phone & Hotspot on a TelCel MEXICO Sim Card

  • Great info on Mexico and cell service. Very interesting, always wondered about that, thank you. I hope you didn't drive your super nice, expensive vehicle down there. Super risky with theft,, accidents, etc…. Maybe do a video on vehicle insurance coverage and liability with such possibilities?. Curious. . Safe travels.

  • Can this be used anywhere in Mexico? I am looking at Tulum/Del Carmen. I need a lot of data and reliable internet, can I just keep loading data over and over? Thanks!

  • Nice video, I wanted to use my IPhone XS in Mexico. I went to an official Telcel store and they told me I can’t use the phone in a prepaid plan because they classify it as a high end device. High end devices can be used only on plans. So I went to movlstar and activated there it’s was simple over there.

  • Wow only $25 for 5gb? Is that 4g lte? If so that’s pretty amazing. Does it include calling and texting too? So $2 for the sim and $25 for the plan $27 total for 5gb amazing way cheaper than in the states lol

  • I have that sim card in my unlocked phone. And I pay 11 dollars for 30 days plan unlimited calls to Mexico usa and canada

  • T-Mobile, works well in Mexico, but if you run out of data go into any Oxxo or cellular stores and buy a new sim card.

  • I recommend going on getting a local provider named Unefon. They have have great coverage and only offer unlimited plans with unlimited data. 1 day of unlimited data is rougly 0.50 cents USD and for a whole month of unlimited it is roughly 15$ USD

  • Great video, super helpful and informative for my upcoming trip to Mexico!

    Question: i have an iPhone 8, if it’s not unlocked can I still use the telcel SIM card?? Anyone know?

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