Tiger Nuts Milk (Kunun Aya or Horchata de Chufas) | All Nigerian Recipes

Hey guys, I’m soo excited to share this
recipe with you because it is a very refreshing and delicious drink!
Tigernuts are abundant in Nigerian and have lots of health benefits.
To make Tiger Nut Milk, I soaked the very dry nuts in a generous quantity of cold water
for 2 days. I kept it in the fridge so that the nuts do
not ferment. Most tiger nuts sold in Nigeria are fresh
and well hydrated so you’ll only need to soak those ones for a few hours or overnight.
This is what they look like after 48 hours and here are the dry ones.
I then wash the soaked nuts very well and sort out the bad ones.
Put them in the blender and pour just enough water to help the blades move.
We need to make this milk as conc. and tasty as possible, you can add more water later
if you wish. At this time you can add other ingredients:
coconut, sugar, ginger and other flavours of your choice and blend them together.
I do not want to interfere with the delicious taste of these nuts so I will not be adding
any other ingredient. Use a chiffon cloth to separate the chaff
from the drink. I’m using ladies stocking! I got this great
idea from a website that explains this process in detail.
Press the stocking to make sure you squeeze out the milk as much as possible.
Put the chaff back in the blender, add more water and blend.
Strain and repeat the process till there’s no milk left.
Be careful so you don’t add too much water. As a guide, I got 1.5 litres of tiger nut
milk from 600g of soaked tiger nuts. Bottle and keep in the fridge for 3 days.

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