This Is Why You Can’t Use The Bathroom In A Romper

(deep bass dance music) (high anxiety music) (belt thuds heavily) (zipper ripping open) (music intensifies) (heels clacking) (music crescendoes) – Oh my God! (sighs heavily) (urinating) – Oh! Sorry! Um… Jesus. (loud banging) There’s a girl in there
and she is totally naked. – I’m not naked! I was wearing a romper! – I mean, buck naked. – [Woman] Whoa, you’re right.
– [Man] Right? – [Woman] She’s not even wearing a bra. – It’s a backless romper! – She’s probably some
sort of exhibitionist. She didn’t even lock the door. Some people are so perverted. – I’m not a pervert, I’m fashionable! Ugh! Gross! (heels clacking) – [Man] She’s showering in there? – I’ll be right out! – I mean, who does she think she is? (music intensifies) (fabric tearing) (gasping) – I mean, why would she be naked? Makes no sense. – There are some people
that get off on it. They get off on it. – [Man] C’mon, lady! We have to use the bathroom too! (upbeat, triumphant dance music) (heels clacking) – Oh yeah, There’s no more toilet paper. (heels clacking) – But I gotta take a shit! Guess I won’t wait.

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