You’re Back in Steve’s kitchen
it’s Smoothie Tuesday and we’re going to pull the roulette wheel and see what
milkshake we’re doing this week. Oh hubba hubba it’s a banana milkshake. Guys I’m
going to make the most delicious old-fashioned banana milkshake one that
you can share with your friends let me show you how Steve’s kitchen style. Now
with our banana milkshake you want to make sure your bananas are starting to
get this black brown blemishing on them because we want them… they should even
smell like bananas…. even riper than this will do because with these milkshakes
I’m trying to get the authentic flavors of the old-fashioned milkshakes and I’m
going to want to a draw out as much of the flavor of the banana as possible
without using artificial flavors and sweeteners. So we just take one banana
and we’re just going to dice it up, you don’t want the bitter end of the banana
that’ll add bitterness to the drink. We don’t even need to chop this up really
just break it up and pop it into the blender and then on top of the banana
just put half a tablespoon of honey and before we do anything else we want to
blitz this banana up and use the honey to draw out the sweetness from the
banana. Now I’ve let that blend for a good
couple of minutes and you’ll see that we’ve got this beautiful…. see if you can
see in there… gott this beautiful paste now and it’s a sweet banana paste. So now
we’ve blitzed up the banana I’m going to add one cup of full cream chilled milk and we pop the lid back on there and I’m
going to let that mix for two minutes get lots of froth into the milkshake. So there you have it guys that is
blitzed up it’s a beautiful thick milkshake and I’m going to pour this one
out now and that’s the consistency we want. That lovely thick foamy milkshake so
what I’ve tried to do with this one is capture the banana flavor in the milk
without too many extras in there. Let’s give this a try, it’s not nesquick it’s
a true old-fashioned banana milkshake. Tastes delicious, the balance of
sweetness is just perfect. Guys join me next week I’ll spin that wheel again and
we’ll see what Milkshake we’re making next week on Steve’s kitchen
Smoothie Tuesday. Be good see you next time. This is a really delicious
milkshake and it really depends on the flavors of your fruit so make sure
they’re in season, make sure they’re really sweet and ripe and you’ll end up
with the perfect milkshake .This doesn’t need the ice cream in there it’s thick
enough, straw stands easily, enjoy guys I’ll leave my subscription button at the
top, a couple of links from other smoothies, be good.

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