The Sharks Chase Knife Aid Into the Hallway – Shark Tank

I’m passionate.
I jumped in first. Has anybody else spent
4,000 bucks on a knife?
Mikael, you asked, “Who’s passionate?” This is real.
I know how to scale. No, but passionate,
because you have a lot
of businesses. You’re involved in a lot. So we need to know that the person
that steps on board with us is actually gonna give us
one hour more than the other brand
you stepped onto.
O’Leary: Mikael, ask any — -That’s important to us.
-Mikael, who else — My entrepreneurs call me
at 4:00 in the morning.
Smart. Smart question. Mikael, who has spent
$4,000 on a blade? Moi. Nobody else.
Oza: That’s not
your target market. You got to make a call
here, Mikael. We’re making a call.
Just have a quick chat. -Yeah.
-You have 30 seconds. Damn,
you guys grovel enough? Well, why don’t you
make an offer?
[ Laughs ] -Yeah, that’s a good deal.
-I don’t beg or grovel. I’m a [bleep] Shark. I am not above
doing whatever it takes. Absolutely.
I’m with you, Lori.
You tell them, Lori. ♪ Oza: They’re taking too long.
We got to get them back. Excuse me. ♪ I thought this was against
the rules, you know? No, there’s no rules. Greiner: You know,
excuse me, guys. You want to know
about passion, right? Well, I’m not sitting,
waiting. I want this deal.
Yeah. I’m here.
I’m with you. Okay, so, for us, we would really want you to move up
to $500,000 for 20% because it would feel better
for us walking out of here knowing that we got the same
as the other guys. Why not? [ Laughs ] I can’t even hear
what’s going on now. -And really do everything.
-Don’t make a mistake. -Yeah. Can I —
-I think at the very least — You, go away.
No, no. What do we need?
What do we need? Lori, I’ll back you! I love your deal,
and I think Barbara and I can really
blow this thing up.
Lori, I’m in. You guys know what
brand-building is about. Plus, we’re offering you
an extra $100,000.
No. We came here with a target
of Lori and Rohan, but I want them
to go up to $500,000 ’cause then me and Marc
will walk out of here — -But wait. No, wait.
-Done. -Wait, wait, wait.
-Done. Soderlindh: It’s closing.
It’s closing. -Let me — Let me —
-It closed. Goodbye. -It’s closed. It’s closed.
-[ Laughs ] Oza: It’s closed.
Let me get you
an extra hundred. -Ah!
-It’s closed. Guys, I could have got you
an extra $100,000. ♪ Having four Sharks
running after us
into the hallways is something
I would never dream of. And, like, I don’t know
what’s going on. The key was
he wanted 100, and as soon as I said “Done,”
there was no debate.
It’s a new breed of Shark
that grovels.

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