THE FOX AND THE HOUND 2 ft. Patrick Dougall (Drunk Disney BONUS EPISODE)

(Drunk Disney theme) Welcome to Drunk Disney where we drink watching Disney movies then tell you what we learned from ’em. Tonight’s movie, released in 2006,
is the Direct-to-DVD sequel to The Fox and the Hound. We just watched the original Fox and the Hound so we’re doing two Drunk Disneys in a night ’cause… Yeah. He’s gonna look familiar to you. But we’ve got! Again! The guest! From! YouTube’s! Thingamavlogs! Patrick! Get over here! (cheering) I fell! J: That was a serious fall!
P: Yeah. J: Do you do stunts?
P: I do. Hire me. C: Do you really?
P: No. I’m just drunk from Fox and the Hound 1. Our drinking game this evening is
every time the friendship was more real in Fox and the Hound 1, we’ll be drinking. That was from Dave. But also, we just had a lot of shots.
C: But also, let’s take it easy. ♪ Big Mama says take it easy ♪ If Big Mama’s not in this sequel, I’m boycotting it! To Walt! (cheering) Drink Attack!
All: Ohh! P: They’re young again! (Laughing) Can we also talk about this great animation difference? C: This looks like a knockoff
that you would buy from a guy on the street. J: “Heya, the fox poofs up, it’s funny.”
C: “You want The Fox and the Hound?” D: “This is A Fox and A Hound.
I don’t know what you were lookin’ for.” (“Friends for Life” plays) C: What is this music? This is to Mumford & Sons. Wait! I get a second Drink Attack ’cause I didn’t
use my first one, so Drink Attack again! But where THE FUCK is Mama?! J: Dude, if Big Mama isn’t in this movie… We’re done.
P: We’re done. Drunk Disney cancelled! So Big Mama’s put in Fox and the Hound 3! Fox and the Hound 3: The Big Mama Story P: (Laughing) What is that?!
C: Oh no! I hate this already, it’s so creepy. P: (Laughing) If I was a Disney character, that is ME! To Disney movies at their finest. All: To Disney movies at their finest.
C: Oh my god. J: Oh, he saved him again.
C: “You saved me again!” “I’m just a bad dog.” “I’m just a bad dog!”
J: “You’re gonna have to spank me, Tod!” Their friendship was definitely better in the first one. All: Ohh! D: Widow Flanigan did not need to be
upgraded to high definition. To the original. C: Fourth place? Might as well go get
hit by a train if you got fourth place. It’s funny ’cause that happens to him later. J: “Mama taught me with a sack full of flour,
you too good for this?!” Is that pizza? Yeah! P: Pizza time!
D: Pizza! J: Oh we’re just gonna eat this? All: Aww! C: How is he nice now?
P: It’s 2006. They’re like “shit, we gotta fix this.” “We made that guy wayyy too much of a dick.” P: He had HUNDREDS of dead animals.
J: “Maybe reveal that those were like, fake.” J: ♪ When you’re the best of friends
You hang out on barrels together ♪ P: There’s other humans in this area!
C: Oh man, I hope that there’s like, a freak show. J: Oh, I don’t like that. Oh, I don’t like that! J: “Mom, it’s a fox and a hound and they’re friends! Hahaha!” “Shut up, Jimmy.” C: Oh my god, there IS a freak show!
(gasps) There is a freak show! J: Who are the voice artists for this? I’m gonna be pissed if you guys were hyping this up because Reba McEntire’s in it. J: Jeff Fox-and-the-Hound-worthy is the banjo guy. C: “Make sure you do a good job or
I’ll have y’all put to sleep!” (howling in tune) D: ♪ You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals
So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel ♪ (Overlapping)
P: ♪ We’re just the best of friends ♪ D: ♪ Ain’t nothin’ but mammals ♪
P: ♪ Best of friends ♪ D: ♪ So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel ♪
P: ♪ Best of friends, best of friends ♪ D: Sing it again now. So this whole sequel is just, this is his teenage age but he just grows up and like wants to kill him. J: “Copper, remember when we went
to that fair, though?” P: “You sang, remember?”
J: “I’ll still kill ya!” Tap dancin’ dogs. Well I never! C: Maybe they’re clapping for the dogs that are howling to music, it’s impressive. If you’re paying like, a nickel? What do you expect? J: “I’ll bet you a bone that they end up hate fuckin’.” P: This CGI in Fox and the Hound! All: Ahh! D: That guy is straight out of Home on the Range. J: That girl is straight out of my nightmares. C: Are they together? P: ♪ They’re the best of friends ♪ C: (Laughing) These horses are out of
some fuckin’ hellscape! J: Straight out of Doom II. (Doom monster sounds) “Well, Tod can be in the band too, right?” P: “Umm, no.” “Can you sing, kid?” J: (Roughly) ♪ We’re the best of friends ♪ J: Wow.
C: That’s not safe. Friendship is better in the first movie.
He wouldn’t embarrass his friend like that. J: Ohh, he tried to kill him! “You get to hang out with our new star here.
Keep him happy!” J: “No matter what it takes.” J: I don’t know what merit badge she’s goin’ for, but… This is to butter sculptures.
All: Butter sculptures. (Softly) ♪ We’re the best of friends ♪ I still won’t be impressed with this sequel
until Big Mama shows up. I hope in the second act they go to Big Momma’s house. (Graessle booing) J: “Hey Widow, your pie looks pretty dry there.” Uhh! I’ll call a Drink Attack.
All: Ohh! Disembodied Hands, what’s this?
This is the Hound. There’s only three of ’em.
C: I wouldn’t finish it. Thank you, Disembodied Hands. This is to Billy Corgan. Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins. This is my kind of drink.
P: (hissing) This is strong! This should not have been the last one! Oh, but that smokiness. There it is! Oh, hello! This tastes like I’m just like, in the woods huntin’ turkeys! Like I just killed a fox’s mom! I feel like I’m drinking the embers of a fire! D: That dog’s really strugglin’ with that
ball peanut butter. J: She’s in a milking contest? I thought she had a pie!
J: It’s a milk pie! Fun fact: that milk ain’t from the cow. (chuckling) From her tits, you know what I’m sayin’? (laughing) All: Ohh!
J: Jonas Brothers! C: This is Patrick Swayze? Patrick Swayze’s dead?
D: How do you think they made the movie Ghost? P: Like the first one, there’s nobody around.
Now there’s a whole fucking carnival? With magazines-
J: With like, multiple magazines! P: And record deals! “Oh! Sorry, Tod.” J: “Don’t fucking talk to me like that.
You fucking go and sing without me?!” “Who cares about Cash?” I care about cash! Cash money! “You slow as an iron toad!” ♪ I am Iron Toad ♪ ♪ Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit ♪ ♪ Iron Toad ♪ C: There’s a sign for that big, fat lady. I wanna see her! They keep showing her and I wanna see her. Drink Attack!
All: Ohh! The shitty equivalent of drinks in this awful sequel.
C: It’s so weird now. Yeah, why is that brown? C: (Laughing) I feel like this dog looks
like me when I had red hair. She kinda does. Maybe that’s why I’m so into her. ♪ It’s lonely at the top ♪ C: Lady, you’re singin’ at a carnival. In a dog band. J: You ain’t at the top of nothin’. I like to imagine that for all the humans
at this carnival, all they’re hearing is… (howling) “Shut the hell up!” D: ♪ All ya need is a PBR and a truck
and a man that’ll never leave ya ♪ ♪ Good doggy (hah) ♪ Ughh! ♪ Good doggy, no bone ♪ What?
(Laughing) This fuckin’ sucks. ♪ Good doggy, no bone ♪ (laughing) P: What is this?!
J: Sexy piglets?! C: Why don’t they just do this as the show? ♪ Good doggy, no bone ♪ “How’d you like to get your best friend back?” C: “Well, okay.” D: They’re performing at the Grand Ole Opry?
J: Oh, they’re performing for the GOP? “Ya know, we got dogs that are singing!” “They’re the best!”
J: “Believe me!” C: “They’re purebred dogs!”
D: “They’re terrific dogs!” C: See, there she is.
J: My Dimples! C: It says My Dimples! (laughing) Oh my god!
All: Ohh! (sad music)
I dropped my drink! My Dimples! (pitch lowered)
I dropped my driiiink! My Dimples! My Dimples! “Come pay a nickel, look at my dimples.” “Pay me a dime, it’ll be worth your time.” (Laughing) “Pay me a quarter, I’ll hike up
my skirt a little shorter!” J: Oh Widow, you coulda gotten shot right there. Why are we making Amos sympathetic here?
C: I don’t like this revisionist history. (Laughing) Big Mama flies onscreen about to say something and it just cuts. “Well-” “Clem Clodkicker over there-” Clem Clodkicker?
Clem Clodkicker. Clen Clod…kicker. Say it three times fast. Clem Clodkicker. Clen Clod- kick…
Clen. Clod. Kicker. J: Wasn’t this bit in the first one?
D: You know what, if it works… If it works, Drink Attack. Ohh! (straining)
J: “Eh, eh, eh” This is to glass spiders.
All: Glass spiders. Who cheats on Gwen Stefani? C: Right?
J: Right? Idiot. C: What is she doing to this old man? He’s tranqed up. “Ladies and gentlemen, the Singin’ Strays!” (loud howling) It’s what they sound like. “Tod?”
“Copper?” “Chief!”
“Tod!” “Copper?”
“Rocky!” C: This demon of chaos. “Dixie, what have you done?” J: “I started our plan to kill all the humans.”
D: “Bitch, we free! Run!” C: “Run!”
D: “Run!” J: “Where you goin’, you old crone?
Get back here and predict my future, right boys?” “Well, we don’t believe in that, Cash.” C: “We’re not even twins, you just
keep acting like we are.” J: “Yeah, you racist as fuck.”
C: “Come on, let’s see that lady’s dimples.” “Bring out the dimples!”
“Show us your dimples!” “We want dimples!” J: He did the Luigi death stare walkin’ off. P: Oh you’re gonna crash! Watch out! C: ♪ Oh and you come crash into me, baby ♪ J: ♪ And I come into you ♪ P: Oh, what IS this? Drink it!
I live behind this now. Chelsea. What’re you doin’? I don’t know. What is going on? P: They’re sorry, time for make up! ♪ We’re the best of friends ♪ I just realized I regret wasting all that paper towel.
J: Yeah… ♪ Ring ding ding ding ♪ J: Cruella de Vil’s car! With poop on it. P: PETA’s just like, “We’re gonna shit all over your car!” ♪ Like a rhyme and a song, we all belong ♪ ♪ Like a bird in a tree, we were meant to be ♪ All: Ahh! C: “I love dogs! I’m on so many drugs!” P: Literally, don’t grab the dog by its paw! This isn’t A Dog’s Purpose. P: “Say, you wanna touch one of my eight nipples?” J: “Well I’m thinkin’ I got paws for at least six of ’em.” “We got crickets to chase!” J: ♪ We got friends to best ♪ “If I’m ever naughty, just spank me right here J: ♪ We go together like a fiddle
and a biscuit and a bone ♪ “Oh Amos, here’s some of my sweet pie!” J: Oh sit on that rocking chair!
C: “Sit on my face!” P: “We’re just playin’!” J: There, we’re done. (cheering) C: Whoa!
P: What is this?! (giggling) P: Disney Toons?!
C: “I’m not REAL Mickey!” D: What are you saying?
C: That is so smart. What did we learn from The Fox and the Hound 2? I learned, don’t make Disney sequels.
I also learned if you film two Drunk Disneys in a row it’s probably a bad idea.
J: We warned you. This has been Drunk Disney: Fox and the Hound 2! Did you say dos?
It’s Spanish. I said dos! Yeah!
Yeah! Hey guys, thanks a lot for watching Drunk Disney: The Fox and the Hound 2, our special bonus episode! Ohh! Make sure to subscribe to this channel,
Practical Folks, for more Drunk Disney goodness. Check out Thingamavlogs on YouTube or PatrickZFilms on Instagram and Twitter, check him out! ♪ ‘Cause we’re the best of friends ♪

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