THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! [Yacht Refit & Restoration Week 83] (Ep.92)

Don’t change your rigging, keep your old rigging forever! Bye rigging! You think of it? It’s very nice. I can stand here. We are at stage of the boat building that it’s so exciting
we’re nearly done so we’ve just screwed in our clutches
Ricky’s just servicing our winch and we’ve installed the clutches we have connected
up our running lights anchor lights our fore deck lights we connected all of that so
the lights of our mast are all done and ready to to work one day where do we go sailing.
Ricky climbed up the mast to put up our anemometer and take the
measurement for our fore stay so that we could size up our new rigging. Got these steel stainless steel plates
and what they do is they hold onto the furler and the bottom they attach to the
anchor roller, the chain plate by the anchor roller so what I want to do is just polish
them up and get them looking like new again polish that side already so it’s
nice and shiny so clean up all the sides on both of them all four so what I’m
doing now is just marking all the sections, here is our furler on the ground I’m
just marking all the sections so that when we put it back together each one
goes back and aligns up so I’ve got 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 and so forth and the game of tetris began we coated all our bolts with Duralac All done! Last one connected So we put our tape where we don’t want it to
unravel further there, we got a cone they’ve got other names for this stuff
let’s just check it up on the stay lock side and so we’re gonna start unraveling
the outer side So there is the core of the wire unraveled just take our
cone so what I did is I wrapped them back all
around nice and tight as tight as I could but our left is I’m going to turn this
clockwise now which will initiate these to come around we don’t want to get any
strands inside that gap over there to prevent it from from the cone closing we
want that cone to tighten up to grip the inner core some of the local guys
suggested that we get a bit of urethane adhesive sealant now technically we
should force the whole thing together she was all assembled and ready to be
attached don’t be fooled by that time lapse that
was freaking difficult and my arms are jelly and we’re all sweating and like
DEAD Ricky’s laughing at me but how heavy was it? No that thing is heavy.. It’s blady heavy and this time lapse made it not look as epic as what it was. don’t do that don’t don’t build a boat! Don’t change your rigging, keep your old rigging forever! Don’t build a boat we then got started on our inner fore
stay for our stay sail. it was time to test out our sails and
make sure everything was running smoothly so we do have a new mainsail but we’ve
decided to use the old one in PE (Port Elizabeth) because of the ore (manganese) so this one can get stuffed
and then before we leave most likely to Cape
Town we’ll switch it over to a new main or just wait till this one tears and then
and then put our new one doesn’t look the greatest but it is what it is
we’ll use it until she can no longer ssail and I’ll switch it over super
exciting day because today today we are officially going towards the final count Goodbye sails are up! and goodbye instruments DONE! Oh wow! so life raft
no money for you at the moment but first aid and safety gear we tending to that our
dinky we need an outboard motor for it antifouling and epoxy that’s just before
we go in. Name.. Engine. with all the little mannetjies next to it.. some deck fittings we’ll be pulling that off soon very soon the
water maker 95% complete and there’s cabinet those window shades are coming
on Friday and the name yeah the name yeah the name that’s coming next week makes we
then got started on installing our swim so we got our I call it our solar panel
protector but it’s a dual purpose it’s going to protect our solar panels and
it’s going to act as a handrail here off the back going to step out of the
Dodger You know what happens when you can’t find your safety
shades just slap on your normal pair of shades and get it cut. What do you think of it though? Very nice! I
can stand here.. see and it incorporates midget mode. It’s awesome hey! Well Marcus was
welding on our bow seats and Ricky was busy washing the boat I got down with some editing Check it out Marcus came and weld our
seats on today or the frame for seats looks so good both of them are done and we at
that stage of the boat build that it’s so exciting we’re nearly done we can smell
it yep I smell bankruptcy but we there get to work mr. Do you like them? yeah they freakin nice, don’t you like them? I do like them!
Ricky put emphasis on working in a warehouse or a shed or whatever you
have available if you’re doing a rebuild and I agree 100% with that today is
freezing and the worst thing is okay well it’s not the worst thing but we have
the tasks we do have left are outside tasks so when it’s cold you got to work
because time is money and ours is running out so we need to finish this
boat as soon as possible and get her in the water
so we’re pushing through even working on crappy days like today so if you can do
it in a ware house do it in a warehouse Look at that a whopping 10 degrees Celsius wanna
go sleep.. I wanna go crawl into my little bed and go sleep We got started on our rub rail.. and man what a transformation it gave take it off baby take it off .. how many are we on 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 so show everyone you do have
chain plates there.. film it.. all the chain plates are in well not chain plates cleats cleats
backing plates in it everything in the back those mother’s are in..looking good
baby see some people wondered why we don’t have backing
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100 thoughts on “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! [Yacht Refit & Restoration Week 83] (Ep.92)

  • How is it that it's freezing? 10 Celsius? Surely it's a very personal perception and your instruments need a good check up. Here we are marching aroud 33/35 Celsius……………….From old Italy.

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  • wow guys, all that hard work is paying off. I have a question. Is the dingy gonna sit on the swim platform when sailing? or will it hang past that?

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    Is nice have the divine protection from the sky(litle Jesus) and underneath (King Neptune)! Have fun kids!

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    Soos gewoonlik baie lekker werk – As usual a splendid job.

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  • Hey Simone , ya want a kick-arse comment , well here's one , what the hell is that razor wire doing around ya boat ??? i thought that stuff was just for gaols and prisons

  • Splash day is just around the corner but as for now I am looking forward to the engine install. I do have a question are you going to have a generator on board that can be used as well or when needed? Now for the sails just a little bit of soap and water and a lot of TLC cant fix. Keep up the great work. I do like the idea of the name Sailing Lady Africa ( add name of the sail boat). See you next week.

  • Hi guys try taking the old sails to a commercial dry clean you can a couple of years out of them and they will look like new

  • Name for the boat. My father used it on the 28 foot Ketch that he built back in the 1930's and 40's. He called it ( I am not sure of the spelling) Ndaba (maybe n'daba) he always said that it was either Swahili or Zulu for "Mind your own Business". He spent several years in Rhodesia in the 1930"s. Great Videos, love watching guys. Best Wishes Always. Don S Phoenix AZ USA.

  • Please add a "contact email" to your website, I am an ex-Saffer now living in Florida USA and would love to give y'all my contact details should you ever be in my area. I have a pretty nice workshop set up should you need to make any repairs etc. or just upgrade something or the other. Would love to meet you both, Ricky is a truly great craftsman, and Simone an artist behind the camera and at the editing table. I can't wait to see the "great splash!". Groete uit Amerika!

  • Almost there! The Boat is looking AWESOME! Your hard work is paying off. I just wish I could become a Patron to help you on your way. Stay Safe Guy's!

  • Just an engine away from an awesome day! And some minor stuff, like Simone's crane skills. Awesome job on the rebuild, float her already please 🙂

  • _ Hi Riki & Simone, have you actually given the boat a name as yet or are you still thinking of a name? How about "Nenekazi" which is Xhosa for "Lady" as you're from a Xhosa speaking area _

  • Great work!!! Beautiful boat! Beautiful country. When I visited PE in 2015 it was the start of June, the weather was nice IMO. Where I live, 10C is T-shirt weather, dead winter can get as low as -30C to -40C.

  • I got in two flights off the mountain today… had some cold beers and pizza… opened up the Mac to find this video posted. What a perfect end to a great day! The joy you two are feeling travels around the globe and hits me right in the feels, makes me all misty eyed and shit… stop it! Love you two! #SeaMonsterStrong

  • Bankruptcy is the right of passage for every boat build Ricky.Awesome job guys.Rossco

  • Good job guys! Question what did you guys use to seal that handrail/panel potector and the rubbing strip? Just a sealant or butyl tape?

  • Well done, AWESOME quality work, you are just so nearly completed. "Vas Byt" (Hang in there!) Cant wait to see her in the water. Any chance a steam cleaner wash would improve the mail sail?

  • I am so impressed. This is phenomenal. Well done guys!! Start thinking about banking – international. It takes time to set up, but always worth having an atm card, online banking, etc with an offshore account. Especially if you're travelling worldwide.

  • The boat is looking great! That old mainsail…not so much. 😬 Good luck on finishing her up and getting her launched!

  • Hi Dry sailors, your boat looks like new, I say it again,.."Great Professional Work".! Tip, to cover the hydrolic stearing cylinder and lines..(U can) use pvc cloth with smal sail rings hamered in, and and rope pulled through.. any way Succes and Greetz.NL

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  • Are you guys available tomorrow for coffee? We live in Kleinrivier, inland from Jeffreys Bay. We are thinking of getting a cat and your advise would be greatly appreciated. 0834090928

  • Thank the patrons for us non-patrons!!

    Edit: Thank you, all of the patrons for helping this ole gal put up with that ole guy!! Lol!!!

  • 10°c is a great work temperature. You can just put on more clothes. Problem is when it is too warm. No escaping that.

  • I love the cliff hangers so I am going to guess its the engine so you can get in the water that will be the vidoe everybody has been waiting for keep it up and please have a great day as well

  • Another great job , good thing you’re not scared of heights Ricky😄.Looking forward to the engine going in and you guys getting on the water but will miss the fit out.

  • Good to see Moses again. How is he doing – finding work on other projects? How would people looking for help in ZA get hold of him?
    Thought that was a camo sail at first!

  • Just wondered if you'd had time to sit down and look back at what you've done or what you've achieved. That was a massive undertaking and has come out really well. Not just "really well" that has been bloody brilliant and you should sit back with pride and admiration at what you guys have done. Simply outstanding…………. ⛵⚓🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️😁👍

  • I bet you can smell the first splash at this point. It's been a long time coming, but you are there. Great work, and the boat looks so much better. Regards, Solomon

  • Hi guys, you can use a 10-20% solution of bleach and water to clean the sail. It will help not harm the sail at all, but will reduce the stains ( not eliminate). Watch out for expensive commercial cleaners they can ruin sail by removing the resins in the sails and shrinking the luff and leach tapes creating while baggy sails. ( I'm sure you don't have any money for that anyway but bleach is cheap) Cheers Warren

  • Great work you two. Good to see Moses lending a hand. You are so close and have done such a fantastic job. Can't hardly wait to see you hit the water. Thank you again and have a great week ahead.

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