The DRUNK Humming Challenge (ft. Sawyer Hartman) | Tyler Oakley

– (imitating a siren) – Three, two, one.
– [Sawyer] Three, two, one and drink it, Tyler Oakley. That is a win.
– [Tyler] Let’s make a video! Hey, everyone, my name is Tyler and I am here with the fabulous – Sawyer Hartman! – We just filmed on his channel– – (laughs) You’re wondering
why we’re like this. We tried the cottonball challenge– – [Tyler] But… – [Sawyer] with a little spin on it. – What was the spin? – An alcoholic spin. – There was a lot of vodka involved. – A half a bottle of vodka. – We may have just
gotten a little bit drunk and now we’re going to do the (laughs) now we’re going to do the
humming challenge on my channel, so after you watch this, go
check out Sawyer’s channel. Watch his video, like, it’s
kind of a shit how I think. – It’s awesome! – You guys are going to love it. That’s all that’s going on right now and I can’t even talk… So let’s get into the
humming challenge, shall we? – Do it! I’m going to choose a song.
– [Tyler] You’re up first. Go.
– [Sawyer] First, here we go. Alright, ready? (hums)
– [Tyler] Thriller! (laughs)
– [Sawyer] What?! One for Tyler Oakley.
– [Tyler] Nailed it! – [Sawyer] Awesome. – (hums) – Oh! Mirrors, Mirrors!
– [Tyler] Yes! – I kicked the vodka, but I win. (hums) – “Baby”, um, Justin Bieber!
– [Sawyer] Yes! – (hums) – Oh, that’s R. Kelly. (hums along) ♫ I believe I can fly ♫ – Yep, you got it. – It took me a second. – Sometimes you’ve got to
go through it to get it. – (hums and grunts) – I have no clue. – I’m sexy and I know it! – Oh! – I know it (grunts) I know it. I don’t really know the
words between the chords. – If you knew that, push the like button because I surely didn’t. Okay, my turn, my turn, my turn. You’re not going to get it
right away, just wait for it. (hums) – ♫ Means no worries,
for the rest of your days ♫ It’s our problem free ♫ Philosophy ♫ Hakuna matata ♫ (hums) – Oh, uh… ♫ So call me baby ♫ (hums) – (hums along) It’s Rihanna. Is it “Hopeless Place”? I don’t know what the song’s
called but I know it’s Rihanna. Do I have to get the title right? I just know it’s Rihanna. It’s “fell in love in a hopeless place”. – We found love, yeah, close enough. You got it, you got it. (claps) ♫ I believe I can fly ♫ – (hums) – “Mmmbop” I am so good at this game. – Mine are too easy, this isn’t fair. – Okay, ready? (hums) – “I Like Big Butts”?
– [Tyler] Yeah. ♫ When a girl walks in
with an itty-bitty waist ♫ And a round thing in
your face you get sprung ♫ I don’t know the other words. – Copyright. (giggles) What are you doing? – [Sawyer] (hums) – I’m going to make you keep doing it because that’s humiliating. Is that really what the dance moves are? “Gangnam Style”, obviously. Okay, okay, shush. (hums) – Oh, that’s Christina
Aguilara on the track! – Absolutely not! – Never mind, I’m sorry. – (hums) – Hey! It’s Adele! ♫ Rollin’ in the deep ♫ – Nailed it!
– [Sawyer] Got it! I almost feel bad for myself.
– That you have to do this? – Yeah, because God, it’s like your queen. – Oh, my queen, okay, so it’s Gaga. – Oh, I shouldn’t have even said it. – “Bad Romance”. – That was actually–
– [Tyler] Is it that? ♫ Every night and day ♫ (laughs) – (hums) – ♫ I got sunshine ♫ On a cloudy day ♫ What song is that? ♫ My girl ♫ (hums) – ♫ Stayin’ alive ♫ This is so easy, I don’t
want to give it to you. – Give it to me, hard. – (hums) Wait, wait, wait, I kind
of lost it somewhere. – (laughs) Is it easy, Sawyer? – Wait, wait, wait. (hums) – Oh, “Don’t Stop Believing”. – (singing melody) ♫ Spread my wings and fly away ♫ I believe I can soar ♫ See me running through that open door ♫ I believe I can fly ♫ I can fly ♫ I can fly ♫ – (hums and laughs) (laughs) I should be so much good at this. – You’re like– – (hums) – Oh, is that Lady Gaga? That is Lady Gaga! Is that… it’s not “Magic Stick”. “Poker Face” that is “Poker Face”! – (hums) – Oh, is that 98 degrees? – (hums along) ♫ All the single ladies,
gonna put a ring on it ♫ I don’t know that! (hums) I’m going to go ahead and skip that one. – (hums) – Oh, I know this! ♫ Gonna scream, and shout,
and let it all out ♫ (hums) – I knew you were trouble when
you walked in, Taylor Swift. – (screeching) – I think I could fly. (hums) – I don’t know. – (hums) You don’t know what I’m singing? – I don’t, I really don’t. – Really? – What is it? – “Ice, Ice Baby”. – Oh, come on, that
should be like (grunts) – That’s what I did! – Don’t listen to this.
– [Tyler] La, la, la, la. This is cheating, you
can’t look up the song to try to find out how to sing it. This is so inappropriate.
– [Sawyer] Alright, I got it. (hums) – ♫ in my pocket ♫ I, I’m a gonna ♫ This is fucking awesome ♫ “Thrift Shop” (hums) Oh my gosh!
– [Sawyer] Oh, yeah! – You just licked my mouth! ♫ If I can see it ♫ Then I can do it ♫ – (burps) I think we are tied if you get this. Okay, ready? – I don’t know what we
should have to do for the… – You’ll have to eat
my ass to win. (laughs) It’s the only way. – That’s the only way you know it’s a Tyler Oakley challenge. – (hums) – “Living on a–” is it Bon Jovi? – Yeah, “Living on a” what? – Living on a dream?
– [Tyler] Nope. – Living on a feeling?
– [Tyler] Nope. – On a cloud?
– [Tyler] Nope. – On a… one man boat in a–
– [Tyler] What am I doing? – Prayer! Yes! Bam! – Okay, so I think that’s
it, I think we’re tied up. – I really don’t know, I think
so, they might not think so. – It’s up to you who you think won. If you think that I won,
let us know in the comments. If you think that Sawyer won,
let us know in the comments. Whoever the better hummer was, I think is going to decide who won, but either way let us know that you like the video by pushing the like button,
and subscribe to my channel if you liked it, I’m
going to have more videos coming out soon, and
if you want to see more of me and Sawyer, you
can go to his channel. We made a little video
that got us a little tipsy in this state of mind.
– [Sawyer] It got us here. – It got us to where we are right now. We did the cotton ball challenge
but the alcoholic version. So, if you want to see
that, go to his channel. You can click his face, or the
description will have a link if you’re watching on a mobile device. And, if you go to his
channel and watch that video you have a chance to win an iPad mini so go check it out. – I think that’s it, I think that’s it. – Right, Sugarplum? – Leave us more challenges to do. – Me and Sawyer have so much fun filming. – In a non-sexual because– – [Tyler] Ouch, of what
you want us to do– – [Sawyer] He likes it. – We’ll do more challenges in the future. Okay, bye! – [Sawyer] We’re talking about
cotton balls, not penises. – [Tyler] And put it in the hole. Oh my god, wait, I feel
it all over my hand. There is no way I am going
to be okay with this. – I should just pour you a shot now. – [Tyler] Oh my god, no! Three, two, one, go! (electronic music) I hand selected the most obsessive maniacs that I could possibly find on Twitter. They are competing doing a
whole bunch of challenges to try to win tickets to the concert. – See you girl, eat your ass out. – Eat my ass out.

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