The Breakfast Club (7/8) Movie CLIP – Covering for Bender (1985) HD

A naked blond
walks into a bar… with a poodle
under one arm… and a two-foot salami
under the other. She lays the poodle
on the table. Bartender says, ”l suppose
you won’t be needing a drink.” Naked lady says–
Oh, shit! [Vernon ]
Jesus Christ Almighty! Forgot my pencil. [Vernon ]
Goddamn it! What in God’s name
is going on in here? – What was that ruckus?
– What ruckus? l was in my office,
and l heard a ruckus. Could you describe
the ruckus, sir. – Watch your tongue, young man.
Watch it.
– [ Groans ] – [ Mr. Vernon ]
What is this?
– [Zipping Sound ] – What is that? What-What–
What is that noise?
– [Andrew] What noise? [ Claire ]
Really sir, there wasn’t
any noise. – [ Gasping ]
– Ow! [ Exaggerated Sneeze ] – [All Coughing ]
– [ Cries Out] – [ Coughing ]
– [ Coughing ] That noise?
Was that the noise
you were talking about? No, it wasn’t.
That was not the noise
l was talking about. Now, l may not have caught you
in the act this time,
but you can bet l will. [ Laughs ] You make book
on that, missy. And you!
l will not be made a fool of. [ Laughing ] l t was an accident.
You’re an asshole. Sue me. So, Ahab, can l have
all my doobage? [_ipping Sound ] Yo, wastoid. You’re not gonna
blaze up in here.

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