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today I am sharing with you guys how to
make the best healthy apple crisp you’re not even gonna know that it’s healthy
your friends won’t know your family won’t know it just tastes delicious
and it’s made with really good for you ingredients if you’re new don’t forget
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as well but yeah let’s go ahead and make this healthy delicious apple crisp I’m
so excited you’re gonna love it so this is everything we are going to
need in order to make our apple crisp so I’m starting out with of course some
apples and I’m using four apples about medium sized I’m using Honey Crisp
because they are my favorite kind of apple but you can definitely use a
Macintosh or another kind of Apple just make sure that they are organic apples
are part of the Dirty Dozen so it’s something that you do want to buy
organic so I just went ahead and peeled them and slice them up you can
definitely keep the peel on I would say I do it 50 50 percent of the time keep
the peel on or not the peel does have a lot of nutrients but it is a little bit
more fibrous and tough in your crisp so then I’m just separating all of the
apples so they’re not all stuck together and to that I’m gonna be adding in some
apple pie spice you can definitely just use cinnamon as well I believe
apple pie spice is a mix of cinnamon and nutmeg and clothes and things like that
I’m also adding in the juice of half a lemon this really helps to create nice
soft apples and I’m adding in some air root powder which is one of the secrets
to making a really good apple crisp that’s because it not only helps make
them soft but it also helps to absorb any kind of moisture that is released
from the apples you don’t get a watery crisp you get really nice kind of jammy
soft nice apples so just go ahead and mix that until everything is coated and
combined if you don’t have air route you can also use tapioca
starch or tapioca flour that also works the same way as air root but I highly
recommend not skipping that step because that’s how to get the best kind of fruit
in your crisps that it’s still jammy but not watery and putting that into a
baking dish and just smoothing that out until they’re all nice on the top and
then we’re just going to reuse this bowl in order to make our topping this part
is super easy and the ingredients in the topping are as well so I’m using some
almond flour it’s a great grain free flour along with a little bit of coconut
flour added in some coconut sugar for sweetness and great unrefined sugar it’s
a good staple I get my stuff at Costco for baking I get a lot of questions
about that both coconut sugar and coconut oil are
really good price at Costco so I would look they’re a little bit of more apple
pie spice for flavor but again you can use cinnamon and I’m just gonna mix this
through until it’s combined now I like to use the coconut oil at room
temperature because it’s kind of like substituting a butter in where you get
the nice crumbles without it being melted I’m adding in some slivered
almonds for crunch and another one of my secrets and is optional is to add in
just a little bit of granola about 1/4 cup it helps to add a really nice crunch
to it so if I have it on hand I’ll add it in
but you could definitely just add in a little bit of nuts or even two different
kinds of nuts you could do almonds and pecans but I really find that adding in
Agra slivered almonds or a pecan adds a nice crunch to the crumble and really
helps to get that perfect texture on the top so then either using a spoon or your
hand just go ahead and put that on the top I find it easiest to just spread it
out with my hand that way you don’t get chunks or clumps and kind of all the
nuts and everything are distributed a little bit more evenly so just sprinkle
that on the top until everything is on there and then we’re gonna bake it off
at 350 degrees for about 3540 minutes until it gets brown on the top
and the apples kind of start to bubble on the sides and it’s honestly so
delicious your house is going to smell so good and then all you have to do is
wait a little bit for it to cool off I would say about 5-10 minutes and then
you can go ahead and serve it or have some for yourself if you’re having the
or a party or you’re just making it for fun so I just spoon some of that out and
this would also go really well with a good dairy-free vanilla ice cream I
sometimes do that especially if you’re bringing this somewhere it’s kind of a
good pairing and it’s just such a really good delicious fall dessert you can also
make this in two separate ones like into ramekins that would work well as well
but it’s just honestly so delicious all right guys I hope you enjoyed this video
and this recipe it’s such a good staple for the fall and winter time I know I’m
making it for my family for Canadian Thanksgiving and so this will be up even
before American Thanksgiving so plenty of time to make it for the next coming
months or getting into Apple season yeah comment down below your favorite apple
my favorite is Honey Crisp there’s just nothing better than a Honey Crisp apple
I just love them so much um yeah I hope you guys are all having a great day and
I will see you in my next video bye guys

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