The Best Food Processor of 2019

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced
chef or a kitchen newcomer; a food processor is a great way for anyone to up their cooking
game. That’s why our team set out to find the
best one. After processing over 40 pounds of vegetables on five of the highest-rated
machines on Reddit and Amazon, we found that the Cuisinart – DFP-14BCNY is the best one
you can get. For more detail on these tests and products,
check out our website Our posts are completely unsponsored and 100% free of any bias or brand preference. Here’s a list of our Best Food Processors: The best overall pick, the Cuisinart – DFP. The luxury pick, the Breville – Sous Chef. And the best mini food processor, the Cuisinart
– DLC. Here’s how we tested. Performance is everything when it comes to
food processors. Through our performance tests, we rated how
efficiently each of our finalists chopped, sliced, pureed and kneaded everything from
celery to pizza dough. The best indicator we found, though, was slicing potatoes and
tomatoes. For example, bad food processors mashed tomatoes and the better ones sliced
them cleanly and evenly. Next, we tested each on how easy they were
to use. While some processors kept their design clean
and simple, others took the more extravagant route packing in tons of customizable features
like a speed dial, extra work bowl, and different styles of blades. That got us thinking, how
many accessories do you really need? At the end of the day, we like to stick with the “KISS”
rule… Keep It Simple, Stupid! You shouldn’t have to be Bobby Flay to use one of these
things. Finally, we tested each on convenience. How
portable is it? Is it heavy? Is it easy to store? Breaking out the food processor shouldn’t
be a hassle, especially since these things were made to make kitchen life easier. Before going any further, remember that you
can check out links in the description for more detail on each food processor. For the
full review, check out our blog post. Now, for our best overall food processor,
the Cuisinart-DFP Our team loved the simplicity and power of
the Cuisinart. It’s a classic model that hasn’t changed much since its original 1970’s
design, but why change something that works so well? The Cuisinart comes with only two controls,
an “on” button, and a “pulse/off” button, which allows you to chop your ingredients
in controlled bursts. You’d think you’d need more to control a 14-cup capacity work
bowl, but the Cuisinart takes the guess-work out of food processing. It performed really well, too. Its 720-watt
engine offered more power than other moderately-priced models, while also giving you a large, 14-
cup processing bowl. While the Cuisinart isn’t as powerful as
the 1200-watt Breville – Sous Chef, it still gets the job done quickly, and for about half
the price (at about $150). The provided shredding disk worked well with cheeses and vegetables
and the quarter-inch slicing blade sliced tomatoes and potatoes perfectly, leaving practically
no pulp left in the work bowl. All in all, the Cuisinart – DFP is a back-to-basics
model that finds the perfect blend between price, simplicity and performance. The Breville – Sous Chef, our pick for the serious
cook, definitely earns its name. This food processor is so handy it felt like we had
a whole ‘nother person in the kitchen. At nearly 18 inches tall, 10 inches wide and
weighing 26 pounds, this machine is the heaviest product in our testing. If you have limited
counter space, this may not be the food processor for you. Storing the Breville can also be
a bit challenging given its dimensions, so make sure you have some space before buying
it. Again, this machine is for people who consider
themselves serious cooks. It comes with over 10 variations of blades and work bowls for
practically any task, which outnumbered our other finalists by a long shot. Thankfully, these attachments fit nicely in
a provided storage box, but that’s just one more thing you have to find space for. Power and precision are not a concern with
the Breville. The results were pretty similar to the Cuisinart – DFP, but, with its more powerful
1200-watt motor, the Breville provided them in less time. We loved using the Breville. It’s stylish,
offers great variety, and, most important of all, it’s powerful. If you’re ready
to make a $400 investment in your kitchenware, food processors don’t get much better than
the Breville – Sous Chef. If you’re looking for a powerful small-job
food processor that doesn’t break the bank, we suggest getting the Cuisinart – DLC-2A. Coming from the same family as our best overall
pick, we found that the DLC is pretty much just a miniature DFP for about a fifth of
the price. And, like the DFP, the DLC comes with only two buttons, except these are “chop”
and “grind”. We found the chop button worked well with
fruits and vegetables while the grind button was more for things like nuts and spices.
Like the DFP, the simplicity of DLC’s design made using the food processor incredibly simple. But, since its work bowl is only 3 ½ cups
large, you are pretty limited to what you can process. We loved it for small jobs like
chopping onions, mincing herbs and grinding cinnamon sticks, but you have to do everything
in small loads. After a while, those small loads can take up a lot of time unless you
are only cooking for a couple of people. The DLC really shows the usefulness of owning
a food processor and is a great starter option. Once you see how easy it is to chop and grind
your way to a delicious meal, you’ll want to reach for the larger, more expensive models.
But, even when you do so, you’ll still find the DLC useful for the quick-and-easy jobs. Like the video? Have any questions? Don’t
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4 thoughts on “The Best Food Processor of 2019

  • Our picks for the best food processor:
    1. Cuisinart – DFP – 14BCNY:
    2. Breville – BFP800XL Sous Chef:
    3. Cuisinart – DLC-2A:

  • I bought the Mini Prep Plus a few yrs ago and wasi disappointed in as it would heat up doing it's thing and I could smell the motor overheating. My unit only has 25o watts as are the new ones as of last year. To my continuing surprise, I have not burned out the motor as well as over the years it takes more and more to have it overheat. It does what is designed for well.

  • I was almost sold on the Cuisinart DFP until the last few seconds of the video where it seemed to be almost jumping off the counter until the young lady turned it off. It would have been nice to tack on an explanation as to why that happened.

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