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Hi Cupcakers!
welcome another Friday to the channel. Today we’re going to make a cake that’s
finger licking good, it’s delicious, fantastic, grandiose, fabulous, incredible, delicious, refreshing, delicious. Fraisier Cake. As you can see I love this cake. It’s a french classic cake. It’s called the Fraisier Cake. It’s made up of 2 light cake layers, with syrup. And a strawberry filling with mousseline cream. On top put has a homemade red marzipan cover, it’s easy to make. This is a delicious cake, and it’s special for me. Because this 22th of June, Fer and me
celebrated our 4th anniversary. And we did with this cake. So I made a romantic decoration. If you want to see how to make
it, stay because the recipe start now. For the mousseline cream we’ll need:
unsalted butter, egg yolks, whole milk, cornstarch, white sugar and vanilla extract. Start by placing the milk in a pot
with half the sugar and the vanilla extract. Leave at medium heat so it doesn’t boil. Just so the sugar will dissolves. In another bowl place the 4
egg yolk with the rest of the sugar. Mix for 5 minutes at high speed
until the yolks are creamy and more white. Add the cornstarch with a colander. Mix at low speed until there are
no visible traces of the cornstarch. Once it’s ready add the milk that we heated earlier. But little by little so the egg yolks wont cook. Keep mixing for a minute or until it’s well mixed. Now put the mix in a pot to reduce it. We do this at low heat, always stirring with the
spatula so it won’t stick to the bottom of the pot. Stay like this for 10 to 15 minutes, until the mix gets thick. once the cream has consistency,
leave it like that for 2 more minutes. So the cornstarch will cook and it will have more consistency. Now remove from heat and add half of the cold butter. The other half, we’ll save for later at room temperature. Stir with energy so the butter will melt and spread. Now cover with plastic wrap. In a way that all the surface
of the cream is touched by plastic. Now leave next to the butter for 3 to 4 hours so it cools down. After this, we’ll have the butter
and the cream at the same temperature. So, we add the butter to the cream and mix
for 5 minutes, at high speed so it mixes well. The result will be a consistent and delicious cream. Perfect for the Fraisier cake. For the cake we’ll need;
eggs, unsalted butter, sugar, all purpose flour and a pinch of salt. In a bowl place the eggs with the sugar and the pinch of salt. And mix at high speed for 10 minutes or until you are able to write with the mix. Without disappearing in seconds. Once it’s like this, take the butter
to the microwave or the stove and melt. Once it’s completely melted add it to the eggs
we’ve beaten and mix well. Now sift the flour. Mix with a spatula with circular
movements so we don’t lose the air in the mix. Her we have to be careful that the dough is completely
homogeneous so the cake will be soft and tender. When there are no visible traces of flour, it’s ready to bake. I’ll use a 23 cm in diameter pan. It’s a spring form pan, but you can use a normal pan. And so the cake will to stick to
the pan, we’ll butter the walls of the pan And we’ll cover the vase with baking paper. I can assure you it will be easy to unmold. Once the pan is ready, pour the mix
inside and take it to a pre-heated oven at 180°C with heat on top and the bottom with no fan. In my case it was baked in 40 minutes. But remember that always pinching the cake
with a stick is the best way to know if it’s ready. Because depending on the oven baking time can vary. Just out of the oven let it rest 10 minutes in the pan. You will notice how it sinks little by little. After this time, unmold and remove the baking paper. And let it cool down in a cooling rack. Once it’s cold slice it into 2 layers. It’s best to use a slicing knife like the one I’m using. This way the layers will be perfect. But it can also be done with a knife too. Now I will trim the cake with an extensible ring. I will leave it 20cm in diameter. So we’lll remove the borders and
we’ll only have the center of the cakes. Let’s place the cake directly in the final
plate or stand, and place the extensible ring. Let’s put acetate paper on the sides. Adjust the ring and syrup the cake. his cake is specially made for these cakes. And must be applied syrup so they are juicy. In the screen you have the ingredients of the syrup. Just place the ingredients in a
saucepan at medium heat, until they boil. Let it cool and it’s ready to use. Once the cake has syrup, add some mousseline cream. Don’t put so much, enough so the strawberries don’t move. And now add the sliced strawberries on the sides. And in the center place the whole strawberries. Once ready, cover the strawberries with mousseline cream. Put aside a little bit of cream to fix the marzipan cover later. I recommend pressing the cream with a
spatula, so the cream fills the whole space. Once the cream is in place, smooth
the surface with a spatula or a knife. Now place the other cake layer. Press down a little to fix it, and add the syrup. Take the cake to the fridge for 2
hours, so the cream gets consistency. You can leave it overnight. Now, let’s make the marzipan.
For it we’ll need: almond flour or powdered almond, icing sugar, honey, and red paste dye. In a bowl place the icing sugar
with the almond flour. Mix with the honey. Stir and once it has consistency add some more honey. It depends on the honey you’re
using, so check until consistency is right. Once the honey is spread and it starts to turn into a dough place it in a food processor to
crush it and let it be fully mixed. As you can see it has a marzipan texture, which can be molded. At this point add the red dye. We’ll get a delicious marzipan that has honey and almond flavors. Place our marzipan between 2 baking
papers sheets. And flatten it with a rolling pin. Make a 20 cm circle, or the
same diameter of the cake you baked. Since that Marzipan will be the cover of the cake. Once you have the circle, take the
cake out of the fridge, and remove the ring. Basically because I need to trim the marzipan. Before doing that, put 2 tablespoons
of the mousseline cream we did and saved. remove the acetate paper and place the marzipan cover. It was easier because Fer helped me placing it. Between the 2 of us, we placed the cover. Now remove the baking paper and let’s decorate. Slice the strawberries with the knife or with a tool like this. Once they are sliced, make little hearts with cutters. They will be very cute to decorate the cake. Decoration is very personal, So it’s up to you. But since I’m feeling romantic I’ll give you this idea. On the side of the cake make some white chocolate strings. Over the chocolate place the sliced strawberries. And add some chocolate curls. I made my self with chocolate and a vegetable peeler. Now I have the perfect cake for our anniversary. The layers look perfect, with the cream and the strawberries. The marzipan is very colorful, and a very elegant decoration. I recommend to keep this cake in the fridge for more freshness. Now I’ll show you a slice of this delicious cake. And for this week’s Cupcakers Hall of fame. If you want in, tag me in your pictures on
Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with your creations. Clau shows us the delicious honey cheesecake. Carla did the Brownkie, last week’s recipe. Catina shows us also the brownkie, but
just a couple of pieces, the rest already eaten. Blessedbyfairies sends us the caramel cheesecake, it
looks incredible with the chocolate hearts. And Starmer, did his version of
the Ferrero Rocher cake with Nutella. Without a doubt, a delicious bite. Thanks for making my recipes, you’re all in the hall of fame. Don’t forget to subscribe to the
channel and give the video a super like. See you next Tuesday with a new recipe. See you soon Cupcakers!

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