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Hi Cupcakers!
welcome another Friday to the channel. Today we’re making a yogurt and
blackberries cake with a very cool zebra design. Yogurt and Blackberries
Zebra Cake. The first thing that calls your
attention of this cake is that reminds us of a zebra. If they were purple. Believe it or not, this technique is very easy to make. Because it requires no special ability. I love this cake because it has yogurt and natural blackberries. That’s why it has a very natural flavor and a purple color. Typical of blackberries without using dyes. So if you want to know how to make it stay
and watch the video because the recipe starts now. To make the base we’ll need:
Maria cookies, unsalted butter. And for the cake we’ll need:
sugarless natural yogurt, blackberries, cold water, unflavored powdered gelatin, white sugar, and cream, with a minimum of 35% of fat. We start by crushing the
cookies with a food processor or a mixer. This way they’ll be very thin
and perfect so our base it’s compact. After this we take the butter to
the microwave or to a pot at low heat to melt it. Once it’s liquid we pour the butter
over the cookies and we stir until it’s mixed. As you can see that we press a little and it
gets compact and it’s perfect for the base of our cake. In this case I used a 23 cm in diameter spring-form pan. But you can use other kinds of pans. What I recommend is that if you don’t have a spring-form pan that
you cover the walls of the pan with acetate so it’s easy to unmold. Once we have the base with cookies
well pressed we take it to the fridge for a minimum of 15 minutes while we continue with the recipe. Now we divide the powdered gelatin in 2 equal parts. Since we’ll make 2 separate mixes. We’ll divide the water in two as well to hydrate the gelatin. Stir well and let it rest for 10
minutes so the gelatin absorbs the water. After this you’ll see that the
gelatin looks like a sponge, and it’s perfect to take it to the microwave to heat it a little and melt it. When both gelatin are totally
liquid in another bowl we place the cream which has to be very cold and whip it at high speed for 2 minutes. After this we add all the sugar and we
mix for a minute or until it makes soft peaks. This way we’ll have the cream
semi whipped and ready for the recipe. Now we have to crush the blackberries. And this you can do it with a blender
or a hand mixer, whichever you have at hand. Here the important thing is that after
we crush them we pass them through a colander. This we do it so the seeds of
the blackberries are not in the cake. Although personally I do not mind the seeds
because when I eat the blackberries I also eat the seeds. But for the design is better not to add them. Once it’s sifted we’ll have a blackberries
cream with an intense flavor and totally natural. Now we’ll add the gelatin that we melted to the
blackberries sauce that we just made and the natural yogurt. Stir a little and we go to the next step. Now we separate the semi whipped cream in 2 parts. And if you want to make it with
more precision you can use a bascule. Once ready we will mix with circular movements each of the bowls of cream, the yogurt and the blackberries separately. In the end we’ll have 2 delicious mixes that
we’ll use to make the zebra design in our cake. The 2 mixes have a mousse texture, they are very delicious. But the truth is that together I like it a lot. But this cake besides having a fun design it’s delicious. Now we take our the base from the fridge to place the 2 mixes. To get the effect we want we
must place both mixes in the center. So I’ll put a little each time. To be exact let me tell you I’m placing 100 g each time. It’s this easy to make the zebra layers of our cakes. As you can see the upper part has circles. In the beginning looks like a drawing of a
reveille, but the slice has a zebra design that’s too cool. Once we finish adding the mixes, we
tap the pan so the mixes set in the pan. And now we take it to the fridge for a
minimum of 4 hours for the cake to settle. After this time it’ll be ready to unmold. And for it I recommend to use a spatula or
a wet knife to run it on the border of the pan. It’ll be easier and we run less risk
of the cake breaking when we remove the pan. When we finish unmolding the cake we’ll have our cake finished. As you can see the color is very
pretty with all the white and purple circles. But the best part of this cake it’s the
slice, the inside has a cool zebra design. I love this cake because as you can see it’s super easy to make. It’s very cute and delicious. And the best thing is that you can make it with other fruit like strawberries, berries,
raspberries, peaches or any fruit you’d like. So you have to make it for sure and
you’ll have fun enjoying many flavors and colors. And now let’s see the Cupcakers
that entered today in the hall of fame. If you want to enter tag me in your pictures in
Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with your creations. Marcia shows us her red berried cake, perfect for the summer. Arcelys made this delicious Reese’s
cheesecake, another good option for hot days. Zoraya baked a raspberry swirl cheesecake, for the cravings. Gisela shows us one of my favorite
cupcakes, the coconut and caramel ones. And last Iracema shows us a picture of a
cold yogurt and fruit cake, it looks delicious. Thanks a lot for making my
recipes, you’re all in my hall of fame. Don’t forget to subscribe to
the channel and super like the video. See you next Tuesday with a new recipe.
See you soon Cupcakers!

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